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Signing a Certificate of Authenticity accompanying a Limited Edition print of ‘Connecting The World’ with my beloved Tripple 7 pen! 🖊😍✈️🎨
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An absolutely treasured gift that my Dad has just given to me yesterday.😍
It has been handed down through my family who were presented it as a gift from a member of the US Forces when they came to my country’s aid in Australia during WWII, cementing an unbreakable bond between our two great nations.
It’s particularly poignant to me as I have just begun sending my first prints of US airliners to collectors around the world and of course to the USA, and it’s my focus for this year. Looking forward to sharing with you many paintings of US Airliners over the year ahead, and beyond. 🇺🇸🇦🇺❤️✈️🎨
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My first real Remarque of 2018 after an extended break catching up with family that I’ve missed for 3 years. Time to get back to work I guess! 😁
Thanks @dutchbird757 for being so patient! ✈️🎨
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Perhaps the most captivating book I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. If you are in any way aviation inclined this book is a must; its almost a right of passage for those starting out in their piloting career, and a book recommend to me by several pilot friends! It’s a perfect accompaniment for a domestic flight in the absence of IFE and I imagine I’d choose it to read anyway - even if the option for mass media dross, or so called ‘infotainment’ was available.✈️🎨 #fateisthehunter

The original finally hangs in the home of a great patron, friend and collector of my work, where it belongs. ✈️🎨

Continued from the previous post...
There that's done, I thought, ready to shoot! I grasped the camera body to raise it to my eye and pull the trigger on all that I had cobbled together to get the money shot; the idea, the trip, the taxi, the money, the phone call, the charter, the door, the fear and the courage. All those hurdles and many more, negotiated and boiled down to this one single moment. Click. I hit the film winder button.
The mechanical sound of a fresh roll of new film spooling itself into its canister inside the camera body with not one single exposure recorded on it sent a cold chill though me. How could I be so stupid!
Just then the pilot turned to me assuming I had gotten the shot I wanted and asked "so where to now?" “Home", came my disappointed reply, trying to hide my frustration and sorrow brought about by my clumsy and errant, if not unprofessional photography fingers.
The best I could do now was marvel at the beautiful early evening aerial view of Cairns by the water, as the last of my flying dollars burnt up in the combustion chambers of that little piston prop engine.
The next day I flew back to Brisbane on a shiny red Virgin Blue 737, and as we departed Cairns I saw through the tiny portal of the R2 door the exact lay of the land that I had wanted to record with photos the previous day, I quickly jotted down a paper and pen drawing of it which later became the basis for the painting that would be reproduced as my first ever Limited Edition print - a Tropical Temptress. ✈️🎨

Continued from the previous post...
Nonetheless before I knew it I was strapped in with nothing more than what seemed like a lap belt from the 1950’s and awaiting my fate. We taxied out along the tarmac in the humid and aromatic late afternoon air of Tropical North Queensland, a good sample of which I was able to discern thanks to the uninterrupted blast from the propeller which my fearless pilot was now running up. But I was happy! The excitement of my first flight in a light aeroplane with the door off was now kicking in. The pilot mentioned that very soon we may be clouded out and sure enough the evidence of gathering low cloud was beginning to mount, coinciding with the building humidity - there was no time to loose.
We took our slot after a departing 737 and suddenly we were airborne!
Those who know the feeling will know what I'm taking about when I say there is nothing quite like it on this earth, and that the famous quote by Leonardo Da Vinci rings through the centuries of time and resonates with every generation who've been fortunate enough to experience it since the miracle of flight was cemented early in the 20th century.
We took off North and climbed through 500 feet and suddenly turned to my side! This was the first real test of my gathering courage. I passed the test, and was focused on the beauty and blessedness of the moment for the remainder of the flight.
We flew abeam the Cairns foreshore at about 2000 feet and made our way to my predetermined vantage point somewhere east of the city in order to obtain the footage I planned to use for my painting. You have to imagine these were the days before mobile phones were as capable as they are now, and I was armed only with a borrowed analog SLR camera.
The clouds that had earlier threatened to obscure the view of the landscape were now making rapid progress and were conspiring with the falling light levels of the late afternoon, and the pressure to get the shot I was relying on was mounting. The pilot circled over the view point I had earlier requested as I changed to my last roll of film, my fingers fumbling with the unfamiliar equipment ✈️🎨
To be cont’d

Sometime back in 2003, on a work trip to Cairns, Australia I decided this would be it! I was going to put it all together and charter a light aircraft and have someone fly me around over the city so I could get the aerial photos I needed for a painting of ‘A Tropical Temptress’ - the Virgin Blue 737-700 so named.
So when I arrived at the hotel I called the North Queensland aero club and arranged a charter flight for later that same afternoon. I had never done anything like this so I knew not what to expect, only that I needed aerial photos for my big plan - my first ever painting for a Limited Edition print!
So I arrived at the company’s headquarters on the General Aviation side of the Airport and walked up the front steps of the old wooden Queenslander house from which it was run. I announced to the receptionist, a girl who couldn’t have been more than 16 years old that I was there for the aerial photography flight, to which she said “oh, I’ll be taking you”!
I was shocked - how could someone who couldn’t yet legally hold a drivers licence in Australia be allowed to fly a plane, I thought?! I clearly had a lot to learn!
So after filling out the necessary paperwork, she led me out onto the tarmac behind the house, where all the flying wonders of any airport might be seen, but which are never any less enchanting no matter how many times you encounter them up close or from far away.
My particular flying wonder however, to my untrained eye, was more akin to a bicycle with wings - it was indeed a Cessna 152!
The pilot and I were now joined by one of the company's engineers who was appropriately dressed in shorts for the hot North Queensland summer days. As we walked around to my side of this oversize remote control plane, he helpfully announced that "we know you want to take aerials, so we've left the the door off for you!" He wasn't lying, there was my seat in all its glory, completed unfettered by the inconvenience of the ghastly contraption of something like a door! Again I was shocked! "I'm not here for skydiving" I thought. But I steeled my nerve and tried desperately to block my inner alarm from transferring to the expression on my face...✈️🎨 To be Cont'

Back where it all began 14years ago! I’d like to think I’ve come a long way since then, artistically speaking.
Happy new year to everyone. It’s been a relaxing start to the year, infact I’m still on holidays in my home town of Brisbane and this is my first post for the year. 😂
I’m just going through some old paintings that need to be organised into proper storage.
This is the engine detail of a painting I made of a Virgin Blue 737-700NG, way back in 2004! It was the first painting I ever made prints of and it was huge success with customers back then. There’s some exciting new paintings planned for 2018 which I can’t wait to share with you! Wishing you all a happy safe and prosperous year ahead!✈️🎨

Joy to the world.
Feeling so blessed to have had the pleasure of connecting with so many different and amazing people through my art.
Aviation brings the people of the world together. 😍✈️🎨
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Silent night.
Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas, wherever you may be in this wonderful world of ours, and thinking of the many men and women in the airline industry who are sacrificing their holidays so that others may be home with family.
Peace and happiness to all.❤️🎄🎅🏻✈️🎨

Tray table drawing at 38,000 ft.
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