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| IMAGINE for @tj_ivanov |  You're sitting on the floor in Mycroft Holmes's office, alphabetizing his files and making sure everything is organized. You've recently been hired by Mycroft as his personal assistant. "Y/N, are you sure you wouldn't like a chair?" Mycroft asks you as he reads through a stack of files. You smile at him even though he's too fixated on his papers to look at you. "No, I'm good, but thank you." You reply. When you were first hired by Mycroft, you were surprised at his anti-social demeanor and unfriendliness towards you. He spends most of his time in his dark office, and it was at first depressing for you. However, in the past few weeks, you've managed to pull him out of his shell and have actually gotten him to laugh and smile. The door to the office bursts open and a figure walks in confidently. Mycroft sighs and sets his papers down. "Have you ever heard of knocking, Sherlock?" He asks exasperatedly. "If you're keeping such close tabs on me like you say you are, there wouldn't be a need to knock." Sherlock says as if bored out of his mind. You smile between the exchange. While you've never met Sherlock personally, Mycroft talks about him enough. Sherlock, as if realizing you're in the room, stares at you and then looks at Mycroft. "Who's the girl?" He asks, gesturing his head towards you. Mycroft looks at you and smiles. "Sherlock, this is Y/N, my personal assistant." He says. "Hi." You wave to Sherlock, under too much paperwork to stand. "Personal assistant." Sherlock snorts, looking at Mycroft. "Why do you need a personal assistant? You've never needed one before." He says. Mycroft clenches his jaw and stands. He walks over to Sherlock, grabs his arm, and pulls him out of the room, shutting the door behind him. [Cont. in comments]

| IMAGINE for @legolas_greenleaf_will_turner | Elros and you finish putting the training weapons back up on the wall. “My shoulders are going to be so sore tomorrow.” You grimace, rubbing your right shoulder. Elros stretches and his back cracks. “Ouch.” He winces. You laugh softly and shake your head. “King Thranduil will not be pleased if two of the best Elves in the guard can’t perform their duties.” You say. “Let me him be angry. I think once I lay down, I will not be able to move for the next three days.” Elros states. You laugh again as you both exit the armory. You put your hand on your stomach as it cinches painfully. “Nîdh [Ouch], even laughing hurts.” You giggle. Elros grins at you. “We are a mess, mellon [Friend]. A complete and utter mess.” He says. “Iston [I know].” You mutter. “Le suilon [Greetings], Elros and Y/N.” Legolas says, walking out onto the training bay. You immediately straighten and smile brightly. “Le suilon, Legolas.” You reply nervously, Elros echoing your greeting. You’ve been in love with Legolas for as long as you can remember. However, he has never shown anything to give you an idea that he feels the same way about you. “Man ceril [What are you doing]?” Legolas questions curiously. Elros puts his arm around your shoulder and pulls you close, smiling. “Y/N and I were training together.” He announces, squeezing your shoulder. You suck in a deep breath from the pain. “Oh, Y/N, goheno nin [I’m sorry]!” Elros apologizes quickly, gently massaging your shoulder. “It’s okay.” You smile at him. Legolas looks between Elros and you, his eyes narrowing, his stance more rigid than normal. “Man agorel [What did you do]?” He asks Elros suspiciously. “Oh, Y/N and I are very sore from training. Her shoulders are especially hurting. I accidentally squeezed her shoulder without thinking.” He explains. [Cont. in comments]

