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Agrowtek  Agrowtek manufactures high end cultivation controls for the discerning horticulturalist. Technology to help you grow® Est. 2007 🇺🇸🇺🇸Made In USA🇺🇸🇺🇸

Since 2007 Agrowtek has been proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in USA. Over the years; you have allowed us to continue to streamline our processes and increase our in-house capabilities. Thanks to your support, we’ve been able to create full time, living wage jobs. In an industry full of reverse mergers, buy outs and IPOs; we’re still the same hard working, blue collar manufacturing company we’ve always been. Thanks to you!

Tested, inspected, and getting ready to ship. This Agrowtek AgrowDose MDX nutrient dosing panel is going to save a lot of time and money! Since 2007 Agrowtek is proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in USA!

Since 2007 Agrowtek is proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in USA!

**AVAILABLE NOW** Agrowtek LSM Mounting System
Convenient mounting kits install liquid level sensors on the end of any 1" PVC pipe for top-down installation in the top of a tank. Eliminate holes in the side of a tank and have adjustable depth plus the convenience of removing the sensor for easy cleaning and maintenance. Mounting flange kit with all stainless-steel hardware securely mounts the sensor pipe to the tank. Wing nuts allow quick access to the sensor and a set-screw in the flange allows quick and easy depth adjustments. **AVAILABLE NOW**

Agrowtek GrowControl GC-Pro series control systems offer a greenhouse model with specialized functions like proportional VSC control, advanced multi stage HVAC integration and more. To learn about this and other products we offer please visit us on the web or drop us a line at! Since 2007 Agrowtek is proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in USA!

Nice clean rooms getting ready to come online! Phase two for these operators will be producing high quality for AZ market!

Agrowtek GrowControl DataMaster
DataMaster is free pc software that instantly turns any Agrowtek sensor into a precision data logging system with the use of the LX1 USB AgrowLINK.

Save data logs to CSV files
Open saved data logs and re-plot
Save images of plots
Perform sensor calibration

Performance. Reliability. Agrowtek.

Agrowtek GrowControl MCX8 climate controller combines Agrowktek's SXE environment sensor/controller with an RD8i intelligent eight-contact relay to form a powerful, autonomous environmental controller for a single basic zone. Sense and control temperature, humidity and CO2 with day and night set points. Each of the relays can be programmed independently for a specific sensor-based control, 24-hour timer and cycle timer functions. A light sensor on the top of the SXE controller detects day or night from ambient light levels. Precision sensors and rugged relays offer reliable and accurate control of environments large and small in an economical, easy to use package. Built on a decade of proven technology and components with new, enhanced capabilities to meet the growing demand for highly reliable environmental control applications.
The controller's built-in color display provides an interface for monitoring the sensor readings and configuring the control settings. Also includes features such as:

High/low history
Graphical history
Alarm set points with Buzzer
Sensor calibration

Complete Climate Control
Fully automate multiple zones with independent controls for cooling, heating, humidification, dehumidification, CO2 injection and ventilation with boost timing, light timers and light flip box controls, and more! Featuring a large array of different timers including irrigation timers, precision repeat cycle timers (in minutes, seconds, or hours) 24-hour timers, 24-hour cancellation timers, combination 24-hour cycle timers, off-delay timers, re-start delay timers and hour meters. Greenhouse models feature multi-stage heating, cooling and humidity control for advanced integration of hvac, fans and vents.
The GC-ProXL is built with Agrowtek's exclusive Flexnology™ which allows the grower to tailor the controller's functions precisely to their operation's requirements. A large 'tool box' of control functions is provided for the user to select from and assign to outputs as required by the equipment to be controlled.

Agrowtek GrowControl SXH precision digital hydroponics sensor transmitter, data logger and mini-controller for temperature, pH and electrical conductivity. Optional color display and 3-button interface make this unit capable of operating stand-alone for sensor monitoring, alerts, dosing pump control and more. Precision digital electronics with isolated probe inputs accurately read and record sensor data. Internal memory logs 21,600 data points per sensor for months or years of storage. Accurate real-time-clock with battery backup keeps log time accurate during power outages.

Optional color display screen features large, bright green sensor readings for easy visibility, plus a range of functions that can be performed directly from the menus including:

High/low history
Graphical history
Alarm set points
Sensor calibration
Data logging optio

Sweet greenhouse project! Multizone climate, light and curtain control!

Clean install!

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