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Denise ↓70 lbs naturally 🤗  Every journey starts with a first step! ✖️Macro & Calorie Keto-Tracker ✖️Mission: ↓110 lbs by 15th July 18' ✖️Running turtle 👇My Keto Beginner Program


So, it is time to say good bye to Cape Town! You have been good to me like always... see you back next year! Vacations are over, so mummy goes back on #zerocarbs until 6th March, to have a chance to win my upcoming diet bet! Like always I will keep you posted... and dont hesitate to join me on my zero carb round! If you have more questions about it, you can also DM me. But for now, my first action will be to get my winter cloths out! Happy Monday 😘

One of these days! I guess you know what I mean 🙈 well my vacations are almost over, I don’t feel like going home and I also do not feel like counting my macros today. So, instead of letting it completely go and be angry about it tomorrow, I decided to go for a 20 g NetCarbDay and stay within my calories... my compromise of letting it go and to keep on going! Yes, these are the hard days, but it will be these days which will determine our success... guys, we got this! #keepgoing

Never get tired of this view, honestly! I am so much in love with this place and would love to stay here all year, but my days are almost over and my normal life is calling me back...I have some very raff months ahead of me due to my company and I really hope that this escape gave me the enough energy & ideas to make the right decisions once I am back home! BTW, completed my last run for the week... so I can now enjoy my weekend! Get some quality time guys, life is simply too short! 😘😘😘

✖️ Today’s run✖️ went at the end up-hill at the neighbor’s wine yard and got this view! Amazing... my South Africa 😘😘😘 #personalchallenge

✖️Workout cloths and me ✖️ did I ever tell you that I hate buying them, especially shirts? As I first of all don’t like to have the same stuff as everyone else (sorry for being picky) and most of the time, I do not like their fabric. I bought these shirts last summer when I went to the UK (the kind of thing; at least you have something solution) and I started to love its material even it is from @hm... now it really looks like too big and I wanted to order the same, simply smaller and guess what... it does not exist anymore! There you go again, me and workout cloths... a relationship that keeps being strange! So, I am stocked with another 20 pounds until I can wear my loved @peakperformance shirts again, as they really have a small cut. So, if anyone know a good brand, happy to give it a try! Keep me posted 😘😘😘

✖️Love that one ✖️ as it is so true! To be honest, I try to keep my macros together and move a lot, but it is hard, really hard, as we are eating out everyday and enjoying nice food. I also think, that I come across a lot of hidden carbs which make it more difficult then normally. So I decided to give myself a break. Meaning, I will stay on track the next week and try to be reasonable, but I do not hope for any weight loss as such. Logically it would be nice, but I think I have to let it go and do a #zerocarb round once I am back home! Wish you all a great Sunday 😘 #lifestyle

✖️Welcome to my South Africa ✖️finally, at my preferred lunch spot... love It so much, that I even treated myself with a glass of with wine! But to be fair, my water retention is gone and my 11k completed...I am a happy bunny today... so who cares 😂😂😂! So, let’s see how bad it gets after my first glass of wine... after almost a year, due to my stomach issues! Happy Saturday 😘😘😘

✖️I am so done for today! ✖️That was another hard one, simply too hot, too sunny, too windy and too sore legs to run! But I had to do it, no excuse! Friday... so still another run to complete this week. Also still fighting my water retention, but I hope it starts getting a bit better after a long swim now! And do not forget, beach bodies are made in the winter- Happy Friday 😘😍😘 #noexcusefriday

✖️Discipline is all what matters ✖️ Yes, it is Monday.... but I am also tired, feverish and it snows outside, but never miss a Monday! So hence, I got my new trainers out (decided to not like them) and went for a 5k, tracked my macros & calories, checked my ketone level, just like every other day, no excuses! Yes, there is still some water retention from the weekend, but who cares? Not me (for once), as I know that will be gone as well soon. Signed up for another dietbet with @molsinspire to challenge myself in February and enrolled for a 10k night run on the 5th May... the next days, I will focus on my work (for once 😂😂😂) to make sure that my next run will be in sunny South Africa! Hang in there guys, we can do this, happy Monday 😘