| IMAGINE for @niallforever15 |  You feel Cisco, your best friend, staring at your back as you prepare dinner for yourself and your twin sons, Mason and Tanner. Without turning around, you speak. "Is there a problem, Cisco?" You ask. "Y/N, there's something you need to know about Barry." Cisco states. You still and slowly turn around. Cisco is staring at you seriously. You swallow, your heart beating nervously. A little over a year ago, Barry and you had crushes on each other. You had a one night stand and your twin sons were the product of that. After you discovered you were pregnant, you fell off the face of the earth. With the help of Cisco, you disappeared and laid low for the past year. Barry doesn't know what happened to you and he doesn't know that he has two sons. You want to change that tonight. You called Cisco over so that he can babysit the boys while you step back into Barry's life and break the news to him. You clear your throat. "What is it, Cisco?" You ask. "Things have changed since you left Barry." He answers. You squint at him suspiciously. "What are you talking about? You have been giving me updates about his life ever since I disappeared. What have you been keeping from me?" You question, crossing your arms. Cisco coughs. "Barry...he...he has a girlfriend. He's dating Iris West." [Cont. in comments]

| IMAGINE for @milla__2005 |  You duck behind a car as a rain of gunfire shoots at you. You're part of HYDRA and you're fighting against the Avengers. You hear someone quietly moving towards the car. You lift your gun and move out from behind the vehicle, pointing it right at the man's face. For some reason, your finger stills on the trigger. The man stares at you and pales. "Y/N? You're alive?" His voice cracks in surprise. He steps towards you in wonder. "Are you okay? What happened to you?" He asks worriedly. Your eyebrows furrow and you falter. "How do you know me?" You demand. "It's me. It's Bucky." The man whispers, tears filling his eyes as he smiles at you. "Who's Bucky?" You ask. His smile drops, as does the tears in his eyes. "You-you don't remember me?" He questions, the hurt evident in his voice. "Unfortunately not." You reply coolly, before lifting your gun. Bucky's eyes widen. "I have a job to finish." You admit, your finger hovering over the trigger. Bucky swallows. "Sorry, I know you hate leaving a job unfinished, but just this once you're going to have to." He states, before hitting his gun against the side of your head, knocking you unconscious. He grabs you and lifts you into his arms before you can hit the ground.
[Cont. in comments]

| IMAGINE for @abi_marie.x |  Kili and you burst through the doors of the Blue Mountains, laughing. You both push your weight against the door, slamming it shut in order to keep the rain out. You grin at your husband and find him already grinning back at you, water dripping down his face. "Next time we should probably make sure we pick a nice sunny day to go riding." You giggle. Kili laughs and puts his arm around your shoulders. "Now where would be the fun in that?" He asks. You laugh. "What's going on here?" Fili asks, looking between Kili and you, both of you standing in a puddle of water. He's smiling, an amused look on his face. "We got caught in the rain." You laugh as thunder loudly rumbles. "I can see that." Fili grins. "You two look like you fell into the lake." He adds. "If this rain doesn't let up, there's going to be a new lake." Kili replies. "Well, you better go change clothes and hang these wet ones up to dry. You're making a puddle on the floor." Fili points. "Oh, don't be such a nana, Fili." You laugh, moving past him. Kili grins and follows after you, while Fili just sighs and rolls his eyes.
[Cont. in comments]

| IMAGINE for a Wattpad user |  You're laying in the fetal position on your bed, buried beneath a mountain of blankets, when a soft knock sounds on your door. "Hmm?" You say loudly, too tired to even talk. Newt, your boyfriend, opens the door slightly and pokes his head through. "Y/N?" He asks softly. You prop yourself up on your elbow and finger-comb your messy hair, embarrassed. "Newt! What are you doing here?" You gasp, flushing. "Your mom let me in. I haven't heard from you in a few days and I wanted to come check on you to make sure you're okay." He answers, stepping inside the bedroom, his eyes filled with concern. You sigh and sit up. "In all honesty, Newt, I haven't been feeling too well. I don't know what's wrong with me but I have this monstrous headache and stomachache. I haven't left my bedroom for the past few days." You explain. Newt sits beside you and holds your hand. "Y/N, you should have called me. I would have helped you get better." He murmurs. "No, no, I don't want to bother you with this. It's not that big of a deal. You have more important stuff to worry about." You try to laugh it off but a sharp pain in your stomach causes you to gasp and clutch your stomach. "Y/N?" Newt asks worriedly, his hand on your arm. "I'm fine." You choke out. "No, you're obviously not fine. You're in a lot of pain. It's etched onto your face." He frowns deeply. He puts a hand on your shoulder. "Y/N, you have to rest, okay?" He says. He gently help you back down and you bite your lip to keep from crying out. He stares at you, his eyebrows furrowed with concern. [Cont. in comments]

