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Ashley Goodwin Photography  Hawai'i Wedding Photographer + Film Shooter. Jetsetter, tassel collector + lover of pretty. Southerner curating her wildly colorful island life.

"And suddenly you just know it's time to start something new + trust the magic of beginnings." -meister eckhart

Odd fact about me: I know the difference between orange and yellow, and will often times mean to say one but instead call it by the other color. For example, I'll be looking at my *infamous* orange chair and say "yeah, you know, that yellow chair...". I have NO idea why. Maybe I had a hard time saying orange as kid? Maybe it's because that, alongside yellow, they're both my least favorite colors so deep down I could give a rip about what I call them? Or maybe I'm just a grandma getting names twisted who knowsssss. But lately, I don't know if it's the drive for energy or overwhelming joy, but I've actually been digging the two, even together. Hey, people change. Even grandmas. πŸ‹πŸŠ

πŸŽ€ @royal_hawaiian has all the pink things that makes my heart leap! THIS is a photographer's paradise. | Dress by @blissinbloom hair + makeup @maleanacosmetics florals @passionroots suit @celebritytuxedos models @wilhelminahawaii

All the tropical vibes! This welcome dinner table by @mandygracedesigns + @belledestinationevents for @sohwhite at @fslanai was 😍

I ran along the beach, feet digging deep into the surf as the water rushed over my toes. "Where's MY promise?!?!?" I prayed, practically demanding out loud to God. I mean, I knew what my future looked like, the Holy Spirit had revealed a apart of his plan for Marshall and I in a vision for our life, but what was my promise for NOW? What direction should I be growing my business and spending my time NOW?
Time. That was a funny word, as God was teaching me it was "all in His time" and as we hear over and over again, His "timing is perfect". So, I ran on and resumed to wait it out.
That same night I joined my Prayer Team leaders for a one-on-one session of my own to clear out my past, receive inner healing and secretly *hope* for a prophetic word on my life (in present tense). And just as we got started it appeared. "Hey, look out the window" Pastor Pam said. "We never see those here: there's your promise", we both finished the sentence in unison on the word: promise. Pam had no idea as I stared out at the blindly vibrant double rainbow that I had been praying for a promise, and here it was in it's clearest form. The colorful arch that God consistently pops up to me when I need it most, calling me to raise my head and look above. A clear, confirming, beautiful rainbow. A promise. His promise. My promise. "Hear the Word, roaring as thunder
With a new, future to tell
For the dry, season is over
There is a cloud, beginning to swell
To the skies, heavy with blessing
Lift your eyes, offer your heart
Jesus Christ, opened the heavens
Now we receive, the Spirit of God
Every seed, buried in sorrow
You will call, forth in its time
You are Lord, Lord of the harvest
Calling our hope, now to arise
We receive Your rain.
Like a flood.
We receive your love." This is my promise. πŸŒˆπŸ’“

Just so everyone knows, @cranedoubleyou designed this hooded veil. Yes, you read that right. HOODED. VEIL. And she DESIGNED it. #bowdown πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Laying low. 🍹

Summer time Saturday! Here's hoping you're enjoying some cuddle time with your boo. 😘

I can never get enough of Hawaii. Ever.

Water you waiting for? 🏝🍩

Palm Tree Sway. ✌🏼🌴Island hopped to assist another photographer and wound up having a more than fabulous mini trip. Got to explore with my boo, oo and aww over the majesty of the Na Pali coast via @capt.andys, see spinner dolphins showout, went topless in an answered prayer mustang upgrade (cheehu!), BBQed with friends @megcourtney1 and @peterbradyhouse, met a guy from Lynchburg Virginia and got to unexpectedly see long time friend @timkingphoto again -- what's the luck? And finally got to go into a vintage store I've been DYING to dig around in and scored some serious loot for my girl @roamrentalshawaii. Kauai, while we try not to pick favorites, you're definitely our choice isle.

Kolors of Kauai. Also, I'm a professional junk shopper. (This baby is getting brought home to @bustle_marina for @roamrentalshawaii. If I don't need the beauties I always know a friend who does! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) #findersfee #invoiceyalater

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