✖️when you made a deal with yourself ✖️I promised myself to have a first real before & after progress picture once I lost 70 pounds or better said more then 30 kg. My weight loss still a rollercoaster and my work is not yet completed, but there is light at the end of the tunnel... February is going to be a challenging month, due to all my travelling, but it would be great, to get down another 8 pounds, so that I can make a big challenge in March/April to get beach ready 😂🤪😂 I know, a lot of planning and thinking, but I promise to follow up strictly, as I get a bit tired of the process and really need to focus to get my overall target completed in time 😌😌😌 But today, I will be lazy & simply do nothing... Yes, that can happen as well! If you like to change as well, do not wait, start today! We got this 😘 Many, many thanks to all of you for your ongoing support, as I could not make it without you 🖤#blessed

✖️My new life✖️ exactly two years ago, we made our last alumni trip to Monaco! I was at my highest weight ever, completely stressed, over worked, depressed, uncomfortable in my skin and pretended every day, that everything is fine! But it was not, not at all... I tell you, things are so different now. The first thing we did today, we went for a 8k run in the city... two years ago, we would have already finished two bottles of champagne by now. But we changed, our lives changed and we are both happy about it! So, we go out now and yes we will have some drinks, but tomorrow morning we scheduled already another 10k run! Paris, here we come... 😘😘😘

✖️Nuts are the devil ✖️ I made this picture yesterday in the office... they were amazing, as they are turned in cinnamon... as you already could guess, I had some for a value of 200 kcal and 5g carbs. But that was all, what I ate yesterday, really! Now here the shocking feedback. First, I run in the morning and was at 3.2 mmol/l and lost literally 4 pounds during my run. Worked all day and yes had a handful of pecan nuts. So, I come a good 2 hours after my slip-up home and measured again and I am down to 1.0 mmol/l. I mean hello... So this morning, I have lost my two pounds, which I gained the day before. So back to square, however my morning level is already at 2.4 mmol/l. Promising maybe to shift another pound by tomorrow to get things finally moving, as this rollercoaster is very annoying! But over and beyond, the biggest take away was, nuts are completely off my diet again. Beside they they are full of carbs they also impact too much my ketone level, which is simply not worse it! Happy Thursday 😘#intermittentfasting #ketosis #weightloss

✖️About last night ✖️ Well, it was a long day yesterday and I really not felt like going out, but I had a wife duty! Black tie, but I decided against a long robe, not felt like one! Lucky me, I would have been so completely overdressed! 🙈🙈🙈
Remember social engagements are neither a reason to feel bad in your skin, being stressed nor to fail your diet! Simply stick to your base plan ✌️Yesterday, I went up early to run, worked and only ate a big baby spinach salad for lunch. During the dinner, I skipped alcohol, had no bread and no potatoes for the main dish. But, I ate starter, main dish & cheese like everyone else. None realized that I am on a diet... dessert I skipped by saying I don’t feel like having one (but at midnight none cares about it). So, I am sharing this to show you, that is all possible! Lost a bit and have a great ketone level (see stories). Oh yes, almost forgot I am off my egg fast... Will share my weekly progress tomorrow! Last pound to kill before my dietbet ends on Sunday 💪💪💪Start today, don’t wait! We got this! Happy Friday 😂😘🤪

✖️Before the run is after run ✖️ today was a mental battle, really did not like it my 6.4k run! But, it had to be done... I finally managed to get 3 pounds off, but we will only see tomorrow, if that was short term luck or really gone water. I really wish, as I honestly try so hard the last weeks! So one can only hope, that this is a new beginning! Tomorrow, I will also try new running shoes, as mine are really come to end, I think! But I only can tell, after my test tomorrow 🙈🤪🙈 So, will eat two hard boiled eggs (still on egg fasting) now and do some emails before having a massage! Cos my back really needs one with my chronic inflammation! Happy Wednesday to all of you and hang in there, we got this 😘😘

