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  Manhole account for artist @chad.bevan . . . Most photos taken in Wellington, NZ.

Traffic control hatch, Murphy & Body of Levin cast.

Blank hatch, spotted at parliament of all places.

Round manhole, no cast details

Jenkins & Mack round cover

The Siemens and General Electric Railway Signalling Company. This is tram related and has lain dormant since 1964 when the tram network was removed.

WCC Sewer manhole, 1998 cast by Martins. I didn’t know this pattern was this old! These were a lovely pair. Note triangles are for a sewer, squares are for stormwater. Little details...

WCC Stormwater manhole, 2000 cast by Martins of Palmy North

Telecom late logo,elliptical cover, Sika cast.

Nice concrete one here. No clue on whose it is but it looks electrical.

Squadra drain. These are cast by Saint Gobain in France. Just wow! This is funky as hell.

Another of these - they look like petrol station tank lids, but this one was found outside a house and the other outside an old office block - neither could have been former petrol stations. Hmm...

V (valve?) cover

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