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Pretty facade


5/7/2012 ❤️ 6 amazing years, Alhamdulillah. And more to come, insyaAllah❤️

When i was wearing this skirt, i passed by a family and the little girl looked at her dad and whispered something to him. The father turned around and told me his daughter thinks i’m a princess😂😂 you made my day little girl!❤️ Thank you @tutusandtiesmy for making the most prettiest and puffiest skirt i’ve ever worn❤️ Also, new blogpost up on [link in bio] #themodestymovement #chichijab #modestroute #thepocketmojo

Actually my birthday isn’t until the 27th but our babysitter isn’t available on Wednesday so..early birthday celebration💕#junebaby #big30 #cryinginside #lemeridienputrajaya #latestrecipelmp

Storytime: The worst 15 minutes of my life.

3 days ago, my family and i, together with my mom, sisters, brothers, BIL’s were vacationing in legoland. That night we went out for dinner at jom!anjung. There was a foodcourt and right beside it was a playground. There were also some other stores there including Mydin.
The kids, including my nieces and nephews of course ran to the playground. So the fathers, being the considerate husbands they were, let the girls eat first while they looked after the kids at the playground. While i was eating and feeding Khair, i still checked on my kids at the playground every few minutes even though their dad was there. So i continued to eat and chat with the others. Then for a moment when i looked at the playground, i saw Qomar but i couldnt see where Juhd or my husband was. I thought to myself, maybe juhd was having a meltdown and his dad brought him to the car. So i continued to feed Khair.
Suddenly my husband comes from behind me, and asks, “who is Juhd with?” Can you imagine the horror that came with that question?

Turns out, my husband told my BIL to keep an eye on Juhd while he went to Mydin to buy some diapers(which is so not like him, tapi bende dah nak jadi). My BIL, was watching the kids including his son. When he saw that Juhd wasn’t there, he assumed that my husband had came and brought Juhd somewhere else. By this time, Juhd had been missing for at least 5 minutes or so.
Everyone immediately searched for Juhd and I ran to the parking area while carrying Khair in my arms. Then i searched further to the road near the highway and started crying while calling out his name. I started getting flashbacks of all the times i’d lost my patience with him and how i’d never forgive myself if anything bad happened to him. I had imagined the worst at that point. Minutes went by and i ran back to my mom crying even more frantically, i felt like i was going to faint. I was almost about to vomit and panicked and didn’t know where else to look. My mom kept reassuring me that we’ll find him. I prayed to God “Ya Allah please don’t test me with something which i cannot bear”... continue in comment section👇🏼 #autism #juhdautisjournal


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