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Ai The Wifey  NON-TYPICAL Child of the Most high God! Musician,Motivator,& Makeup Artist! 🐊NOLA Creole, 🐻Native Amer., West 💶European,💃Dominican & Polynesian🌺

#tbt #okay THOUSANDS OF dollars are spent so clients can have a CHOICE. #ANOTHERTHING Did you ask your Dentist how to fill in a cavity on ya self? Did you ask your hair stylist to show you how you can do your sow-in at home when she's not available? Then PLEASE....STOP asking Makeup "ARTIST", "ARTIST", "ARTIST" to show you how to do their ARTISTRY! And you want it free?!!! "It's NOT a compliment, it's an insult!" You just asked us to make our career obsolete/ non-existent...? What some of us #muas spent YEARS perfecting, and time and THOUSANDS on schooling, in either Cosmetology or Esthetics....smh ISsaART, IT'S an ART, IT IS A TALENT, IT IS A GIFT! Even if "Picasso" showed you how he paints, and what paints & brushes he used, you still couldn't paint a "PICASSO PAINTING"! The truth is he could have used DIRT, WATER AND HIS HAND , and STILL make the same painting, because he's an "ARTIST!".... #GETIT? #End of story.

Should I flat iron it or leave it wild? Please comment below ♡♡♡

#me sitting back, taking care of my own business, watching the good prosper, and seeing how those, who thought themselves mighty, have fallen. #palmtrees #chillin #nola


#allwhite #yachtparty party with the cool kids! Had a great time! @nookie_loving_motherhood #bday party #2 was #LIT!!!!

Please #FOLLOW my MAKEUP PAGE @celebrity_visage !!!! It's under construction at the moment, but more pics and videos are to come!

THANK YOU SOooo MUCH @spicydarkcosmetics cosmetics for letting me try out your amazing products!!! #foundation is #FLAWLESS #flawlessmakeup #follow @spicydarkcosmetics !!!!!

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