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Denise ↓69 lbs with Keto 😉  Every journey starts with a step! ✖️Calorie & Macro Tracker ✖️Keto restart 12/10/18 ✖️First goal #lose80lbs 🔛Half-Marathon London Donate here 👇

Many thanks for this journey @tblickisdorf .... from January to now, or shell I say 90 runs later, we made it! #thankful #royalparkshalf

In good spirit for tomorrow... Running for a cause @breastcancerhaven #manythanksforyourongoinsupport

Could your morning run be any more Swiss? #10kdusted #happyfriday

It looks like, I am getting there... but in my usual turtle style! The beauty of having our own company... you can create keto approved products, yep! In love with this new almond milk latte, and it has... zero carbs! #happywednesday

Until London... my focus is now forward and almost focused! My running units getting easier and I will as of this week start adding distance, wonder how that will go 🙈🙈🙈 My food intake is still a roller coaster, but I start slowly to cut down calories, as I realized yesterday that in seven weeks #dubai is calling... so I better get this all sorted, right!?! Please also have a look on my donation side (link in the bio), as every penny counts for my charity run! #manythanksforyourongoinsupport

As you all know, I am currently struggling to focus on my diet... I am not gaining any weight & still do my half marathon preparation, but my food intake really needs improvement, really, as i more on a low carb diet then let diet 😒😒😒 So I dedided to refocus and move forward. What does that mean, I will still share my progress with you, as could rather see with more stories lately, then a lot of posts, as I like to keep it real here and instead of telling you guys over and over that I struggle, as it is also not interesting, right? Time will tell, how things are moving forward, but I like to be honest with you and hence not starting post false information, as I saw lately with other accounts... I return, I am back to play golf! Yes, I know, not everyone is interested in that subject so hence, I created a new account purely around my golf life! Have a look @birdieonthe19hole, I look forward to see you around! #lifegoeson #stayreal #tuesdaymotivation

The day you fit back into your old golf outfit(s)... how strange is that after 8 years... actually 10 years! That looks like a #transformationfriday

Just saying 😂😂😂 tried to organize my agenda until Xmas and came across that math, love it! So there we go #noexcuses ... still a lot to be done in between, but time is flying wow! #thursdaymotivation

✖️One year keto anniversary ✖️ it is exactly one year that I committed to change my life... it is true that I started some weeks already beforehand, but coming back from my vegan high-carb cleanse was the beginning of something new, as it suddenly felt right & normal to be back in #ketosis. As of this day, I started to workout regularly, hiked (which I hate, yep) and to count my calories & macros. My journey is not yet over and still a lot of work has to be done, but it feels right! I am beyond thankful that life gave me this opportunity and that I get my life back with every little step of the way!
A new year is also a new opportunity ... so... logically these last 30 pounds still needs to drop...I also would like to do a triathlon & yes, improve my handicap (who would have thought that), running every quarter a half marathon and continuously improve my health... sounds like a plan, nope?
Cheers to a new great keto year ahead of me and if you read this and think you will never get there, then let me tell you one thing. You will, in the moment you will start to prioritize yourself & your health above others. That is not selfish that is life and you know what, a healthy you can be much more of help to your loved ones then a sick one, remember that! #ketogirl #thankful

Over the last weeks, I have invented a new 20-days program for my Swiss customers and guess what, I am testing it myself right now! The program focus on a keto boost whilst improving the estrogen level (delay anti-aging), I will keep you posted about the progress, as I think, it can be a complete game changer to everyone who wants to enter into the low carb & keto lifestyle! #testbunny

A bit more than a year ago, I made a life changing decision...to get my health back on track! On the darker days of my course, one thing kept me going: running! As it clears my mind, helps me to focus and move forward. I have been extremely lucky to have the opportunity to get my health back by own effort and am now in the position to continuously do so, as my trip is not yet over! A chance not everyone gets and therefore I decided it is time, to give something back!

Cancer and especially breast cancer has not only touched my family, but also the lives of my dear friends & their families! Therefore, please help me do something good to those who are currently fighting the battle of their lives. I can ensure you that I will not complete my run under the first 10, but I promise you that will not change my effort & determination to finish this race!

Any kind of donation is welcome, as every penny counts! Virgin Money Giving is the official online funding partner for this run and ensures that money goes directly to the charity. Alternatively, you can also donate directly through me to the Virgin Money Giving Fund! Many thanks in advance for all your ongoing support and your donations, as it makes this run very special!
You can find all donation information in my bio! #denisetherunningturtle

Still in vacation mood! But to be fair who would not, if you had the time of your life, right? #ibiza❤️ But here comes my feedback, as promised... so, I am back since Monday night and had a major carb kick-up from Monday to Wednesday (hangover compensation)... oh yes... I went on the scale Thursday morning and had to see that I gained 12 pounds, no joke! So, since Thursday, I am back on 30g net carbs, no sport and no alcohol. I am back in ketosis since Friday (yes, none needs to understand that part) and by today, I have lost 8 pounds... Completely crazy 🙈🙈🙈 so, I enrolled to a DietBet & StepBet both starting tomorrow and made a plan 😂 for my half marathon in October. To top this up, I bought today the most expensive trouser ever, ever.... which needs to fit by Xmas. If not, I guess I am divorced or killed🤪 so, all this to say: either I make it happen, or I have a real problem!! #nopressureatall

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