| IMAGINE for @piercetheblacksirensromance |  Natasha Romanoff walks you through the New Avengers Facility. You're hoping soon this facility will be your new home. You grew up with Natasha. She's your closest friend. You went to the same academy together. You trained together, fought together, and killed together. "I just want to give you a heads up about Tony. He's... Well, he can be a bit of a jerk sometimes, so don't mind him." Natasha says to you. You smile. "I know. But it's nothing I've never handled before." You reply. She smiles back at you. She's taking you to go see Tony Stark. She wants you to become part of the Avengers. Natasha and you walk to Tony's office. He's typing away on his computer, his back to you. "Uh, Tony?" Natasha asks. "Yeah, Nat?" Tony asks, still not turning around. Natasha glances at you and rolls her eyes. "This is Y/N, the woman I was telling you about." She announces to Tony. Tony taps a couple of more things before turning around in his chair. He stills when he sees you and blinks. "Y/N?" He clears his throat, not trying to hide his surprise. You smile. "Tony." You nod. "I've heard a lot about you." He says, leaning back in his chair and out rightly staring at you. "Likewise." You reply. "Well, why don't you have a seat?" He asks. You claim a chair. "I'll leave you two to it then." Natasha says, before leaving the office. [Cont. in comments]

| IMAGINE for @aiyana.lewis |  You walk through the woods of Chandrila, your home planet, waiting for your boyfriend, Ben Solo, to make his appearance. Ever since you both admitted you have crushes on each other, this has been your designated meeting place. It's peaceful, secluded, and perfect. You sit on a moss-covered rock in the middle of a clearing and sigh happily, listening to the birds chirp and the forest noises. You are so glad you were born into the Rebel Alliance—that you were able to grow up on this amazing planet that you love so much. A branch snaps and you whirl around. Ben is walking through the forest. "Ben!" You grin. Your smile slowly falters once he steps into the sunlight streaming through the trees. Something is wrong. Worry wraps itself around your heart. "Ben, is everything okay?" You ask, your heart starting to beat a little faster. He looks different. His whole aura breathes different. Without saying anything, he grabs your arm and pulls you deeper into the forest. You nearly trip a few times in order to catch up with his clipped pace. Once you're deep in the cover of trees, he turns to face you, his hands on your shoulders. "I need to tell you something, Y/N." He breathes.
[Cont. in comments]

| IMAGINE for @thedragongirl101 | You step forward as William Rawlins introduces you to Billy Russo. “Billy, I’d like you to meet Y/N, the woman I’ve been telling you about.” William says. You step forward, looking Billy in the eyes, and firmly shake his hand. “It’s nice to meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you.” You say. “I wish I could say the same for you, but William has been keeping you under wraps.” Billy smiles. “I think she’d be a great trainer for your new recruits at Anvil.” William mentions about Billy’s new organization. “And why would that be?” Billy asks suspiciously. You can’t help the smirk that settles upon your lips. “Trust me. There’s none better than Y/N.” William replies. “I have all of my tapes.” You say, holding a bag up. “Tapes of what?” Billy questions in confusion, his eyes narrowing. William laughs. “I’ll let you two get to it. I have to catch a flight. If doesn’t work out, your loss, Billy.” William says before walking off. Billy sighs and runs a hand through his hair. “Let’s take a look at those tapes.” He says, motioning you into his office.
[Cont. in comments]

