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dian anggraini  Breaking the boundaries, spreading the love ; 📩 | 📍Bali Check some of my photographs here👇🏻

There's no boundaries in expressing my own self; I'm free to choose whether dressing up as boyish as I could or going out all girly, spend hours in a makeup store, pamper myself in a salon and collect makeups & those so called skincare products.
Upon my current mood.
It's the thing I love about myself: I can dress up as whoever or whatever I want.
This body and the clothes I wear are just a platform to express, not to impress.
If the way I look annoys you, just stop looking at me. It is that simple.
I prefer to be a person who'd come to a stranger and say, "you look very amazing today" because I know, it feels so pleasing to be appreciated as who you truly are.
If you're about to see yourself in the mirror, let's not talk about the flaws or whatever you hate about you.
Embrace the little things, and love yourself.
You are amazing,
Have a great day!🌈
#selflove #bodypositive

Spending friday night at The Paris Cat Jazz Club❤️

Dear Bali,
Thank you for taking a good care of my soul🙏🏻✨
Anyway, I made a mixtape during my study & journey to this beautiful island. But still, I'm still learning.
Please do check it on Mixcloud: Afro Tropicana by Dian Anggraini.
Link on bio!🌈

Waking up in my apartment in Brooklyn, sippin my morning coffee & staring what's going on down there, just chill. Before getting myself ready for another stroll in the city, figuring things out. No bad days here.

Yizzz my skin is getting darker day by day🤔
#storytime #soresantai #sansyetan #bacotdi
Copped the sunniez from @berrybenka, this one really suits my current mood🤓
#bproject2017 #berrybenkalabel #bprojectxbblabel #berrybenka

I love warung nasi and it's eternal bcs makan se katering kondangan cuma 21 ribu saja #hbu

Didi: Cabut yuk de?
@fanny.ade: Tahan di, semua akan indah pada waktunya.

¿Qué estás haciendo güey? 🙊🌵
#soq #asiquee

A collaborative shoot with @feelsthelabel ; First collection of FEELS.
Inspired by the idea of their tagline:
"One eye sees, the other feels."
Shot in my lovely room with a lil help from my neon lights.
Featuring: @samrisux
Swipe left!⬅️
Please check some of Didi's works on my Behance, link on my bio!🌈🙏🏻
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[Post morning meditation✨]
Woke up early today & started off the morning with such a good mood after a huge breakdown and decided to treat myself really nicely today. Then, it feels like i'm loaded with much loves and i think i'm gonna explode...and I feel like sharing the love to everyone around!💕🌈
Me & my huge ass burger (+ my breakfast companion) wish you a great, great day & tons of luck and whenever something knocks you down, grab a nice food and stuff yourself with delicacies or anything you love because you & your beautiful soul deserve to be treated nicely!
Happiness, is a state of mind. Never give up on yourself ;
#bodypositive #positivemind #selflove #semicolonproject

What we did when Ajrin's turning 23: drunk photobooth!🌈🐒

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