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Denise ↓81 lbs with Keto 😉  Every journey starts with a step! ✖️My story started August 17’ ✖️Macro & Calorie Tracker ✖️#running 🐢 👇

By eating less.... what is your biggest thing? #thursdaymotivation

One week back in proper ketosis! Actually, I am daily between a GKI of 4 to 7. Which makes me happy, so first part of my July mission completed! Next step to reduce my calories, which is now much easier, as ketosis is cutting the appetite. I am also back to 4 workouts a week, which would even be better, if they would be more intense, but that us will come as soon my toe is better. How are things with you? #wednesdaymotivation

My first workout after my toe accident.... fun is something else, but I am happy that made a little 5k round this evening with a completely tapped up toe 😂😂😂 and that I managed two days of zero carbs the last two days, to get back into a higher ketosis and to feel better in my skin! Sounds funny, but having this little fracture makes me more aware that I need to be careful what I eat, as I can not easily burn calories like this! There you go, in everything bad, you will find something good! #happyfriday

What a nice start ... partially broken toe! So much about running and swimming... I will try to do some laps today however, running is off for at least some days! Maybe I make it later this week back into my cycling shoes... I am so mad... anyone has good advise to best tape it to keep on working out? #wednesdaymotivation needed!

How I feel, when I am doing my laps... it is so hot that I just not manage to get my runs in, so I will try to do one late tonight, but I have little hope, as I know how tired I am in the evenings! As you all know, the last months have been a real rollercoaster since being back from Dubai, but I managed to not gain weight. However, am not at pleased with my workout routines and really want to change some things... so here are my accountability goals for July:
- 4 times running per week
- 2 times swimming per week
- max 2 spoon of nuts per day
- only every second day cheese
- max 1500 kcal per day
Sounds like a lot? Indeed, but Ibiza is calling....#happymonday

Still in love with my red robe! Weekend time...it was long week and so much more is too come! Work is really busy, but I like to workout more the upcoming days to get back into my normal schedule, fighting hard to get there!! How are things with you? #redismylove

I have been all over the place the last days, as I am currently going under with work! But the good things that I deal this this different with it...I get my sport units in. Not 5 or 6 like normal but 3, which is a big step, if I look back to the past years. I am finally organizing myself better and starting slowly to get my rhythm back to my normal diet, but still manage to not fall completely off the wagon! In terms of weight, logically nothing really moves, but that is okay, at least for the time being. I will start to make accountability story post again, as they seam to help me! How are things with you? #accountability

✖️Saturday fun! ✖️after some days of swimming only... ps the lifeguard said yesterday „you are getting there „🙈🙈🙈 not so sure what he exactly meant.... but I managed to swimm 500m freestyle without stopping yesterday! Yes laugh... I never learnt it at school, so I had to teach it to myself... to be fair, at the beginning it was really funny, at least for the other people at the pool, but #gehtnichtgibtesnicht .... I will get to my one km... at one point in time 😂😂😂 so today, I made a 8 km run and it felt sooo low and difficult due to very heavy legs, but funny enough my run was as fast as normal... that just shows me, that there is so much room for improvement, if I just do it right! My back is still bad, but not doing anything, turns me crazy as well. In that sense, I will make the swimming pool ready now! #happysaturday

✖️it has been a while✖️so hence I needed to motivate myself to a - not forget to make the picture and b - to remind me...mama there is still some work to be done! That is fine...I hope the summer is coming finally out now, so that it makes the training easier & bbq season can start... how are things with you guys? #thursdaymood

✖️🙌🙌🙌✖️ sometimes you need a break and that is what a I just had, but now it is time to get back on track and focus on the upcoming! Meaning going back to my routine, doing healthy choices and focusing on my sport units, as well as my back physiothérapie! Organisation is key and travelling, social appointments make things not easier, but are still no excuse to not focus, remember that! You know, for me, this is not a diet anymore, it is a lifestyle in general, so that makes me not worried to have gained water pounds over the weekend, but still, if I would like to shred these last 20 pounds, I need to focus....which I currently not do enough! So there you, truth being said, mama needs to focus! #happytuesday

✖️good bye Paris... you have been good to us! ✖️ had a lovely weekend...not really carb free, but I stayed somehow in ketosis, don’t ask me how I did that.... when in Paris book a table @ida an absolute must ... it was amazing, really! And I managed to run 4 times last week, which is also progress! So, all in all finishing off a good week and will now focus on my back recovery with daily swimming, hope that works! #withlovefromparis

✖️Thursday my friends✖️long to do list ... my back is still not great, but it is getting better! Would love to swim today, but I guess my day is not long enough 🙈🙈🙈 really happy, my keto level is back to a solid 5 to 8 GKI ... hence my target is to drop 3 pounds in the next two weeks.... let’s see if I can do this! Challenge accepted 😘

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