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Ahtziri Olivares 🦋  📍Madrid, España

Obrigada, Portugal 🇵🇹

I would tell y’all all that I did in Portugal, but y’all wouldn’t Lisbon ;)

Im not saying I speak Portuguese but I understood about 49% of what the Portuguese people were saying to me so there’s that 🤘🏿

Feeling like Charlie and the Chocolate factory... but with beer 🧐 #fakepart2 #betterlatethannever

Irish I never had to leave! ☘️

I’d call this a dub-win 💯

VALEncia 🇪🇸

Science rules 🤘🏿 #Valencia

Never thought I could love a place so much. Thank you Germany for all your beauty. 🇩🇪

Germany was Munich to my ears

“Prost!” 🇩🇪🍻
I’m fake bc I don’t even drink alcohol, but I 💯 support German culture & Oktoberfest was legitness

No time for siesta!

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