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The Agrarian Kitchen® Eatery  The @agrariankitchen cooking school expands with a new eatery & store. Opening Mid-June 2017 at Willow Court, New Norfolk, Tasmania.

A little side of mackerel after 5 days in the cold smoker.
It's dense, oily and sweetly smoked, with a big anchovy like hit of umami. The skin of this guy is going to feature heavily in some of our winter stocks and braises, and the flesh has too many uses to list. Exciting! Not long now... #AKEfood #AKE2017 #mackerel

We've been making cheeses for the Eatery since November last year, and every Thursday we tend to their every need.
Here's today's finalists for best on field (clockwise, from top left):
A chubby little goat's milk semi-hard, destined to be a Gorgonzola style blue.
A goat's milk tomme from January.
A big ol' cloth bound cow milk cheddar celebrating its first month of existence.
And finally, a sweet little goat's milk camembert with gorgeous early signs of geotrichum growth.
Happy, happy days. #AKE2017 #AKEfood #feelingcheesy

In the lead up to opening, we've been doing some recipe testing for our winter menu.
This little guy is a Khachapuri - a Georgian cheese pie introduced to us by our good friends @lukeburgess77 and @blankdeborah. This particular one is filled with our goat's curd, as well as onions, bay leaf, fennel seeds and nigella from the @agrariankitchen garden. A plank of delicious, cheesy, crunchy, heavily spiced goodness - and a definite contender for a spot in amongst some bar snacks on our opening menu. We're getting excited...
#AKE2017 #AKEfood

One of our milking goats, moments before she snaffled the apple held just out of sight.
#AKEfamily #whatslovegoattodowithit #AKE2017

While the other heads make a fancy lunch @agrariankitchen , the beverage team picks Pinot in the wet at Baghdad Hills.
#AKE2017 #AKEdrinks #perks

Just a couple of mates trying to find a mushroom.
An unfruitful search, but @adiruiz78 pulled some sweet moves to lift team morale. #AKE2017 #AKEfamily

Mulberry pulp off the back of the bar's "cassis", and on its way into a boozy jam for chef. Waste not want not!

Special delivery! Inside this beast of a parcel are our dining room lights from the amazing @christopherboots
Please take special note of Rodney's expression as he considers how to move this 300kg delivery into the building. We got there, eventually.

PSA: We're beginning to look for kitchen staff.

If you're a chef who likes making passata and getting caught in the rain, we want to speak to you. Applicants should also be achingly passionate, hard working and possess a reasonable tolerance for lyric based puns. Email us at

If anyone ever invites you to "the 500", perhaps respectfully decline.
Instead of an exciting car race, or perhaps a film about a slightly larger Spartan army - it describes filling dried cow horns with cow poo and burying them for a season. Biodynamic manure 101.


Yesterday two absolute legends of our industry dropped in to say g'day and tinker about in our garden. An incredibly exciting, humbling and very surreal day. #bringyourpassardtowork #bringyourtetsuyatowork #AKE2017

Meet Adi and Rodney - our chief booze hound and fearless leader, respectively. What a powerful (and handsome) pair.
We're looking for a restaurant manager who shares our unruly passion for world class hospitality, sustainable dining and a bloody delicious product. If this prospect gives you goosebumps (the good kind), then follow the link in our bio to find out more. #AKE2017 #AKEfamily

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