| IMAGINE for @jessyca_zander |  You walk down the main street of Storybrooke. A car drives past you and you scream, scattering and stumbling away from it. Your hand covers your fluttering heart. Your family and you were just transported to this land after a curse wrecked your land. You've never see any of this before. Everything is new to you. Currently your family is living by a campsite in the woods. This is your first time walking through this foreign town and you're trying to gauge it–and its people. They keep giving you weird looks and you don't know why. You continue to look down the street, taking in everything. A man walks out of a door and straight into you. "Oh!" You gasp in surprise, stumbling. The man grabs your shoulders and quickly rights you. "Whoa, sorry, sorry. I'm sorry about that." He says. "Oh, it's okay. I should have been looking where I was going." You mumble. The man peers at you, squinting. "I-I haven't seen you around here before. Are you new to Storybrooke?" He asks. "Yes, actually. We've recently just arrived." You explain. "We? There's more of you?" He questions, looking behind you as to see if there’s more people. “My family. We were all transported here after a curse took us from our land." You blurt out before you can stop yourself. "Ahhh, well, we know all about that here." He states. "You do?" You ask in surprise. "We're all here because of a curse. Well, we were. The curse has been broken now." He explains. "Oh." You breathe in wonder, suddenly seeing the town with new eyes. "I'm Jefferson." The man smiles. "I'm Y/N." You smile back. He throws his arm out. "So, what do you think of our town?" He asks. "It's...different than mine." You laugh. "Well, can I show you around, Y/N? Get you familiar with the place?" He offers. Your smile widens. "I'd love that." [Cont. in comments]

| IMAGINE for @fanoffiction |  You watch as HYDRA tortures Bucky yet again. You clench your jaw so hard it sends pain shooting up your jaw. “Beautiful, isn't it?" a HYDRA members standing next to you asks you softly. You nod, not trusting yourself to speak. Your parents were part of HYDRA and you were born into. For years you thought it was great–wonderful even. But then you saw how evil they really are. You've been planning your escape ever since. Multiple missions ago, you were assigned to work with the Winter Soldier. You hacked into HYDRA’s records to get the full run-down of the man you were going to be working with. After reading his record, you were overcome with compassion for the Winter Soldier, now lovingly known to you as Bucky. On the first mission of being a team, Bucky and you hit it off. Now you do everything together. He's the only good thing that has come out of working for HYDRA. He's the only thing you love from this terrible place. Bucky also has come to love you. "Stop!" Bucky screams his plea, his bare chest heaving up and down. Tears burn in your eyes at the obvious pain he is experiencing. HYDRA torturing him for a failed mission. The plans were faulty and inaccurate, and HYDRA claims it was his fault. Bucky screams again and your heart tears in two. You can’t take it anymore, "Stop! Stop it!" You scream before you can stop yourself. Everyone in the room looks at you with a mix of shock and horror. "You-you don't want to kill him, do you? We need him alive." You quickly say. Baron von Strucker nods. "She's right. That's enough.” He says. He glances at you slyly. “For now." He adds. You breathe a sigh of relief. "Release him." He demands. They release Bucky out of his bonds and he starts to fall to the ground. You quickly race over to him and hold him up before he crash to the ground. "Y/N." He murmurs, shuddering. "It's okay, it's okay." You whisper in his ear, gently sitting him back in the chair. [Cont. in comments]

| IMAGINE for a Wattpad user | You rub your forehead, trying to relieve the pain of your pounding headache. You glance at Newt, your best friend, who’s sitting across from you at the table, writing something in one of his journals. He stifles a yawn and continues to write. It must be 11 P.M. Your eyes feel heavy and, not to mention, you’re absolutely starving. You’ve been helping Newt with his research all day and have been too busy to eat. “Newt, we have to stop. I’m about to fall over.” You groan, laying your head on the wooden table. Newt rubs his eyes. “I know, I know, I know, I’m sorry. I’m just so close to finishing up this research.” He sighs. “We’ve been at this for hours—all day. How good will the research even be if you can’t even think straight?” You ask, lifting your head to look up at him.
[Cont. in comments]

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