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Ashley Goodwin Photography  Hawai'i Wedding Photographer + Film Shooter. Jetsetter, tassel collector + lover of pretty. Southerner curating her wildly colorful island life.

Just so everyone knows, @cranedoubleyou designed this hooded veil. Yes, you read that right. HOODED. VEIL. And she DESIGNED it. #bowdown πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Laying low. 🍹

Summer time Saturday! Here's hoping you're enjoying some cuddle time with your boo. 😘

I can never get enough of Hawaii. Ever.

Water you waiting for? 🏝🍩

Palm Tree Sway. ✌🏼🌴Island hopped to assist another photographer and wound up having a more than fabulous mini trip. Got to explore with my boo, oo and aww over the majesty of the Na Pali coast via @capt.andys, see spinner dolphins showout, went topless in an answered prayer mustang upgrade (cheehu!), BBQed with friends @megcourtney1 and @peterbradyhouse, met a guy from Lynchburg Virginia and got to unexpectedly see long time friend @timkingphoto again -- what's the luck? And finally got to go into a vintage store I've been DYING to dig around in and scored some serious loot for my girl @roamrentalshawaii. Kauai, while we try not to pick favorites, you're definitely our choice isle.

Kolors of Kauai. Also, I'm a professional junk shopper. (This baby is getting brought home to @bustle_marina for @roamrentalshawaii. If I don't need the beauties I always know a friend who does! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) #findersfee #invoiceyalater

Kawaii Kauai. (Thanks @capt.andys for a really incredible Na Pali experience. Your crew is πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ).

We ridin' spinners, we ridin' spinners (they don't stop). 🐬🐬 #weekendtheme Happy Mother's Day!

A LITTLE PERSPECTIVE | I know you know I talk about God a lot. Like, a lot a lot. And, if I had it my way now-a-days it's all I would do. Study the Bible, recount testimonies with friends, and maybe end the evening with a sold binge of Real Housewives. Definitely an oxymoron I know I know, but hey! "He's stillll workingggg onnnnn meeeeeeee". The Lord gave me the gift of gab and I can't deny it. Matter of fact, 9 years ago all I wanted to talk about was photography. Then yoga. Ohhhh boy was I into yoga and the new age-ness. Then I got into business and was aching to share strategies all day long. Thankfully somewhere along the way of living my own life chasing dreams, Jesus snatched me up, spoke truth to my heart and moved me to Hawaii (practically kicking and screaming) with the intention of become properly equipped with His truths: the only lesson that will surely sustain me for the rest of my life. Without even knowing it I was grasping at all the things I thought would make me better and my life whole: career, health and fitness, hobbies and a glam uptown lifestyle. I can't help but shout Jesus' name from the Waikiki balconies because I still can hardly believe who I am this very day. When I'm quick to listen and slow to speak, I think "whoa, I'm THINKING BEFORE I OPEN MY MOUTH? God you ARE for real!" When I review my previous dreams and see my idea of success has totally shifted, I can't help but laugh, throwing my arms up in declaration because if I, Ashley Stuart Goodwin Woods, can have my heart, mind, ideas and dreams changed so drastically and happily and YEARN to read he Bible and WANT to pray for people (I mean, this is what you think old people in a baptist church do, right?!?) then Jesus MUST be for real. I've been knowing that for my entire life but really engaging in a relationship with him for over 5 years now and every now and again the Lord just likes to give me some new perspective on who I am and just how far he has brought me. A dirty south rap loving girl who who wakes up with praise songs tuned in her heart and goes for a 10 mile run with nothing but a prayer list. Seriously. Who AM I?!? Oh, right, a daughter of the King!

Somewhere that doesn't feel like here.

Summer essentials πŸŽ€

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