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My little Who from Whoville after her last show Seussical show. She turns 12 next month. Eek! 🙈

A lot of times on St. Patrick's Day, I don't succeed in making a dish to honor the day and I'm usually fine with it. This month (and week, especially!) have been quite challenging, confusing, and tiring for our family. However, today Faith asked to make shepherd's pie with me and I couldn't resist. She even found this new topping of delicately sliced potatoes whilst flipping through an old Kinfolk magazine. She said, "Mom I used to think this magazine was boring, but now I really like it and the pictures and super pretty." 😂✨Now that it's in the oven, we can all collapse on the couch for movie night and welcome the weekend with a big, wide, huge, long, warm hug.

When you're the kid that has a Mom without Instagram or an iPhone and you wave every time your picture is taken. 😂Obviously, my child just ignores me and continues making his cake. By the way, @simplemills makes an amazing boxed cake mix for any of you that are grain and gum free (and also gluten free). The frosting is awesome too! My kids have never had the joy of making a boxed cake mix with a container of frosting until this week! ✨ (not sponsored, just huge fans of #simplemills 👌🏻)

I love our home days with audio books, no appointments, figuring out our new Brave Writer program, and our piano teacher coming to us! Happy Wednesday, friends! ✨

Seussical is SOLD OUT but I still have a few tickets to sell that I pre-purchased. Reasons you should come see my little Who's CYT show:
1. These kids are so talented and put so much work into this show! The director and creative team are wonderful!
Plus, it's such a fun show for kids and families!
2. This ready to entertain "Who of Whoville" hair takes me about 25 minutes. So, there's that. 😆
3. The parents are totally bringing their A-game; putting their own talents and time into the behind the scenes of this show. I thoroughly enjoyed making Gertrude's cute flowing feather tail and also one of the bird girl's tails. Come see!
4. Tickets are only $14, which is amazing for such a high-quality show. Our lead singers, especially, will give you chills. Truly.
The dates I have available are:
March 10th (7pm), March 11th (7pm), and the closing show-March 12th (2pm). Hope to see some of you there! ✨

Instant Pot Saga III: Ok, everyone. I've made about 20 things in the instant pot. Here are a few more thoughts:
1. Carnitas works well in this pot as long as you cook it for 2-2.5 hours. I don't understand how people are cooking their big cuts of meat in an hour or less. After cooking MANY recipes now, I have concluded these people maybe don't like their meat the same way as I do and that's fine.
2. Sweet potatoes do not cook to my satisfaction in this pot. They are too mushy, no matter the time I cooked them. I prefer them roasted with butter and salt and pepper in the oven. However, I have chosen to cook them in the instant pot a few times simply because of time. I regret it every time. 😆
3. Bone broth continues to impress in the pot. I cook mine for no less than 4 hours. No more house smelling like meat when I wake up! Yay!
4. Nom nom paleo's lamb shank recipe has been my favorite. I've changed a few things to make it similar to my favorite short rib recipe and will share the recipe soon. This is a great recipe to start using the sauté feature.
5. About that sauté works pretty well but have everything pre-chopped and ready because it cooks like a pan on high heat! Stir frequently.
6. Chicken is not my favorite in the pot. I found a way to steam it by putting it on the rack, which is better to me than the recipes that call for it being submerged. I've never preferred boiled chicken, but I can understand that people might like it for a super fast meal. After the chicken is cooked in the pot, many people commented on mixing it with BBQ sauce and while this may work every now and then, it's not a meal my family would enjoy regularly. I think roasted chicken is so easy and fabulous that I will continue to roast my chickens instead. It takes about an hour to roast a chicken, which is not that far off of the time to cook a chicken in the pot.
7. Last thing I've learned about the pot is that is has a warm up time before your actual programmed time counts down. My meals kept running late and I realized that I lose about 10 minutes on the front end then 15-20 for it to naturally pressure release!
Any favorite braised meats you've made in the pot?

A storm is coming. 🌬 Last time there was a storm, our power lines fell over, we lost power for a few nights, and were blocked into our street, while my husband was gone for the week. Here's hoping for better things this time around! 😆🙈

We THOROUGHLY enjoyed our toast flight from @communalcoffee yesterday. I mean, if you're gonna eat gluten, this is the best bread! Perfect peaceful break for us yesterday in the midst of the roof and rat chaos. Plus, it's he best place to get the most gorgeous flowers for your lady or loved one from @nativepoppy_shop!

Energizing sunny day here in San Diego. (Also, roof demo day! Praying for no more unfortunate surprises.🙈)

This picture is entitled: the rental house we stayed in for less than 6 hours. We were renting a house last week while our roof was being demoed and our attics cleaned out and sanitized from the rat infestation. Turns out the whole project got delayed a week due to rain so we checked in for nothing! 🙈 My little guy ended up having a massive breathing reaction to the mildew in the house, most likely. We went to the ER and urgent care a few times for breathing treatments and he was not in good shape. He's doing much better now, thankfully, but we will see a specialist next week to figure out why he keeps having these attacks (with no prior struggle). It could very well be the rats, but maybe more than that. 😆 However, we just found mold in our house from our leaking roof! 🙄Thankfully, we are FINALLY getting the roof replaced and we can move towards a safer environment. Much to my relief, the owner of the house was very kind and gave us our money back for the remainder of the stay. Plus, this week my husband is in town and I won't have to single parent again during all of that difficulty. So, basically, it was a super HARD week to handle on my own and we are resting at home today before demo tomorrow. Thanks to my parents for their help in the middle of the night! I'm sure you wanted to know all of that. 😂✨ It was a beautiful home by Balboa Park (pictured above). Sad it didn't work out. Sometimes being a homeowner is super HARD, friends. 💸 Our insurance deductible is $10k. Sometimes there is a greater struggle at play beyond the pretty pictures of my kitchen. At the same time, I'm thankful that although this issues are a big deal now, I trust that they will feel distance very soon. Perhaps you can relate? 😬

This carrot is obviously an overachiever. It's 3x as big as all of his other carrot buddies in the garden. (Cosmic Purple Carrot from @bakercreekseeds)

I told her we should take a picture before our date last night, but really I wanted to capture the moment I told her she was going to see "Matilda the Musical"!✨

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