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  The "Big Homie" of JAY-Z fan pages. VI MMXVII. Holy Scriptures.


Jay-Z, photographed arriving at Manhattan's Mandarin Oriental Hotel on November 9, 2006. At the time Hov was living between his TriBeCa penthouse apartment and there, leasing the hotel's 76th floor, 4,825-square-foot penthouse suite from telecom mogul Michael Hirtenstein for $40,000 per month. Hov once conducted a late-night interview with "Entertainment Weekly" in the hotel's bar; and when Mama Tina was in town in August 2006 for the first listening of Beyoncé's second studio album, "B'Day," she stayed in the suite. #jayz #2006 @mo_newyork

"I used to rap to impress my friends, to pass the time while I was gettin' it in, just so happens, I'm so illegal with the pen, they ain't want me doin' anything illegal again! I lost a lot of dogs to these streets, I got Grammy Awards on these beats, thank God for Kool Herc, without your shit I probably would've got murked…" Jay-Z and DJ Kool Herc, photographed together in 1997.
Herc is credited as being the founder of hip-hop in the early-1970s in The Bronx. He would isolate the instrumental portion of the record, which emphasized the drum beat—the "break"—and switch from one break to another. Using the same two turntable set-up of disco DJs, he would use two copies of the same record to elongate the break. Kool Herc's announcements and exhortations to dancers (whom he called "break-boys" and "break-girls") helped lead to the syncopated, rhymed spoken accompaniment we call "rapping." During his and Eminem's second "Home & Home" show at Yankee Stadium on September 14, 2010, Hov shouted out Herc during his set, saying he had ran into the pioneer while they were leaving the first show and "made sure he was with US tonight." Herc then appeared on stage to rapturous applause; "We wouldn’t be here without you," Jay told him. In an interview with Elliott Wilson in 2013 Jigga reminisced on the historic shows, saying that is was "beyond a dream come true because growing up—at best you may think that you can make it to the [Madison Square] Garden as a musician. And then having Kool Herc and being in the Bronx, the home place of hip-hop, [knowing how] symbolic it was." #jayz @kooldjherc #1997 #hiphop

Jay Z, photographed performing during Adult Swim's "Upfront Week 2011" party at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City on May 19, 2011. Hov is wearing a Balmain leather punk jacket ($5,107). Cartoon Network put down a couple hundred racks to have Jay as their surprise performer for the network executives, advertisers, media and VIP guests present. DJ Khaled, Fabolous, Kid Cudi and Pharrell were in the audience, and Swizz Beatz joined Hov onstage to perform "On to the Next One." To close out the hour-long set he performed "Thank You" over the theme song from The Boondocks.
The previous day it had been reported by Adweek that Hov had signed a development deal with Cartoon Network, with rumored plans for an animated series that would revolve around his music. He was expected to announce the deal during the show, but it never eventuated. #jayz #2011 @adultswim @balmain

Jay Z and Beyoncé, photographed while taking a helicopter ride over the Holuhraun lava field in the Icelandic Highlands in December 2014. They would later tip the pilot €2000.
The couple took the trip to the Nordic nation to celebrate his 45th birthday. While there they stayed at the luxurious and exclusive Trophy Lodge, which is nestled in the mountains beneath the Langjokull glacier. #jayz #beyonce #iceland #2014

Truthfully, "Mr. Carter is no regular inmate." Inspired Holy Scriptures in 2,18,... RSVP to the Sprint release parties: tidalxsprintexperience.splashthat.com #JAYZ

"Tell Stoute to holla at me man..." Happy Birthday Steve. "Jay-Z is the CEO of authenticity. Jay was saying no to things he didn't believe in when he first started, when he had no [clean] money. He never changed himself." #jayz @stevestoute #1999

Jay Z and Young Jeezy, photographed performing during the Snowman's "Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101" sixth anniversary concert at the Highline Ballroom in New York City on July 25, 2011. During the show Jeezy brought out The Throne, with Hov performing his "Go Crazy" remix verse and Kanye West performing "Put On." #jayz @jeezy #2011

