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Ashley Fincham  Studier of moments. Image wrangler. Story teller. To book a photo session👇🏻/ Lots of new posts!

Rainbow bridge is one of the largest natural bridges in the 🌎 only accessible by boat. Another snazzy thing to do when you go to #lakepowell

If you ever get a chance rent a boat/jet ski and explore #lakepowell it’s a pretty wonderful place!

Wouldn’t mind relaxing here at all. Please and thank you!

I miss you and Zion... it’s a toss up which I miss more. Just kidding it’s defiantly Zion. 🤷🏻‍♀️ xo

If you ever get the chance to drive on to a beach with your 4x4. DO IT! Pack a cooler full of 🍹 🍷 🍸 and 🍉 🍎 🍌 and spend the day relaxing. It will be the best part of your day!!

Well if this isn’t what the weekend is about I don’t know what is!!! 🤷🏻‍♀️ #AdventuresofSāraandRonin #blueheeler #heelersofinstagram #heelergram #sāra #Samsāra #sāratheheeler #homeiswheretheheeleris

Let’s not forget this bundle, whom at the moment I wish was as tired as in this photo. #ilovehimtho #pleasesettledown #AdventuresofSāraandRonin #blueheeler #heelersofinstagram #heelergram #Ronin #Ronintheheeler #homeiswheretheheeleris

“Instead of thinking about what I am leaving, I think about what I am coming too. It’s all an adventure.” - @fireandjoy (This quote by the loveliest lady Nirrimi feels so appropriate right now. Anytime I start to feel the pang in my chest I remember how lucky I am to be given the chance to start over. To create a new life in a new state. I think of how lucky I am to explore new places and try new things and somehow all the aches melt away.)

Things I’m thinking about:
Making a book
Having a writing day in a coffee shop
Moving May of 2018
Having a cross country road trip of sorts
Feeling more like myself
Getting back in touch with my arty friends
Create a art Instagram? Or an instragram for the pups? 🙃
Cut bangs
Get nose pierced AGAIN
Floral tat
Traveling to Morocco (rugs, pottery, mint tea, desert, camel!) Purchase bird feeders

You know what feels really nerve wracking but also super grown up and exciting? Sending off what writing I have finished to be viewed and edited. Eeekkk!!!! It’s a strangely scary and powerful feeling. Iv never had a project where I didn’t control it from beginning to end. So this is a first for me. 🍺 to new things!!!

Anyone else bring their Polaroid on hikes? 🙋🏻‍♀️ #essentials

How is it that time can play such tricks? How everyday felt like an eternity and also at the same time one moment. How can it be that we are already here? You driving to Texas and me tiding up loose ends. Soon we will be picking out our third home together?! How is that possible? I’m reminded all the time to not take this life and the adventures we live for granted.
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