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Place your mark in this world and go for it !!! #lifeisforliving #makeadifference #uniqueisbeautiful

Love your spirit RB. Stay positive and be kind. Believe in your path. Take a deep breath and exhale. Be happy. All that good energy will produce wonders. #bekind #behappy #staypositive #believeinyourself #lifeisabeautifuljourney

Flamingos are a type of wading bird who are very social birds. They live in colonies whose population can number in the thousands. These colonies avoid predators, maximizing food intake and using nesting sites more efficiently. Their name comes from Spanish flamengo meaning ‘flamed-colored’. Flamingos whose sole diet is blue-green algae are darker in color than those who get it second hand eg. from animals that have digested blue-green algae #flamingo

Always believe in yourself... Anything is possible 🙏🏻

Rose quartz : Looking closely to its characteristics, this gemstone is more of a feminine energy that yields to being compassion, sweet, tolerant, forgiving, nurturing and gentleness. Acquiring all these qualities, one can increase dignity and value to oneself. Rose quartz is also effective in balancing emotions and it can strike an energy that heals broken hearts, those who are suffering from deep emotional disturbance like grief, agony, traumatic experiences, and painful feelings of the past. #rosequartz

Laughter is the best remedy #always

No filter or comment needed! #sheerbliss

Look within to find true happiness #happiness❤️

Improve your health; drink water, schedule workouts, go to bed earlier, dry brush your skin, make a meal plan, eat more greens, eat more healthy fats, up your fiber intake, drink a smoothly, take five minutes to de-stress, get outside, practice gratitude, smile often, sit up straight, detox your home, get together with a friend, eat without distractions, volunteer your time, wash hands and floss teeth and read labels #healthylifestyle

Amen 🙏🏻

Mark Rothko September 25, 1903 – February 25, 1970), was an American painter of Russian Jewish descent. Although Rothko himself refused to adhere to any art movement, he is generally identified as an abstract expressionist. With Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning, he is one of the most famous postwar American artists. #rothko

One day it just clicks... you realize what's important and what isn't. You learn to think less about what people think of you and more about what you think of yourself. You realize how far you've come and you remember when you thought things were such a mess you thought you would never recover. And you smile. You smile because you are truly proud of yourself and the person you've fought to become.

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