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Ahmet Dadali  Professional skier. Obsessed flyfisher.. check out my travel account @thedrivingdedication

Tweaking out heavy on the Cuban at @bachelorparks @mtbachelor makes me certain of one thing. I’m officially moving to bend this year. Or I should say park my rig in vacant parking lots for very extended amounts of time.. 📷: @trevorlyden killing it. Good day with @burksmedia @armonaarabi @jordan_._williams

Little tribute to @auclairjp today at @bachelorparks @mtbachelor with the boys @burksmedia 🎥

Dear Mama. “When I was sick as a little kid to keep me happy there’s no limit to the things you did, and all my childhood memories are full of all the sweet things you did for me. And even though I act crazy I gotta thank the lord that you made me.” “I wish that I could take the pain away, make it through the night there’s a brighter day.”-2pac
My moms a warrior. She’s Been battling cancer throughout the years that would’ve killed many years ago, but she’s still here for me. I Listened to this song on repeat and I believe it’s one of the things that kept me sane through some of the worst of it. Without her I would never have had the opportunity to ski. she slaved at the local ski mountain to get free passes for all my siblings and spent the money she made to take me and @ahmetsbrother to competitions all around New England. She’s always been my number 1 supporter. For anyone that knows her they know she’s the sweetest lady. I love this woman, she’s an inspiration to me and no one compares to her. Truly remarkable Mama.

Can’t afford a trampoline but sand is soft. Such a good time at the coast in Oregon a week back wit the dogs.. 📷: @lislelislelisle

Anyone spot what’s outta place on this one, besides the bent wrist steeze? 📷: @tophaloaf give this man a follow. 🎿: @volklskis

Top 2 bottom rail run through the TLine Park wit my boy @st.keena behind the lense. Follow him up. @volklskis Revolts servin a guy well.

Keeping the rotations low in the line at TLine wit @st.keena working the camera.. follow the homie. @volklskis .
#FREEskiing #skiing #ski #timberline #snow #mountain #mounthood #mthood #freeskier

Springtime out in TLine, yup better believe it! @tophaloaf killin the lense follow the dude! @volklskis keeping me flossed out. Revolts baby

7 blunt never gets old for me, does it for you? If it does, then you crazy. My boy @scrappyjoeyoung on the camera, follow the homie

Few years back in Sweden wit @thebunchstagrams boys @volklskis on the feet

Throwaway shot from this natty step up out in WA wit the bro. 🎥: @ahmetsbrother .
#FREEskiing #lafalivin #ski #freeski #powder #mountains #snow #skier

Made it to 30 years on this planet. The one thing I know for sure is that death is certain, everyday we live is one day closer the end of a chapter. Just like a snowflake everything we experience in life is unique. you will never feel that exact feeling ever again, that excitement, that happiness, that pleasure, love, or even sadness and pain. But take in everything in and feel it. Live through it, and grow on yourself. Before you drink your coffee, smell it. Before you ski that line, take in the beauty. Before you talk, think what someone had said to you. You will then, I believe, live a full rewarding life... oh and fuck trump.

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