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My heart was so happy on the day of this shoot despite freezing to death. This film, made possible by Sam Underwood, was presented at the Sir Peter Shaffer Memorial. I grew up watching his film Amadeus in my chorus classes and it is truly one of my favorites. Hence, why this project is so incredibly special to me. Thank you to Sam Underwood's Fundamental Theater Project, The Hilaria and Alec Baldwin Foundation, and all the wonderful artists who contributed to a beautiful and unforgettable night.

She's lost, but she'll find her way.

Thinking about memes and Michael Cera
and @dylanlanebarrett

Happy Persian New Year from the Aminpour family! You know what's awesome about this day? I get to redo my New Years resolutions if it didn't go well the first time. Perks of being Persian American, am I right? Two sets of holidays! #sofrehhaftseen #nowruzmobarak

Brunch date with my soulmate❤

I recently got to be a part of a photography series focusing on minority artists after the Elections. The incredible @jorgelunadj would throw a word out before taking our picture and have us react honestly. I wasn't expecting these reactions when he said the word "racism". It's easy for people to turn a blind eye to it. So easy, that I didn't realize I was pretending as if it wasn't affecting me ever since I moved to America. It's a strange and healing feeling to look at these pictures and think "wow, so, that's how I really feel." As uncomfortable as it is to talk about these issues, they need to be talked about. No more silence, my friends. No more.

Finally out of the teens wishing I was thirty, flirty, and thriving.

A class of lil preservistas went on an adventure to the past on this beautiful day.


Cheers to new beginnings and being hella Persian.

It's something about the way the building's disappear to nothing on drizzly somber nights...

Missing this little baby a lot lately.
My fella Bella❤️

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