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Thank you for marching and supporting, friends! 💗@womensmarchslo happening now! #womensmarch

It was a splendiforous pleasure to be a guest on @sparkleanddestroypod! 💕✨📻 @hayley_crusher & I shared pink daiquiris (made by @baggybilly of course) and chatted about everything from librarianism and making tiny art to 90s kid treats and puking mermaids, from striving for a low waste life, to phone addiction, and most importantly our new venture together, Stepcats Productions! Hayley is a badass who is amazing at basically everything she does, so if you’re not listening to her podcast, now’s the perfect time to get on that! Link is in my bio! Also watch @hayleyandthecrushers music video for “Blue and Green,” if this painting is confusing to you! 😆 #sparkleanddestroypod #hayleyandthecrushers #stepcatsproductions

Ancatlosaurus loves his new deer friends. 💕🦌 #merrykitchmas #dinokitty

Happy voting US friends, I hope you do this very important thing today! 💕🗳

Happy to be part of a school that embraces the diverse cultural backgrounds of our students. 💕 The library is hosting a Día de los Muertos art contest for staff & students and this was my entry. We’re also doing craft stations today, looking forward to seeing everyone’s creations!

Happy Halloween my deers! 💕🦌✨

You’re the best horse a warrior could ask for! ✨ Princess Pinecone & her derpy pony for book character dress up day at school. Never one for easily recognizable costumes, haha. This one was thrown together last minute with things I already had (pony, ahem, borrowed, from @sadierose.b 😜) If you haven’t read The Princess and the Pony by Kate Beaton, get to it! #theprincessandthepony #princesspinecone #katebeaton

Days twenty five & twenty six: dark forest & toad! Ohhhh great, not again... the wedding’s starting any minute! If only toadie could read. Now which way should he go... 🐸 #mabsdrawlloweenclub #drawlloweenbeach #returntodrawlloweenbeach #drawlloweenbeachwedding

Days twenty one - twenty four: alien, pumpkin, monster (I went with the mummy) & hunter’s moon! 🎸💕🎶 It’s Hayley Comet & the Space Crushers, bringing their seaside glitter trash hijinks to Drawlloween Beach! #mabsdrawlloweenclub #drawlloweenbeach #returntodrawlloweenbeach #drawlloweenbeachwedding #hayleyandthecrushers #coolisthenewlame

Days nineteen & twenty: séance & serpent! Leota was just trying to invite some of the dearly departed to the ceremony... “Serpents and spiders, tail of a rat, call in the spirits, wherever they’re at!” She didn’t expect those to actually appear, whoops! The more the merrier, right? 🔮✨🐍🕷🐀 #mabsdrawlloweenclub #drawlloweenbeach #returntodrawlloweenbeach #drawlloweenbeach #madameleota #flyingserpent #spottherattail

Forever one of my favorite life experiences, seeing @alisonsudol perform & meeting her. Alison is a real life fairy princess, no doubt about it. The letter she recently shared, and her new music video both touched me deeply and made me feel all of the things... tears may have been involved (not too surprising). Of course we all have struggles we don’t share with the world, but learning about her coping with anxiety and depression resonated so much with me and I’m so grateful for her soul baring words. In this photo from six years ago, I was in such a radically different place than I am now; I’m so much better and happier today, yet I still struggle with those issues. But I feel less alone in them; we’re all in this together. 💗 Oh and if you have a few minutes, watch the video for “Moon,” it’s just beautiful.

Day eighteen: rats! Why is it always their mousy cousins who get credit for extraordinary sewing abilities? 🐭🎀🧀 #mabsdrawlloweenclub #drawlloweenbeach #drawlloweenbeachwedding #returntodrawlloweenbeach #briderellibriderelli

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