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Hey there! So, My good friend @stephenamell and I made this video right after he kicked epic ass at #allin in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. He was amazing in the ring. Super proud of my bud. We celebrated after by cracking a bottle of my @nockingpoint collab wine #nightender together. It’s incredibly delicious. Stephen couldn’t tell, because he had just eaten a fistful of tictacs, but this is neither here nor there. He was allowed to do whatever he wanted, as he had just brought the thunder, including a coast to coast and a chopfight for the ages. ⚡️Be advised that we do not recommend eating seventeen mints directly before ingesting this bold and dangerously lovely red. Hit the link in my bio to get your own bottle (or bottles!) of Night Ender, and use the code AISHA at checkout for $20 off your first box. And hit up @stephenamell’s bio to fine the link to come meet us both in person in Pasadena, CA this Saturday 9/22 at a very special @nockingpoint party.
Wine. Conversation. Mayhem. Mints. 🍷🌒👊🏾🌱

Come meet me and @stephenamell next Saturday in LA! Drink wine! Laugh inappropriately! A portion of the proceeds from my #nightender @nockingpoint wine goes to the charity @theirc. You can’t lose.

C’mon, you know you want it. 🍷🌒

Bringing that unboxing home! 📦 🎉 Yes I made a long unboxing video but that’s because the @nockingpoint #nightender box is packed with dark red wine goodness FOR A CAUSE: a portion of the proceeds go to @theirc! It’s not just a win-win, it’s a wine-win. Badumpbump. 🍷🛎 Save $20 on your first box by entering the code AISHA at sign up! That link is in the bio!

More unboxing fun! Drink wine for fun and for good! A portion of the @nockingpoint #nightender collab proceeds go to @theirc. 🍷♥️🍷 Save $20 on your first box by entering the code AISHA at sign up! Link in the bio!

Unboxing time! 📦🎉 Join me in my trailer to discover what you get when you order my new Night Ender red — my collaboration with @nockingpoint wines. Is there anything better after a ridiculously long day than a bottle of red (or three)? (Bonus: a portion of the $ goes to the @International Rescue Committee. So you can feel VERY good about clicking that link in my bio...) Cheers! 🍷🌘#nockingpoint #nightender

Save $20 on your first box by entering the code AISHA at sign up!

Here she is! NIGHT ENDER is a bold malbec/cabernet sauvignon best enjoyed as the last glass of the night 🖤💋 I had SO much fun working on this w/@nockingpoint! Best part: a portion of the $ goes to my fave charity @IRC, helping refugees around the world. Who wants a bottle?! Link in bio for $20 off! Drinking wine for a cause? #winewin 🍷💥#nightender #nockingpoint

All hail the orb!
Don’t miss me playing a dope kick on a new episode of #AnimalsHBO Friday (tonight!) at 11:30PM on @hbo 👟

Coming soon: NIGHT ENDER. A little project I've been working on with my good friends @stephenamell @andrewnharding @nockingpoint. Details coming in just a few days (including a killer charity component). I hope you guys love it as much as I do! 🍷🌒 #nightender #nockingpoint

I went to the @blackkklansman premiere last night. This is a photo of @officialspikelee introducing the movie. This photo is here so that I can tell you that this is the single most hilarious, shocking, daring and impactful movie you will see this year, and probably ever. Ever. Go see this movie this weekend. You will laugh your ass off, you will gasp for breath, and then you will go... “holy effing SHIT.” Spike is back.

Vancouver Pride so effing proud #getit @missgloriahole

@unapologeticamc is LIVE this Monday at 10/9c after the #Dietland finale with our season finale featuring @msttunie aka Julia, @tessholliday, and @dianexguerrero. Any questions for our panel? Come at me, sis! #Unapologetic

Huge thanks to @lagalaxy for a fantastic night watching @manchesterunited and @acmilan battle it out! So much fun! So many penalty kicks! Cheers! 🍷⚽️💥

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