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AHCI - Académie Horlogère  Оfficial account of Horological Academy of Independent Creators. The most creative and disruptive independent watchmakers in the world.

Amazing Sinclair Harding H1 by Robert Bray @sinclairhardinguk ⚓️
👉🏻In May of 1714 representations from Her Majesty’s Fleet, Merchants and Merchant-Men demanded the Government to encourage the solution of the Longitude problem and in July of that year the Longitude Act was passed offering up to £20,000 for a method if determining Longitude at Sea.

In the mid 1720’s Yorkshire born John Harrison started work on what would be the first of his clocks, the H1, that would work on board a ships and so solve the Longitude problem. In 1772 after a lifetime’s work, culminating in the watch H4, John Harrison was paid the final balance of the £20,000 reward.

In 1999 Sinclair Harding started to work on a clock in homage of John Harrison. Nearly 5 Years in development, the Sinclair Harding H1 is a wonderful combination of art and fascinating mechanics, all finished to the exquisite standard.

To demonstrate the H1’s capability to work at sea the movement is mounted onto a granite base, which in turn is suspended on pivots. The whole piece sits on a table designed to the customer’s specification and is counter balanced by a massive weight. A tiny hidden DC motor rotates a small weight, which puts the whole assembly out of balance, and a gentle rocking motion ensues, creating a fascinating spectacle inside the elegantly engineered glass case.
☝🏻You could meet with Robert Bray and see his incredible clocks on the AHCI booth (Hall 2.0 C15) from 22 to 27 March!
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The first image of Andreas Strehler's @andreasstrehler new movement featuring his new Transaxle Remontoir.
You could meet with Andreas Strehler and see his incredible watches on the Hall 1.1 Booth L12 (Les Ateliers) from 22 to 27 March! 📷 Pic by @thewatchmakersclub #ahci #andreasstrehler #independentwatchmaker #baselworld2018 #baselworld

Aaron Becsei’s @bexeiwatches newest development is a wristwatch collection: following the principle of creating only self designed and developed handmade timepieces the new Dignitas collection continues the concepts of providing limited, unique solutions for prestigious individuals. T The most classic creation of the Bexei Dignitas collection has been designed and developed by Aaron Becsei for private clients where the refined but fascinating visual experience and the quality of the finest watchmaking tradition are principals: the Dignitas Pure -as all timepieces from the Bexei workshop- has an in-house movement with the highest hand-finishing possible. Possessing this exclusive Bexei timepiece will make the owner feel like he wears a piece of art. Following the essentials of the classic Dignitas Pure Aaron Becsei created an exclusive timepiece with an additional functional complication. The Dignitas Power Reserve retains the unusual elliptic applied dial which emerges an extraordinary appearance for the timepiece however a wind up indicator has been added at 12 o’clock. As all creations of the Bexei Workshop the pieces of the Dignitas Collection consist of fully hand designed and developed parts at the finest quality finished to the highest standard. These models are available for order only. His timepieces show respect to traditional watchmaking and are built with the most precise methodology. You could meet with Aaron Becsei and see his incredible watches on the AHCI booth (Hall 2.0 C15) from 22 to 27 March! #baselworld2018 #ahci #independentwatchmaker #linyonghua

Technical perfection exquisitely blended with high art We can easily recognise that the focus of this fine table clock from the Naeschke manufactory is its high art combination of traditional materials, supremely classic form and the magical attraction of extraordinary mechanical complications. Its elegantly solid construction provides for a full running reserve of 60 days. The mainspring power is moderated by a barrel and fusee and its Swiss lever platform, with a screwed balance escapement as the regulating organ, beats at 14.400 per hour. The clock has two dials and therefore requires a motion work on either side of its main plates. The local time zone is displayed on a chapter ring around a world time display. A perpetual calendar with leap year display is integrated into the display of the calendar week together with a power reserve indication. On a second 24 hour dial on the reverse side of the clock is another pair of hands and here the hour hand incorporates hourly latching which can then be adjusted to represent a second time zone. This table clock presents many useful functions in a very confined space. But these special functions are surely needed for a good overview in a globalised and networked world. And of course with Matthias Naeschke’s inspired designs, its complications are purely and exclusively mechanical. The dials of this table clock are true masterpieces of the engraver’s art. The dials and the case are a complex assembly creating stylistic elements redolent of the French Empire style. The chapter rings are of sterling silver, hand-sawn and comprehensively worked with especially fine hand engravings. The surrounding decoration elements of the dials are worked in relief and give the dials an incomparable depth. On the dial with the second time zone is a very special relief. Here, we were inspired by the famous allegorical depictions of "Morning", "Noon", "Evening" and "Night" by the Dresden art Professor Johannes Schilling ca. 1861-68. The originals are bronze castings on the north side of the Brühl Terrace in Dresden. As well there are copies made of Elb Sandstone in the Schlossteichpark in the East German town of Chemnitz.

