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Aisha Thalia  “It’s not happening TO you, it’s happening FOR you!” -Light Seeker✨/Survivor💪🏽/Bikini Enthusiast👙/Vegan🌱/M.Ed. 🎓/Loves Learning&Teaching📚#cantbreakme💙

😅😅😅 You have to pick a struggle. You can’t be disturbing the peace while simultaneously boring the vagina. Have some compassion. 🥴🥴🥴

👏🏽Do 👏🏽 y’all 👏🏽 see 👏🏽 this 👏🏽 tan?!?! 🙌🏽💙🙌🏽💙 Been working on the beach all week and enjoying every bit of the sunshine☀️ !! Can I just add how incredibly blessed I feel to be able to say “work” and “beach” in the same sentence? I will never take for granted the ability to be able to make money doing what I love in a place I love! Of coursssssse I had my @cateredfit with me to eat every day (after 12pm when my soursop fast is over *cough cough* @chakabars ) I love the week where I get #vegan soul food from #cateredfit because it’s my favvvvve 💙 Use my code “AishaThalia” for a discount!

Well good morning! Many of you ask me about veganism and I wish I had the time to reply to everyone individually - but the way single parenthood is set up *pulls out hair*, I have to conserve my little bit of energy so I can’t spend too much of my free time online. Veganism isn’t a trend for me. I’ve been vegan for a decade. My children are vegan. I did it for the animals. Sure, I lost many inches around my waist and my muffin top that would come and go finally disappeared lol (I lost weight everywhere actually.) My body dipped to the low 120s when I first became vegan about 10 years ago ...but after a few months I leveled off at 135. I’m 5’7”. But let’s be realistic, veganism isn’t gonna cause you to lose weight if you’re eating Oreos and fries all day. A snatched waist probably won’t be the case for you if you are a mainly a junk food vegan. On a whole foods, plant based diet your body WILL find it’s comfortable range. I’m mainly a very healthy, plant based vegan but about two days a week (as you see from my IG stories 😅) I try to splurge on the unhealthy stuff too. Vegan Mac and burgers (shoutout to @worldfamoushouseofmac ) , vegan cakes and cookies, vegan baked chik’n (shoutout to @cateredfit .) But I eat for MY OWN body goals. Veganism won’t give you someone else’s shape, just YOUR own best shape. I’ve been trying to gain weight for past year (I was down to 118 due to stress and constant anxiety but now I’m 132 with constant eating and self care.) I’ll tell you this much though: before veganism my skin was TERRIBLE. 😭There wasn’t a week I didn’t suffer with adult acne around my chin and cheeks. Cutting out dairy made a huge difference. Now it’s rare if I even get a pimple. Was it easy? For me, yes it was. I didn’t do it for my body. I did it for animals. The body and health aspect was just a bonus. The hardest part was the initial detoxing part. I had a few headaches. I felt hungry. My body was a bit bloated at first. But honeyyyy let me tellll you.....the light at the end of the tunnel was amazing. 👏🏽 Clear skin. Snatched waist. Clear conscience. See my vegan story highlight for more. 💘 #vegan #veganism #veganfortheanimals
Skirt set: @touchdolls

Me after only eating soursop from @fruitsnrootz all day long.....feeling healthy af. 🤣

Bikini: @touchdolls
Makeup: @glamorouslooksbeautyteam

Self care and self love is how you heal. Put the focus back on yourself. Not on revenge. Not on what they’re doing or not doing. There’s an arrow and a hole in your heart now. Fix that first. 🔮

Good morning, friends! I’m living proof that with TIME and doing the INNER WORK to unpack your traumas that you can THRIVE again. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have hard days or days where you still feel tremendous sadness. This doesn’t mean that some days won’t feel like you can’t get out of bed. What it does mean is that these days will happen less and less and you will get back to loving yourself and finding VALUE in your life. Nothing is worth losing the valuable time we have here to enjoy the world and the people around us. You can’t control the people around you or their actions but you CAN work to control your reaction to them. .
Bikini @touchdolls

I unapologetically loooved the way my body looked in this picture and was tickled that my c-section scar is so low that this itty bitty suit from @lilanikole covered it. You can still see my linea nigra (black line down belly) and thigh strechmarks if you zoom in because I didn’t edit my skin. Don’t be fooled though. I’m carefully posing and arching to make my body look exactly how I wanted it. Turning a certain way so you can (and can’t) see certain things. There were 50 other pics and most weren’t as flattering. We don’t always show you those and we aren’t obligated to. This is a highlight reel of our best poses, best lighting and overall wins. I took this pic before eating for a reason. At sunrise for a reason. You see pics on IG of people’s kids behaving, their hair is perfect and their houses always look clean. Social media is an illusion and if you think otherwise you are wrong. ☺️❤️

Always. It’s all going to be ok. It’s all going to work out. Trust the timing of your life even when you can’t understand WHY. It won’t make sense in the moment, but keep the faith.

I’m doing just fine now. Thanks for asking. :) .
Swimwear by @lilanikole

When I’m really happy, one of my eyes close when I smile (as seen here) 🤣 It used to be something people would tease me a lot about as a teen, but it never made me stop smiling. ☺️ Don’t ever change because of other people. Throughout it all, I’ve never stopped smiling. One of my good friends @loveshackconceptual told me yesterday that he was proud of me and how that no matter who he talks to about me they all have good things to say. That matters most to me. I hope to always stay the friendly, smiley person I have always been despite any hardships personally. I want to leave a good impression on people’s lives. To whomever I may have offended or hurt, I apologize. I’m just glad hardships have made me better and not bitter. .
Summer Cali set from @touchdolls

Let me take a second and give myself props today. I spend so much time critiquing all the things I got wrong let me tell you about the shit I got right! Kids made it to school on time! We didn’t miss circle time! *owwwww!* Bills are paid! My waistline is not bad for a mama of two 😂 and I fit in this outfit from 2006. 🙌🏽 I remembered to pack my @cateredfit lunch so I didn’t have to spend $990 on Uber eats 😩 Today is a good day, people! Brag about yourself in the comments! And if you get a meal plan from #cateredfit May I suggest the vegan plan? And please use my code! AishaThalia

25 old white men decided this. 25 old, white republican men. Men don’t get to tell women what they can do with their bodies.
If you don’t believe in abortions, don’t have one. Don’t take the rights of women away and stop policing women’s bodies. These people will NOT be caring for the babies born to people who don’t want them or those who were raped. They don’t care for unwanted children now. We already have too many children ALIVE RIGHT NOW in need of homes. There are children who are homeless and hungry in Alabama right now.
Go ahead and stay silent about this and watch us lose all our rights.

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