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AIME  Never merge if your car fits the lane. Please find the middle ground where your heart hits the brain. #AimeUp

Just taught pops how to pair his phone with the car and download Pandora. This his current mood. #CitizensOfSound

Had the pleasure of being selected by @thebkcircus as one of the artists in their #CitizensOfSound campaign for the @sennheiser audio brand. Shot by Rog & Bee Walker of @papermonday, the exhibit will be on display next week at @libertyfairs from July 17th to July 19th in NYC. #AimeUp | 📸: @aericmg

Let's build til we can all buy artwork for one million. On another note, my guy @the_og had on all white, no socks yesterday. That's how he was feeling. #444 #AimeUp

Issa Pot of Gold. 📸: @akgideon

"I would say I'm the realest nigga rappin'. But that ain't even a statement. That's like saying I'm the tallest midget." #444

If you still haven't seen the "99" video hit the link in my bio. Summer's just gettin' started and I'm about to let more out the clip. #DAVID #AimeUp

Having Wild Thoughts about Maria, Maria...

That "99" video we knocked out in a little over an hour and a half is still in my bio. #DAVID #AimeUp | 🎥: @reelchriswhite

Legends never die, though. R.I.P. the H.N.I.C. #Queens #RIPprodigy

"The floor" is chasing these dreams no matter how many times they tell you to give that shit up.

Shot and edited in under 99 minutes, the "99" video is out now exclusively on @thefader. Link in bio. #DAVID #AimeUp | 🎥: @reelchriswhite

Thank you @thefader. @thecityofjules you a real one. Watch the "99" video exclusively on The Fader now. Link in bio. #DAVID #AimeUp

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