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Ahla Fawda®  Ahla Fawda’s mission is the community in all it’s aspects. Community service in all ways that create positive energy and help in making a difference.

After her visit to Katermaya camp, one of our pretty young volunteers Tayma Brasioli fell in love with little Lana. She went home, packed more than few of her own accessories and send them to us to deliver.
Danette Gorman has kindly taken them to the camp and gave Lana and few other girls Tayma’s gift to them.
Tayma Brasioli you have made so many little girls happy, specially little Lana.
Tayma you are a star. Thank you habibti😘❤️😘 proud of all the young ladies for their beautiful spirit. 😘😘❤️ #charity #volunteering #nicepeople

Return to the Ahla Fawda and Rise Gallery art scene , Aley city #londoners #beirut #aley #streetart #dotmasters #caligraphy

Ketarmaya trip was a real mission of joy and learning.
We were as always surprised by the happy young faces that were eager to show us around and to impress us with the little English they knew.
The camp is one of the few stuctured camps from the ones we have visited. It has acceptable facilities of lodging and has a small playground for kids with slides and other games.
What always disturbs me in my visits are the hygiene issues and the health hazards, in fact in this camp they have planted their own vegetables from courgette, cucumber and others but the irrigation system is the sewage water and we all know the effect of this.
What is also sadly noted is the number of kids with special needs and no proper care provided.
Lack of Education is a tragic reality. Kids are eager to learn and I wish there were ways we could help in this matter. We gave the books but they need the teacher and consistent program.
Camps are a reflection of lives in different scenarios and I am grateful to all the kind donors who beyond donations, share and feel the need to help.
I would like to thank you all for never stopping in believing in us, also a special thank you to Danette Gorman for introducing us to ketarmaya and for all her efforts in helping specially in ways of education and basic needs.
Special thanks to the amazing loving Ahla Fawda team and friends, Gloria Cattafesta Zeidan, Margaret Warren, Irene Hodges-Abdallah, Petra Rafeh, Ziad Daouk, Fadi Salaheddine, Wadad Assaf, Karma Salloum, Maya Salloum, Tia Abbas, Keenan Fayyad. Rana El Hindi, Tayma Brasioli and last but not least Noor Harakeh a 14 year old young lady who kindly donated beautiful bracelets to all the young girls.

Life is s journey and you are all contributing to making it a journey of substance and value. Thank you and God Bless.

A day of preparation; books, toys, clothes and delicious home made brownies for tomorrow’s katermaya camp trip.

Chatila camp, what a beautiful way to end the holy month of Ramadan.
We thought that by giving clothes, shoes, food and toys we were helping others. It was the other way round. They helped us in understanding the real meaning of life, to appreciate the little things and stop being blinded by the dominant superficial environment.
They took the gifts with dignity and gratitude, they were content and appreciative of every small deed. It was a mission where we were the main beneficiaries. We learnt from these beautiful people; courage, dignity and hope. We learned about bravery and tolerance. I learned from the 7 year old child who preferred a small ball to a large spider man. I fell in love with the little girl who was delighted with the skipping rope and refused a second present to give a chance to others. I loved, learned and was humbled by today experience.
Every camp is a lesson and every mission is a thank you to all the kind donors.
Special thanks to all the beautiful teenagers who chose to be with us today ( Karma Salloum, Maya Salloum, tayma Salloum, Tia Abbas, Tia Sleiman, Rawad Assaf, Wadad Assaf). Thanks to the regular devoted remarkable team: Margaret Warren, Irene Hodges-Abdallah,Gloria Cattafesta Zeidan, Rayya Chaaban Barakat, Riwa Riwa, tala dalal, Ziad Daouk, fadi salaheddine.

Thanks Bilal Oweine for joining us again.

Wish you a blessed happy Eid and thank you all for your trust in us. We need you to keep learning and to make joy a main ingredient in people life. Happy Eid to all.

A beautiful fun flea market day with Ahla Fawda! Thank you for all the participants! #charity #fundraising #hamra

Come join tomorrow for more second hand and new stuff and bring your children for an entertaining day full of joy.

Hurry up and apply for the Ahla Fawda Mama's Flea Market!!

انطلاقا من مختلف نواحي الحياة و الثقافات، قررت جمعية احلى فوضى و الامهات المقيمات في بيروت ابتكار احلى و اهضم سوق للسلع المستعملة في الحمرا.
الاشياء المعروضة للبيع: ملابس كلاسيكية او تراثية، العاب الاطفال، اثاث وحاجيات منزلية، كتب، لوحات، طعام ومخبوزات منزلية، و كل شيء يلبي جميع الاذواق و الميزانيات
اذا كنت ترغب في تبسيط حياتك و انشاء منزل خال من الفوضى او بيع منتجاتك، يرجى الاتصال على الرقم التالي 78936515 لحجز ستاند/طاولة.
الاطفال و الحيوانات موضع ترحيب.
سيكون السوق مظللا بشكل كامل بالاضافة الى منطقة ترفيهية كاملة للاطفال. ستتاح الفرصة للاهل و الزائرين بالجلوس و الاستمتاع بتذوق الطعام و الخبز في هذا اليوم الربيعي الصاخب و المشرق

Ahla Fawda and Mamas living in Beirut from all walks of life, and cultures decided to team up and create a one of a kind, cool, stylish and eclectic flea market in Hamra. Items on sale.include: vintage and designer clothes, kids toys and items, furniture, household items, books and art, food and home made bakes, anything and everything to satisfy all tastes and budgets.
If you wish to simplify your life and create a clutter free home, or sell your products, please contact us on 78936515 to reserve a stand.
Kids and pets are welcome. The market will be well shaded and offers a complete kids entertainment area. Parents and visitors will have the opportunity to sit back and sample great food and bakes whilst enjoying the hustle and bustle on a sunny spring day.

Hurry up sign up !!!! Link in bio 📩

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