Jay-Z and Memphis Bleek, photographed on the video set of Bleek's "Round Here" in the Marcy Houses in Brooklyn by Lenny Santiago on December 16, 2003. "Round Here" was the first single from M-Easy's third studio album "M.A.D.E.," and featured guest verses from a young T.I.—who only took five bands for the verse—and Trick Daddy. Def Jam Recordings had tried to push "Everything's a Go" as the first single, hoping the Hov feature would give it an extra boost on radio considering the God MC's impending retirement. Bleek instead went with "Round Here," imploring Jay and Roc-A-Fella Records to trust that it was the right move.

Hov had a starring role in the music video, acting as the silent Don of Bleek's crew. It also featured guest appearances from the producer Just Blaze, and then-unknown rappers Rick Ross and Pitbull.

On a "Drink Champs" podcast in November 2016 Bleek told Noreaga and DJ EFN that "I directed the video and they shitted on me. They didn't give me my credit, gave it to somebody else. I ain't even know who name is on the video. I put the whole shit together!" #jayz @ceomemphisbleek #2003 #marcy @rocawear @kodaklens

Jay-Z, Neef Buck and Freeway, photographed at Beanie Sigel's birthday party at "The 40/40 Club" in New York City on March 6, 2007. #jayz @phillyfreeway @neef_buck #2007 @the4040club

Jay-Z, photographed for the cover of Swedish music magazine "Sonic" in a hotel room in Manchester, England, by Eva Edsjö in March 2003. Hov spent 15 minutes with the interviewer, Emil Arvidson, and would jump on stage to perform shortly after.

#jayz #2003 @evaedsjo @sonic_magazine

This post goes on for a bit [into the comments] but this shit is interesting so whatever. Ha. Enjoy.

Jay-Z and DMX, photographed performing "Money, Cash, Hoes" by Lenny Santiago in 1999.

In the background of the photograph stands Colbert "Black Justice" Johnson, who was one of Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff's lieutenants and right-hand men. He was working security for Def Jam Recordings at the time, set-up through his connection with A&R executive and Supreme Team lieutenant James "Bimmy" Antney.

Black Justice allegedly started as a worker in Troy "Babywise" Jones' crew, before rising up to run a Supreme Team crew of his own. He was a Supreme loyalist and was rewarded with control of the orange top vials, selling them in-and-around the Baisley Park Houses. It has been said he made $30K every other day at his spots, and always took care of all the other Supreme Team members financially—Supreme especially—as they went in and out of jail.

Black Just was instrumental in the young Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson's early drug-dealing career. 50 had frequented his boxing club in Queens that was funded by the Supreme Team's deep pockets. Nas was also close to Johnson, and last paid homage to him on "A Queens Story." On December 11, 1999, Black Just was shot to death on the streets of Queens by rival drug trafficker, Mobb Deep affiliate, and aspiring rapper Eric "E-Moneybags" Smith. In his autobiography, "My Infamous Life," his friend Prodigy recounted the events, as told to him by Moneybags himself: "Bags told me he was coming out of the Colosseum on Jamaica Avenue one day and saw Preme parked in a Land Rover with a dude named Black Just, another well-known member of the Supreme Team. Bags proceeded to shoot up the Rover with bullets, learning later that he missed Preme and shot Black Just in the upper inner thigh. Instead of driving Just to the hospital, Preme drove him ten minutes away to the hood and told somebody else to take him ten minutes back, so the Ds wouldn't question him. Black Just bled to death, but if Preme would have dropped him at the Mary Immaculate right around the block, he just might have lived." #jayz @dmx @kodaklens #1999 #BlackJustice #SupremeTeam

"Unadulterated Genius. A 'blue chip,' he truly transcends the genre with his contributions. He made it a thinking man's game. The Frank Sinatra of his time, JAY-Z gave us the soundtrack of our lives." #jayz @richforever #2015 @rocnation

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