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Airbus Is The Worst Airliner  BOEING is a real plane #sidesticksforgays

How your Airbus flight will end...

At the tender age of 10, the Airbus A380 is already entering a mid-life crisis.

The double-decker aircraft has failed to win a single order from any new airline customer for two years now, and senior management was forced to come to the airliner's defence in December after the planemaker's parent introduced the possibility of axing the A380 outright. As the mid point of the year approaches, the plane has yet again drawn a blank on deals.

Reality of the A340!

When Airbus 'pilots' call them selve pilots. But they are button pushers

The true, why airbus suck!

This is so real!

Let talk about the A340,
not only lacks power but under some circumstances needs all of its effort to actually get airborne. It's a really poor climber and what will happen if one engine fell out during takeoff? A340 failed becouse airbus rushed the 340 program.

When you realise you are going to fly an Airbus to your destination

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