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Airplane Mode [THE MOVIE]  25 of the biggest social stars aboard one doomed aircraft ✈️ The internet is about to crash. Directed by @dinetz @trussellbutter Starring everyone.

We're approaching the finish line... @VitalyZdtv came in today for ADR (additional dialogue recording), here's a video of him losing the last of his voice... and brain cells 😂

One year ago today, we celebrated @LoganPaul's birthday with a custom made Koalair dick-plane-cake.
This year, the directors really outdid themselves and made the dick-plane-cake three dimensional.
When our movie comes out, we will have 3D-dick-plane-cake for everyone. Only rule is you have to eat it with your hands behind your back. Happy 22nd you chiseled brute! 🎉

OUR MOVIE IS PICTURE LOCKED! 💥We're working hard to deliver you a film that will make you laugh uncontrollably & induce involuntary diarrhea. It's happened in two of our screenings. And we've only had two screenings.
#AirplaneModeMovie #ComingSoonish

When you're having a great hair day but your girl strugglin' 💁🏻 #relatable

Must be lookin at the booty 🤔

Some savagery took place while filming today 👌🏼

He'll never know 😂 @KingBach

Stormed Harvard's field after we slayed our speaking session about @AirplaneMode at the @Forbes 30 Under 30 Conference 😎#WorldDomination #JuanpaPuked

When you're on set and have no idea what's going on because you're just a baby #relatable #babylife #unassisteddelivery

We made the movie and we don't even know what's going on here 🤔

Contrary to popular beliefs, Mexicans & Americans can peacefully coexist 🇺🇸🇲🇽#DontBuildAWallBuildBridges (and not @ChloeBridges, our lead actress, like an actual bridge)

Probably the best team ever 😝 [UPDATE] We are currently working hard editing the film & it's confirmed --- this movie is insanely hilarious and might be illegal in some countries 😂 WHO DO YOU SEE?

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