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Aida Aminpour  Iran/Florida/NYC

Don't think just because you're only dating my sister that you're safe. I'll take your clothes too. Thanks for the shirt @drmichaelbradshaw! And yes, I can stand in this Ferris wheel booth without hitting my head. #shorty

I hate touristy things but Chicago is dope. This bean thing is cool too.

I wouldn't mess with us if I were you. Just sayin'. #xgongiveittoyuh

This would be a cooler picture if a couple of very lovely and brave teenagers didn't have to help me get on and off this rope. Glad I kinda conquered a fear and didn't plunge to my death.

These cuties had a layover in New York on their way to the motherland after five years! So happy I got to spend some time with them even if it was for just a couple of hours! I'll miss you mammani and babai!! I'll be expecting lots of lavashak and goodies from Naqsh-e Jahan Square!
#lovesofmylife #superpersian

About to do theater the way I like it... up close and personal and with the people I love the most. 💋🤙🏽

I actually have 20/20 vision. Also, I'm so happy to spend some time with this babe before he gets back to killin' it in his show! Forever proud of you, Giammy! Lucky to call you my friend.

Get yourself a badass friend and live in a badass city

Happy Fourth of July, friends! Today, I am proud to be an American because the America I know is accepting of people of all races, nationalities, cultures, religions, genders, and sexualities. We must remind ourselves that we all deserve love and equal rights. After all, this is "the land of the free and the home of the strange" isn't it?

Don't be fooled. I was only on the carousel to search for hot dads.

And even on the gloomiest days, you can still find your sunshine. Mine just so happens to be the ripple of the waves, the tall towering buildings, and that precious yellow ferry floating on by.

How lucky am I to be living the life I'm living. I love you, New York.
Photo creds to my queen and best friend @dylanlanebarrett

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