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Agnessya Bennington Tallaut  Imma Big Big Walrus

My Jenja🍑🌾 She knows what I like☺
but wait, Mr. B.J Habibie watching us 😅


McDonnell's took this pic🌙🌒 #solareclipse

Walrus is hugging Daddybear🤗

Adetja pesimis ☺ #oldpic #oldfriend

Aku : Papa, kenapa nama aku Agnessya? ada artinya gak?
Daddybear : oh ada lah. masa ga ada
Aku : oh apatu kalo bole tau?
Daddybear : yabole la masa gabole
Aku : yauda apa artinya? *senyumsenyum*
Daddybear : Agnes tuh dulu aturan lahirnya kalo ga tanggal 16 atau 17. tapi agnes udah keburu keluar di 11 agustus dan untungnya papa udah siapin nama.
Aku : oh iya iya, trus ape artinye pa? 😩
Daddybear : Agnessya. itu singkatan tau. singkatan dari Anak Indonesia. Agnessya😊
Aku : .....☺😶😂..

Idk. its dry and bad

Rest In Beautiful Silence🌚

Tadi siang siang bolong chillin at basecamp jaman highschool , bakmi 88 haha just got lovely surprise from my babies. they're still sweet as sugar! since 2007🌻 anywayszz, we're so happy baby @evitadilasora just landed from mars, we hope she doesn't fly to another planet anymore and we're just waiting our hawt mummy @asyasyoo and her baby @ayden.jace to come back home hhh can't wait november! cuz we're so missed with our mercon cotis🔥Ma Real GC will come back together, soon! Lol. Thank God, am so grateful! thank for 26 y.o still alive,feel blessed and surrounded by good people❤ xx

I love His smiley❤💙 Thank you my hot mummy Asya & baby Ayden😘 Love you xx cya on november!

Thank you @dixiesigar sayang. God bless you too. we are Leo Club wk 🙈😘

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