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ArianaGrande✨ ily 1.6k♡  | Kaylah | °.*• "I'm not big Sean's ex, I'm not Nail's possible new girl. I'm Ariana Grande and if that's not good enough don't talk to me" *.°•

Follow @_thefutureis.female_ she's the most amazing person ever!! #thefutureisfemale

Heyyy I might change my theme, this one isn't really working for me..idk...but I'm feeling bEtteR so yayayy

Focus on me! F-f-f focus on me!
...pls bc y'all are like...dEd
Anyways ilyasm like fr y'all are my everything buttt I'm not feeling well enough, I might not post😷

Quick post I'm headed to the doctor's rn.♥ Ilya

Cleaning my damn room is taking long but I'mma quit and do the rest tmrw😂

Good morning, don't really have time for a long caption rn, I have to clean my room😑 I'll be on later tho Ily💞💞💞

Just something to post cuz I'm bored😂

I'm trying to improve my account I made some changes I hope y'all like it♥
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{Date: 7/15/17}
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New theme! Yayayayay! This is the one that got the most votes but I will do the others later! 🌙⭐🌙⭐🌙⭐🌙
Q: Can you play an instrument?
A: Yes piano, Ukulele, Guitar, and sax

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New theme!!!!!!!!💜💜💜

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