✖️#day2 egg fasting ✖️ Well, to my surprise I gained 1/2 pounds this morning. I got really mad to say the least! Cos, I do not have a problem to fast, but eating eggs only and gaining WTF... luckily I was extremely busy at work today, so I stayed on the fast, but I had some moments, when I was close to give up. I also wanted to run, but I simply could not manage... as I am alone with the little one, so hence time is limited for myself! So, another day and then I really do not know anymore what to do, beside going on a full fast... but not sure, if I can mange this. But looking at the current situation, it looks like my last solution to make my dietbet this weekend! I will see tomorrow what will come next! I keep you posted 😘

✖️ Truth be told ✖️ Fun is something else... especially, if you have to run in your sailing outfit! My first official 5k with #RunBet... I was forced to walk some parts of it, as there was simply too much water on the road, really! The last time I was out in such a weather, was when I still did run our Bootcamp’s . Yes, I used to have a sport company, not that I was instructor myself, but we did residential camps and I took the liberty to work out with our customers. So hence, it often happens that I did 6 to 8 hours of workout a day... Yes, I was a very sporty person and then things changed... I first was injured and then got pregnant and well that was the end... until the final end last spring, when I reached my highest weight ever!! No complains, as it is the truth, which is sometimes brutal! I start telling you these things, as my journey feels like being in a long, dark tunnel and the more I start seeing some light in it, the more I feel like sharing my story, to motivate you to change as well. As I know how lonely & sad the place feels from where I am coming from! Don’t hide, come out and start making small steps every day, I know you can do this! And do not forget, I am with you, all the way, as my journey is not yet finish! #nevermissamonday 😘😘😘

✖️My Egg fast is coming up✖️ happy Sunday! I allowed myself to rest today, as tomorrow my 10 weeks running challenge starts... last night was fun, but not mine! Prefer to see where I am running, instead of guessing, but I finished that is the most important part, right!?! Switch to my stories to see that I really did run ✌️😉✌️ So, even I try to make peace with the scale, it does not work! Still at the same weight despite a daily calorie deficit, 4 workouts per week and being in ketosis above 1.5 mmol/l. As we say in German, geht nicht, gibts nicht! So no excuse, I signed myself up for 3 Days egg fast and I will therefore post all my meals in my insta story to keep myself accountable! So, there you go, join me, if you like to push your weight loss! Happy to provide you with more information, simply ask me below! In that sense, I will go and get my last salad now... the eggs are coming up soon! 😘😘😘

✖️About last night ✖️ We shared a 1.1 kg/ 2.3 pounds entrecôte together. I only had sauce, a little bit of salad and a vodka (yes, my guilty pleasure) and mister had all the fries and a bottle of red wine 🙈🙈🙈 that is how we diet! Social events are not a stopper, no they only need some organisation! Yesterday, I had all day only 500 kcals & 1 g carb. I was happy, really, so in the evening I could have that nice dinner. Take away, I stayed under 10g carbs, yes had 300 kcals too much, but neither lost nor gained this morning. Was the evening nice? Yes, did I feel like suffering? No, not at all...I also could have had a cheese plat for dessert, but I simply could not anymore 🤪 so don’t let social events spoil your diet, you are in charge of the game, so play you cards right and pre-calculate your potential carb intake the day before. Check out the menu of the restaurant online and organise yourself! None will know, beside you and scale! Trust me, we got this 💥💥💥 happy Saturday 😘

