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Ahla Fawda®  Ahla Fawda’s mission is the community in all it’s aspects. Community service in all ways that create positive energy and help in making a difference.

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The "Warm Feet Campaign" (collection & distribution of winter footwear for needy families in North Lebanon) was featured on Future TV this morning. Thank you Hala and Rayya for representing the team!

Ahla Fawda volunteers filled the truck with boxes of boots, shoes, toys and clothes for needy Lebanese, Syrian, and Palestinian families in Tripoli and Akkar.
We arrived at a small informal collection of tents set in the agricultural land of Akkar, north Lebanon for our distribution.
Ahla Fawda brought fun and smiles to the children with a wonderful magic show by Jamie Jibberish, a humanitarian magician, while our volunteers unpacked and prepared for the distribution. What exactly does a magician keep in his black hat?
Everyone, young or old, was fitted for the shoes/boots of their choice. So many children and adults were wearing sandals and were delighted to receive warm and cosy footwear. Cuddly toys brought great big smiles to appear!
Refugee life is not easy, being a refugee is not a choice but a desperate act fleeing from terror that most of us will never know. Lives on hold, little help dealing with internal scars, but safety from bombs is available in these little tent villages, much else is not.
As usual, we were welcomed with smiles and invited to share tea and taste lunch - all delicious! Such welcome and hospitality is always humbling.
Enormous thanks to all our donors, to the schools and nurseries who participated in the "Warm Feet Campaign" and to our smiling energetic volunteers who make it all actually happen on the ground!

Imane Nasreddine Assaf Ziad Daouk Abed Tala Irene Hodges-Abdallah Gloria Cattafesta Zeidan Fadi Salah El Din Margaret Warren Rayya Seline, Alexandra Jamie Balfour-Paul Paola Magic for Smiles - Jamie Jibberish

Journey begins!
The truck is almost full! And the team is ready for the delivery to Akkar.

Tomorrow is the big distribution day and kind donations are still coming.
Thank you
The National Protestant college. ( a small school in Ras Beirut with a big act of kindness).
American Community School ACS, always quick in action.
Julie Abouchacra, Totally Kids Nursery, more kind donations every day.
Lamice Joujou, Dent de Lait, more kind donations.
Rayya Chaaban Barakat and friends, thank you for the very generous donations.
Mandana Hajj donations all the way from Switzerland with more from Rania Al Hajj.
Inaam yehia and ll our kind friends thank you so much for the support.

How cute is cute. Thank you Dent de Lait and all the cute little helpers for helping us in our mission. Warm feet, joyful hearts. 😘😘😘 to all the cuties.

While politicians fight and act like 2 year old, while the world looks ugly and dark, while the news is always a stress and more reason for yoga, while all this negativity....... there is something really really positive that keeps me going. people kindness and generous hearts is a reason to smile and have hope.
Warm Feet Campaign” is on its second week and the donations are nonstop. Thank you and God bless you all:
Thanks to
Dina Mak, Mums in Beirut and their followers for the non- stop support.
Julie Abouchacra, totally kids nursery ( 😘😘😘all the cute tiny hands).
Lamice Joujou, Dent de Lait, our partner and supporter from day one non-stop. ( 😘😘😘all the cute tiny hands)
Leila Fakih Nashabe and Bianca Chalfoun and all who are sending to Leila. 😘❤️
Kaya Karam thank you for the kind donation.
Souhaila Abou Diab for chasing me to collect😘😘
Nadia Jaroudi Raad thanks and kisses to Ziad. 😘😘
Lina Merhi yalla Beirut missed you.
Carla Habre Merci mon amie. 😘😘
National Protestant College( thank you all😘😘)
Joumana Syriani always insisting to help and always giving.
Soumaya Assaf kind hearted and generous spirit.
Mona Kadi Shantouf for choosing us in your extreme kind donation both in items and funds. 😘😘
Nabil Aboudargham thank you.
Ruth Moucharafieh😘😘
Hala Nasreddine😘😘
Amal Lababidy Khatib thank you for believing in us.
Mirvat Fawaz😘😘
Diala Chaar 😘😘
Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison and
Camilla jane Bowery, sals shoes all the kind donations from the Uk.
Louise Williamson and Renee Awaida,I think Middle East airline have memorised the large ikea bags.

My apologies to those who I might have unintentionally forgot to mention. Thank you and please send me a kind reminder.

Thanks also goes to each and everyone who has helped nonstop from the date of our 1st mission, to all who have shared and tried to promote the campaign. Special thanks to The Ahla Fawda team,nothing is complete or done without you. 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️
1st delivery is on Wednesday the 7th of February and we are all really looking forward. 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️

“Warm Feet Campaign “ I am feeling very warm.

A new storm is on the horizon , kindness of all kind. Thank you for a wonderful positive encouraging day. 1st day of our “warm feet campaign “.
Thank you:
Lina Merhi, Soumaya Assaf, Nabil Abou Dargham, Amal Lababidy Khatib.

First shoes donation from Ms Olivia Murzabekov.
Thank you Olivia.
Please keep it coming. Winter is freezing cold and people need our support.

Many people, especially children, are facing the snowy, cold and wet conditions of winter without proper footwear. We (You & us) can change this.

Three years ago, we went to a camp in akkar, north of lebanon. It was our 1st humanitarian mission and a very real humbling experience. With support and kind donations it became a repeated learning act and a motivation to do more. Getting ready for end of January mission. All donations specially warm clothes are welcome. Thank you and God bless

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