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Agrowtek  Agrowtek manufactures high end cultivation controls for the discerning horticulturalist. Technology to help you grow® Est. 2007 🇺🇸🇺🇸Made In USA🇺🇸🇺🇸


**TESTING** Speed and reliability testing on digital relay communications for industrial modbus applications. Agrowtek's new digital relays and sensors feature the modbus protocol for standard industrial applications. This relay is being sent instructions and switching relays more than 20 times per second! Agrowtek is proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in USA since 2007! **TESTING**

**COMING SOON** Adjustable depth liquid level sensor with 8" sensing tip. The long tip allows the sensor to be mounted in reservoir tops with an adjustable compression gland allowing the sensing depth to be adjustable. Replace float valves with reliable electronic optical sensors and solenoid valves. Ideal applications such as hydroponic buckets, tanks with round sides and applications requiring adjustable level set point. **COMING SOON** since 2007 Agrowtek is proudly MADE IN USA! sales@agrowtek.com

NEW!! Agrowtek SXL Optical Liquid sensors!! Visit us at www.agrowtek.com for more information or send us an email at sales@agrowtek.com Since 2007 Agrowtek is proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in USA!

New Agrowtek SXL optical liquid sensors are in production and headed to a reservoir near you! Agrowtek SXL is one of the most advanced optical liquid detection sensor product lines in the industry. Designed and manufactured in the USA with the highest quality components and materials. Thank you for supporting our US business and US employees! www.agrowtek.com

Jan. 1, 2018 marks 11 years in business for us. We want to thank everyone who has supported us over the years, far too many to list! We are very fortunate to have great customers, vendor partners and resellers. THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

**COMING SOON** New version of Agrowtek's DataMaster program downloads sensor readings from the memory of Agrowtek's intelligent sensors for data logging and monitoring applications. The program update features the ability to connect many sensors at the same time to a single "LX1" USB Link. Use the new "HX8" 8-port expansion hubs to connect multiple devices or chain hubs together for dozens or even hundreds of sensors! Standard RJ45/Ethernet cable is used to connect sensors and hubs together easily over long distances. Software allows new sensors to be easily added to the network of sensors so that data can be quickly downloaded and graphed or saved to standard CSV format. **COMING SOON**

Slow and steady wins the race! Since 2007 Agrowtek Inc is proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in USA! Jan 1, 2018 makes 11 years in business for us and we couldn't have done it without your support! THANK YOU AND HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE!

Agrowtek GrowControl GC-Pro series Complete Climate Control
Fully automate multiple zones with independent controls for cooling, heating, humidification, dehumidification, CO2 injection and ventilation with boost timing, light timers and light flip box controls, and more! Featuring a large array of different timers including irrigation timers, precision repeat cycle timers (in minutes, seconds, or hours) 24-hour timers, 24-hour cancellation timers, combination 24-hour cycle timers, off-delay timers, re-start delay timers and hour meters. Greenhouse models feature multi-stage heating, cooling and humidity control for advanced integration of hvac, fans and vents.

Fully Automated Hydroponics Dosing (applicable models)
GrowControlTM systems take the manual work out of maintaining a hydroponics system. Fully automate and schedule reservoir changes, nutrient dosing and pH control. Mix volumetric batches or add Agrowtek's hydro sensor kit to monitor and maintain pH, EC and temperature automatically.

**NEW** Agrowtek's SXL optical liquid level sensors are available in a paired kit for automatic fill or drain control! Just install the sensors in the appropriate high and low points in your tank, then connect power and a relay or valve. Operates on 5-24Vdc and can switch up to 1amp of current using solid state FET drivers. No controller is required, the logic is handled by the sensors! Available with relay kit which includes a 24Vdc wall power supply and RX1 120Vac/12A outlet relay for operating pumps, valves, etc. **NEW** For more information about this and our other fine US made products please visit us on the web at www.agrowtek.com. Since 2007 Agrowtek proudly designs, manufactures, and assembles its products in USA!

**NEW** Agrowtek SXLC Liquid Level Control Kit includes two liquid sensors; one for high and one for low level sensing. Simple wiring operates on 5-24Vdc and can drive up to 1A for operating valves or relays to maintain liquid levels in tanks, reservoirs, etc. Simple two-sensor system only requires power and a valve or relay to operate! Available with convenient RX1 outlet relay kit to operate 120Vac devices. **NEW** For more information about this, and our other US made control solutions please visit us at www.agrowtek.com

**NEW!** Agrowtek SXL optical liquid sensor connects to Agrowtek control systems or directly to an RX1 relay to control pumps, valves or other equipment based on liquid level in tanks, liquid in pipes or leaks! The SXL sensor features an anti-splash algorithm which prevents false triggers from liquid splashing onto or off of the sensor. Additionally, the SXL indicates error conditions including IR flooding (strong ambient Infrared light) by rapidly flashing it's indicator light. The SXL sensor is available in three configurations; wet-on, dry-on and pwm. The pwm option allows four states to be known to an embedded application including wet, dry, IR flooded and power failure. Featuring a full 5-24v input range, the SXL is one of the industry's most advanced optical liquid sensors and one of the lowest cost. Please visit us on the web at www.agrowtek.com or email us to sales@agrowtek.com. Since 2007 Agrowtek is proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in USA! **NEW!**

Agrowtek AD4 dosing pumps getting ready to get packed for shipping after passing their final quality control testing processes. These will be controlled by Agrowtek GrowControl GC-ProXL control systems allowing for full environmental and hydroponic control, monitoring and more! Proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in USA! sales@agrowtek.com

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