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M A I L E ✨ M A I I  ✨LOVE the LIFE you LIVE ✨ 💎Diamond Leader with dōTERRA💎 Community Builder + Biz Mentor + EO Educator ✨ O N L Y . H I G H . V I B E S ✨


Do you believe in asking the universe for what you want? I sure do! And last year, I asked the universe for confident team leaders. Women with the vision to create teams and communities of their own, with a vision for helping and serving others, with a vision of leading others to create lives they love. Women who I could run with.
Look at these women!!!! Each of them has achieved the rank of GOLD with @doterra, which is a rank that requires you to not only lead others, but also to lead others to becoming leaders in their own right. Whoa. Leading leaders. Yeah, that will stretch you in ways you’ve never imagined. And these ladies have accepted that challenge, have learned, have grown, and have shown up BIG TIME for their teams. The most beautiful part is they have each done this in their own perfectly unique way.
When I started this journey with doTERRA, it was about being able to provide for my family through means that I felt good about. It quickly became so much more than that. Now it’s about helping to guide other women to create their own successful businesses. These three ladies have affected the health of literally HUNDREDS of families. And they are leading others to do the same.
Our success comes through helping others find their own success. How freaking cool is that?!? It is surreal to be able to say we have 3 Gold Leaders in our #AilaLoveOhana, and it is such an honor to partner with these women and to have a front row seat to witness their magic.
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We are mixing things up with our Early Bird Giveaway this month. We will be selecting TEN lucky winners and extending the entry period til December 10th to give more of you a chance at wining one of these oils, or (swipe right) our Grand Prize AromaTouch Kit!!
If you’re a current Aila Love member, simply process your LRP order of 125 PV or more by the 10th. By doing this, you automatically will receive a free 5ml Holiday Joy and diffuser ornament (the Products of the Month). If your order is 200 PV, you will receive a free 15mL Frankincense as well.
If you aren’t yet a member, join by enrolling with anyone in our Aila Love Community by the 10th, and you will be automatically entered as well. TEN winners will be selected and announced on December 11th. Good luck loves!!!

There was a time when there is no way you would have found me anywhere besides my computer on the last day of the month. It’s the last day of business for us, the deadline when everything needs to be in. And for some reason, I had a belief that I had to push til the very end. That it had to be hard…. Last night, we opted for an impromptu date night (only having baby still counts as date night for us 😊️) to celebrate our most successful month yet. Yes it was successful because we broke every record we’ve had as far as growth and numbers, all the usual biz stuff, but the success we celebrated was the personal growth we have experienced. We celebrated the challenges, for they provide us with opportunities to grow. And we celebrated closing out our biggest month ever… with ease & awa.

Whenever you are feeling lost, weak, like the ground has been pulled out from under you.... stop, take a deep breath, inhale some quality essential oils if you’ve got em, and list all the things you are grateful for. And then BOOM, you’re back. You’ve got this mama!! 💖 #lovenotes #gratitude #mahalomahalomahalo #attitudeofgratitude

These words were shared with me today. And almost instantly, tears welled up in my eyes. I needed to hear this, to be reminded that showing up and giving my best is enough. There is nothing more that I need to do.
Sharing because some of you may need to hear this too. To be reminded that you are enough. Because you are. There is nothing more you need to be or do. ✨💫🌟
#enough #personalbest #kuliaikanuu #allthatmatters #doyou #beyou #youareenough

We LOVE our iTOVi scanner. We've been turning to essential oils as our primary self-care support for our chana's health, and there are still times when I am a little stumped as to which oil to reach for. When that happens, I turn to my @itoviscanner and it is usually spot on with its recommendations.
The scanner is the size of a pack of gum and fits easily in my oil pouch and it connects to my iPhone via bluetooth. It is safe and easy to use on keiki, which I especially love.
Today is the last day to score $100 OFF the Choice Plan where you pay upfront, or $39.99 OFF the Monthly Payment Plan. I do the monthly plan. Offer ends at midnight Mountain Time.
If you use the link in my bio to purchase, I’ll get a referral credit, and you’ll get a special gift from me. Just shoot me a quick message once you’ve purchased so I know 😘
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You know a real friend when they love you through your sh!t. Excuse my language, but there’s no other way for me to say it. We all have parts of ourselves that we are not happy with, areas we need to tend to, areas we need to develop and grow. And there are the people who will stand beside you and love you through it all. People who are partners in this adventure we call life. This amazing woman is one of those people. .
One of my most favorite aspects of my business is that I get to choose who I work with. No bosses or employees here, just other mamas who are down to link arms and work side by side. And I want to take a moment to recognize this mama who has been by my side in this since the very beginning, back when neither of us knew what we were really getting ourselves into. .
Noelle is so humble and is the true definition of a servant-leader. She will be the first to scoff at that title, I already know, but it’s true. And having someone to talk to who believes in the best in people, in taking ownership of situations in life and in her business, in leading by example, in giving with a generous heart, and who believes that nothing is beyond their reach, and that lifting others up is the way to succeed is invaluable. .
And although she is SO much more than her rank, I want to take a moment to recognize her accomplishment of achieving the rank of GOLD in doTERRA. This is huge as less than 1% of people in the company ever achieve the leadership ranks, and then only 23% of those people achieve Gold. There is no sensation that comes close to watching someone you love succeed. So keep watching, because she’s quickly moving on to bigger and better, and she’s bringing a whole team with her!
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Joy is the simplest form of gratitude. -Karl Barth
Wishing you all the joy that comes from time spent with family and friends. May it be enough to fill your heart enough that it overflows to everyone you meet.
Ohana capture by the amazingly talented @tahitihuetter.
#betheJOY #gratitude #givethanks #everydaygrateful #mahalomahalomahalo #joytotheworld

Diffusing this GRATITUDE BLEND all day long. Loving it’s warm comforting aroma. .
1 drop Clove
1 drop Ginger
2 drops Corriander
1 drop Cinnamon
#everydaygrateful #givethanks #gratitudeseries #mahalomahalomahalo

They keep getting better!! Today's Buy One Get One deal is for 2 oils that are ESSENTIAL for every home. .
Get them both (today only!) for $28 retail or $20 wholesale. If you’ve been wanting to learn more about oils and also get them at a crazy amazing price, now is your chance!! Comment below if you want me to add you to our VIP Group. SIDENOTE: If you are enrolled with another doTERRA person or have been working with someone else, please order through them. I don’t want to take your business away from them.
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There’s still a few hours left to enter to win this beautiful manifesting set from @alohadreamboard. Head over to her page to enter. Winner will be selected at 10pm tonight! Good luck loves!!! ✨✨✨ #manifest #MADgiveaway

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