ANTON is a new timepiece made by the member of the AHCI Marco Lang. @langheyne The proportions of the rectangular case with huge second cutout cries out for opening the enamel dial to reveal the delicate Tourbillon cage. The sparkling diamond endstone crowning the remaining Calibers is continued with two chatoned diamonds next to the logo engraving – virtually as double coronation for this amazing example of high horology. #ahci #marcolang #langandheyne #baselworld2018

It’s nice to introduce talented watchmaker from Guangdong (China) Mr. Lin YongHua (LYH), who creates a really unique inventions and independently-designed LYH-styled watches. After his first show at Baselworld 2017, LYH is more and more confident and matured on independent watchmaking. So at Baselworld 2018 he will present his new amazing project – “Dragonfly man” watch. You could meet with Mr. Lin YongHua (LYH) and see his incredible complication on the AHCI booth (Hall 2.0 C15) from 22 to 27 March! #baselworld2018 #ahci #independentwatchmaker #linyonghua

Incredible watches by Andreas Strehler @andreasstrehler 📷Pic by @watchtraveler
#ahci #andreasstrehler #baselworld2018

David Candaux @dcandaux the AHCI candidate and his First 8
You can personally meet the AHCI members and candidates, the best world watchmakers, and see there creations at Baselworld
Welcome to AHCi stand at Baselworld Hall 2.0 Booth C15
#ahci #davidcandaux #baselworld2018 #baselworld

Libra R-Design by @meccaniche_orologi_milano
Libra R-Design is an eight-day spring-driven pendulum clock with the epicyclic train (planetary gearing). Its motion work is based on the Ferguson Paradox, a principle where two wheels of identical diameter but slightly different tooth count are driven off the same pinion producing two different rates. Such a solution avoids the need for a 12 to 1 gear train between the hour and the minute hands.
Its case is substituted with two 8mm-hardened crystal glass plates which, in this way, gain a double function: support for the whole clockwork and case as such. Such a decision was made in order to expose the beauty of the skeleton mechanism and to give an impression as if suspended mid-air. In order to obtain this effect, the stainless bushes were welded to the glass plates and only afterwards elaborated.
Glass was also applied to the big ring wheel, where its 5 metal spider spokes were substituted with the 4mm-hardened smoked crystal.
The pendulum is made of Invar, a material that is totally unaffected by changes in temperature. Instead of hiding the main timekeeper behind the clockwork, it was moved to the left side.
The introduction of caged ball bearings with pressed steel shield prevents dust without increasing friction while guaranteeing a smoother run of the whole mechanism.
Meccaniche Orologi Milano follows very strict standards when it adjusts its movements. They must lose no more than 2 seconds a day and gain no more than 3 seconds. The epicyclic skeleton clock totally meets these tolerances.
For the gear’s treatment were used the rhodium plating and the diamond-like coating, or DLC, important also for the luxury automotive market. This innovative, carbon-based coating guarantees a high level of durability and low friction.
Its aluminium anodized black sloped base is inclined at 14 deg., in order to immortalize the dynamics and the essence of the move.

Welcome to AHCi stand at Baselworld Hall 2.0 Booth C15

#ahci #clock #baselworld2018

Wooden egg with tourbillon by Ukrainian watchmaker and member of AHCI Valerii Danevych @valerii_danevych #woodenwatch #ahci #valeriidanevych #tourbillon

One of the new candidates admitted to AHCI - Guo Ming from Shanghai. You can see the master and his watches at the stand of AHCI - Hall 2.0, Booth C 15
Guoming was born in Zhang Jiagang ,Jiangsu Province, China. His father engaged in sewing machine repair and Guoming was influenced by his work and showed some interest in micromechanics afterwards. In the 1990s, his family moved to Shanghai and Guoming has been living in Shanghai ever since. In the late 1990s, Guoming went abroad to study. During his spare time, he found a part-time job in a local antique store and saw some vintage clocks and watches. From then on, his interest in watches grew rapidly and he began to study watchmaking. He learned from some watch teachers and went abroad to specialize in watch repair, watchmaking and watch theory.In 2012, he set up a watch repair and wachmaking workshop in Shanghai. By chance, Guoming knew Swiss independent watchmaker and AHCI member Frank Jutzi. They talked a lot and were like old friends. After examination, Guoming became Frank Jutzi’s first Chinese student. In 2013, Guoming followed Frank Jutzi and reached Wichtrach located in the suburb of Bern, Switzerland, furthering his watchmaking study in Frank Jutiz’s workshop. Through years’ hard work, Guoming became the candidate of AHCI with his exquisite flying tourbillon pocket watch. He is also the youngest Chinese independent watchmaker in AHCI.
#guoming #ahci #independentwatchmaker

Loving artisan watchmaking and traveling to Barcelona? Do not miss the chance to visit @PitaBarcelona atelier by Aniceto Jimenez Pita atelier, the first and only Spanish AHCI member.
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