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AHCI - Académie Horlogère  Horological Academy of Independent Creators. The most creative and disruptive independent watchmakers in the world.


Legends of AHCI
The @urwerkgeneve URWERK UR-101 was launched at Baselworld in 1997 and was the company’s first watch. The UR-101 was, design-wise, a complete surprise back in 1997. Its case is shaped like Han Solo’s space craft, the Millennium Falcon, from the movie Star Wars – you can already see here where the brand takes some of its inspiration, having always relied on Sci-Fi and space crafts for its watches. The display was also greatly innovative, with wandering hours running on a semi-circular minute track (a display inspired by 16th century Italian night-clocks made for the Pope). In fact, everything the brand is known for today is here, making this watch a must have in any collection focussed on independent watchmaking.
Thanks @monochromewatches and @puristspro for the pic and text!
#ahci #urwerk #milleniumfalcon #ur101 #independentwatchmaking

News from Japan. This is only 3d model of new watch by @hajime_asaoka Hajime Asaoka. He plans to assemble it completely on ball bearings without a single ruby stone! Good luck! #ahci #hajimeasaoka #independentwatchmaker

After having manufactured the first ever wristwatch with Jewish Calender – The Hebraïka, @andersengeneve Svend ANDERSEN created in 1996 the “Perpetuel Secular Calender”. It was the first 100% perpetuel calendar Horological Wristwatch Calendar programmed for 400 years – or even 800 years. This watch has been adorned by watch collectors worldwide.
Photo credit @puristspro #svendandersen #ahci #independentwatchmaker #perpetuelcalendar

Three Train Skeleton Clock by @sinclairhardinguk .This magnificent chiming Skeleton Clock is the result of months of painstaking hand work. Each plate is individually cut out of solid brass, edge filed, papered smooth, burnished and gilded before finally being built into a finished clock. Every wheel and arbor, detent and lever has been finished by hand to give the whole mechanism the glittering aspect of a true work of art. The motive power for the 8 day movement is provided by three mainsprings each operating through its respective fusee and chain to give virtually constant torque to the train of wheels. The going train is controlled by a ½ second deadbeat escapement and an Invar pendulum rod assembly, the bob of which is visible beneath the plates. This gives the piece a high standard of timekeeping, which with the seconds dial produces additional movement to add to the already fascinating spectacle. The escape pallet is made from high carbon steel, with through hardened faces diamond polished to a mirror finish assuring a long life. The chime train operates a pinned drum and hammer assembly which can be set to play Westminster or a choice of Whittington and St Michael chimes on an octave of hand tuned bells, whilst the striking train sounds the hours on a ninth tenor bell. The levers and racks controlling this activity are finished to the same meticulous standard. The movement is mounted on a base of decorative Brass plates with a choice of wood or marble in between. The bevelled glass shade with opening door, new for 2012, protects the whole clock from dust, while at the same time allows perfect visibility. #sinclairharding #bobbray #ahci #clock #independentwatchmaker

Amazing video Haldimann @haldimannhorology H1 Flying Central Tourbillon
#ahci #beathaldimann #independentwatchmaker

The legendary Vianney Halter Antiqua @vianney_halter_official in rose gold as seen through the window of its matching custom watch winder
Incredible pic by @garyg_1 !
#ahci #vianneyhalter #independentwatchmaker

Amazing the Christiaan van der Klaauw @christiaanvanderklaauw Planetarium Zodiac sign Sagittarius at Baselworld
Pic fratellowatches.com #cvdklaauw #baselworld #ahci #independentwatchmaker

Space Traveller: The Watch for Your Trip to Mars

Four masterpieces, including the Space Traveller, provide an insight into the life of genius watchmaker George Daniels. Find out more about this once in a lifetime opportunity from Daniels’ apprentice Roger Smith. Fine Timepieces Including George Daniels Masterpieces takes place in London on 19 September at @sothebys . #sothebys #ahci #georgedaniels

News from the Matthias Naeschke Feinste Uhrmacherei

Everything has now to find its proper place
Many hours and days of sawing, filing, grinding and polishing as well as innumerable further work steps were carried out. Now all the parts are back from the gilding and the most beautiful work on a clock - the final assembly - begins. With special sensitiveness and precision all parts are mounted to become a perfect whole. #ahci #clock #clockmaker #independentwatchmaker

News from member of AHCI Antoine Preziuso @antoinepreziusogeneve .
Master Pieces on process. Start finishing follow @antoinepreziusogeneve to the see the next steps.
#ahci #independentwatchmaker #antoinepreziuso

A glorious piece unique perpetual calendar and minute repeater by Co-Founder AHCI Svend Andersen @andersengeneve #svendandersen #ahci #perpetualcalendar

One of the most amazing watches in the world is made by Frank Jutzi. On the photo you can see the unique specimen that was presented at the exhibition in the Beyer @beyerchronometrie museum in 2014. #ahci #frankjutzi

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