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evelyn hernandez  avhs '19 • d28w

so what had happened was

the best 12 hrs i’ve ever spent with the best people 💞 #relayforlife2018

hello pls welcome an up and coming dance group: The White Bananas. With one member missing and one moving to Utah, let’s see how they do

happy birthday ben even tho it was a month ago! we’re all gonna miss u so much 💕

This RTC has been one of the greatest times of my life, from having fun in all the workshops to winning the D28W spirit stick! Congrats to all of the clubs who cheered their hearts out, you all did amazing! I am beyond proud of my club and it makes me extremely happy to be able to serve this wonderful group of people! Thank you to the region team, the advisors, the chaperones, and everyone else who made this event what it is! #RTC2017 #partyattheparthenon

yesterday was such a great day 💕

have i told u today how much I love my friends?

ily ryan, and happy birthday!

Happy 6th birthday Tanya YipYap. I'm sorry we couldn't do our Goblin scene.

hi thank you for a great day ok bye

Lush fresh handmade cosmetics #nationalbestfriendsday

the world is green. i don't like it.

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