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Michael Jones  Michael Jones from Rooster Teeth. Also, ACTING! Zach/Lazer Team, Sun/RWBY, Max/Camp Camp, Dogra/One Piece, Sting/Fairy Tail. Can't stop won't stop.


Amiibo Update: Added some more shelves and got a few more (Amii)Bos. Shout out to Alan, the sick fuck that sent me the Golden Mega Man! Currently have 113 Bos, although technically it’s 116 but that’s because I got 4 Mr. G&W to display each one of his interchangeable pieces. I’m a loser.

Fresh cut

Iris just chillin’ in her new kingdom. Baby jail has never been so colorful and fun.

Amiibo wall update. Got risers for all the ones in the back row. Love how much more they pop now. Will update again next week when I get a few more and more shelves. I don’t need the space yet but I can fit two more so I’m just doing it now and getting it out of the way.

Found the perfect display stands for my Amiibos in the back row. Only bought one pack as a sample but I love how it looks so I’m probably going to get enough for all of them.

Finally bought some shelves to display my Amiibos. Had to order 2 more shelves but so far here are 93 of my 105.
For super nerds: Not displayed are the 5 Yoshi yarn Amiibos, the other 3 Kirby Amiibos, Cloud 2P, Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword Link.

Edit: Just noticed a disgusting error. I forgot @iamlindsayjones got an extra Marth by mistake so he’s up there twice. Make that 104.

Imagine if your godfather was THE @geofflramsey. You would make this face too.

You got me, @instagram ad. I bought the shit out of this jacket. #RE4

Still working on them gainz.

Comfy ass hotel bed be like

Not wasting any time. Gimme that east coast pizza.

So fucking lit. Can't stop PCing!


Riss is on patrol!

Quack quack. #Twinsies

Finally got Pikachu all to myself! Iris's 1st Halloween! #HappyHalloween

Not sure the PC build video will ever be a thing but here's a photo of my setup. 27" 1440p 165hz monitor with a 24" 1080p 165hz secondary monitor. Extended to a Samsung 65" 4K on the left and an LG 55" 4K on the right. Also have a Gaems station to the side. Xbox Ones on all 3 tvs. Perfection.

Finally home! Couldn't wait to squeeze this little orange!

Got new headshots a few weeks ago. Yesterday I noticed this. My god. @burnie

Hey, London! Heard you were JONESin for us! HYUK HYUK HY...*stabbed*

I got hotel wings and pizza! Get in my fucking mouth!

Melting on set. #Production

Did you miss me, LA?

Delays hurt slightly less with @auntieannespretzels.

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