✖️just saying ... ✖️ Friday is normally my weigh-in day, but my scale gave up at our chalet, drama drama! As I anyway check my weigh randomly, I decided to move my weight-in to Friday, to also be aligned with my weekly dietbet weight-in... so I will therefore start my proper weekly updates again as of next Friday! Which means I am getting better organized... the last 3 weeks hav been a real roller coaster, but I still feel good, funnily I feel rather slim, even the scale is on vacations...so maybe I have suddenly a big drop off... one hopes 😂😂😂 if you are stocked as well, hang in there, we will get there, it is just a matter of days! #donotgiveup

✖️And now?✖️Yesterday, I tried on some of my evening dresses on (l hoped that they still could be changed, but nope that would be a complete redo), which were tailored for an event exactly two years ago. At this point I was two kilos below my highest weight ever... I felt not great however, I never saw how bad it really was, I know that sounds crazy to all the slim ones out there, but yes, it is true! Trying on all my dresses yesterday, made me realizing in what a bad place I was and how bad I must have felt! I am not yet there, and still have a long journey ahead of me, but I can tell you one thing, I will never ever go back to that place, really never ever again! I start gaining my life back and joy, that I do not even understand how I managed to survive over the last 6 years in that dark place, really! If you read this, and want to make change, do not wait, do it! If I can do it, you can do it as well! Join me, together we can rock 2018 🤟😘🤟

✖️Already 6months ✖️ To my next 6 months.... may they be as supportive, as the last ones... One can just hope 😊
Today, I have mixed feelings (again)... as I not made my preferred goal of 66 pounds so I am behind 3 pounds... but I made below the 200 pounds mark, so finally that issue is solved 🤪 so hello #onederland 🤟
Never the less, here are my final numbers for my last 6 months:
✖️Weight: 62.66 pounds or 28.4 kg down
✖️Measurements: 41.34 inch or 105 cm gone

But these are old numbers as of today... and now it is all about the future! Here my new short term goals, let’s rock this now, no excuse!!!
✖️Run 4 times a week
✖️Stay below 10g carbs a day
✖️Loss 70 pounds by 07/02/18

And finally, many thanks for all your support! Loving it, I could not have done it without you 😘💥😘

✖️About Yesterday ✖️ I know my week looks a bit beefy.... but I was eating out several times! Last day before my big 6 months results 🙈 I don’t think that a lot changed since NYE, but it is part of the game 🤪 the upcoming week, I really have to get my act together that I will finish this 5k run, as it is quite uphill (did not realize this before!). And I finally have to find dresses for my events... let’s see how this will all work out! Happy Sunday 😘

✖️Never miss a Monday ✖️ OMG, that was hard one! Zero motivation... But even turtles need some fresh air once a while, right? As I told you, one of my New Years resolutions is too do more sports/shape up. At last, I decided to go back to my running habits (at least that should be the final result 🙈), which I started already very light last year. My lovely weight loss buddy and I decided to go for a #runbet game which trains for a 10k and only starts on the 22nd January. So you still can join us!
As said earlier, I also want to run a night run on the 20st January. Even I have not done a lot, but I still will run the 5k, promised is promised! No excuse.... This week is all about breaking this silly weight loss plateau and getting down these 4 nasty pounds, but one step a day, you know my slogan 😉! I will go for a lovely black coffee now...still on a fasting day! But remember, it is never too late to start and every day counts.... So come and join me, we can do this together! #nevermissamonday #joinme

✖️Non Scale Victory ✖️No worries, I will not start to do product reviews 🙈 It was really not my week, plenty of little things went wrong and even I ate well, I did not lose until now, but I guess that is hormonal driven 😣 So I got a bit grump with myself this morning, as I thought I could also not ski, as I have no trousers left, as the blue felt off... but I stepped into the white ones without any problems! I was wearing them the last time when I had a good 10 kg less then today and that is at least 8 years ago... By fairness, my hips & legs measurements are already back to my “old standards”, even though I still have quite some pounds to lose! The big white one is a XXL, the blue one a 44 and the last one a 40.... But still, how crazy it that please? So, I will go skiing now and leave the bloody scale behind me! What are your plans for today? 😘 #nsv #healthylife

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