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Aine Katrina Byrne  🔷Textiles 💛yellow🔺London 💚Irish 💛 🔺 💚 🌀

READ, REACT REPEAL @theofficialselfridges as part of ‘creative interventions’ with @garethpugh and @showstudio performance and gorilla art work by fashion Designer @richardmalone - protest to repeal and remove the 8th amendment in Ireland. Women’s Rights = Human Rights @nataliaeyres #repealthe8th #womensrightsarehumanrights #freesafelegal #trustwomen

❌🔵In solidarity with all the women and girls who have been turned away by the Irish health system. Let’s bring our country into the 21st century and trust women in their choices over their own bodies. Repeal the 8th. 🔵❌ #togetherforyes #healthcarenotairfare #compassion #trustwomen donate to the campaign

🌀🔻🔶 revisiting jacquard pyjama suits 🔶🔻🌀 photography models @tracyjoe_ make up @gracea_london @makeupbyjules01

💥⚡️excited to share these images from a shoot with photographer dancer #SonghayToldon make up by @makeupbyjules01 and @gracea_london ⚡️💥

🌀✔️🔻🔶I’m running a textiles workshop with some other London-Irish creatives to raise money for the @together4yes campaign and the abortion support network in the run up to the referendum in Ireland to #repealthe8thamendment #prochoice #trustwomen - more info and tickets here ➡️ 🔶🔻✔️🌀

🔻🔹🔸▪️ just some of my yarn cone collection - so great being able to sort through all of my old work and find these little treasures ▪️🔶🔹🔻

📍🌀🔆 Very excited to be all moved in to my new studio space and try to fill the incredible boots of artist @soojin_kang 🙌 🤭beautiful shadows cast by the evening light of @bobbinandbow ‘s work! 🧡🔺 feeling very inspired and can’t wait to get making in this incredible space 💪🔆🌀 #textilesdesign #weaversofinstagram 💥🔻

🔶🔺▫️▪️colour matching on the train home ▪️▫️🔺🔶

Travelled back to London today thinking about the 11 women a day who make this same journey to access basic healthcare they are being denied in their own country #healthcarenotairfare #trustwomen #repealthe8th #safefreelegal

🔵🔸Dreamy William Crozier at IMMA🔸🔵

💚🍀Táim sa bhaile🍀💚

🔺today's set up 🔺

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