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Briony // A Girl, A Style  Lifestyle Blogger + Digital Strategist (former Political Advisor) 🇬🇧 London + Cambridge (by way of Australia) 👉🏻 Twitter / Pinterest / FB: agirlastyle

Happiest when exploring a new corner of the world 🌎 Sharing my trip to #Lisbon + my guide to what to see, do, eat, and shop in the Portuguese capital over on the blog today (link in bio)

Things I inherited from my Mother: a love for roses, far-flung adventures, basket bags, and floral midi dresses (and a horrendously bad back, but we’ll ignore that one). This look + the story of how I’ve accidentally turned into my Mother over on the blog (link in bio). What did you inherit from your parents?

Weekend wardrobe (made for bike rides + picnics + hunting for the best gelato in town)
What are you all up to this weekend? 🍦

Self-appointed Queen of Summer. Sharing 15 ways to have your best summer yet over on the blog (link in bio). What’s on your summer ‘to do’ list? 🌞

A postcard from my former life as a political advisor (this photo was taken 2 years ago in Brussels - just a few days before the #Brexit referendum, when we were all so optimistic about the world we lived in - Cameron was PM and Obama was President - and how the vote would go). On the one hand, I battle pretty much daily with the knowledge that I’ve turned my back on two university degrees and a career I worked *so hard* to achieve (and then worked in for 15 years) - knowing that walking away meant it would be really challenging to ever go back (in politics, so much is dependent on the knowledge you amass of legislation, current affairs, and who’s who - as well as becoming enough of an insider to know exactly how and when to win a battle - that by default you’re irrelevant almost the moment you’re away from that sphere). But mostly, it’s such a place of chaos, frustration, and negativity at the moment that I’m thankful that isn’t my daily routine right now. The reason I went into politics in the first place (because I care, very deeply) is also the reason I burned out (when you care that deeply, it can become impossibly difficult when all around is madness and there is seemingly no hope at the end of the political cycle). So while I will continue to feel a bit sad that I’m not in the thick of things, rolling up my sleeves to help, and guilty that I’m not using my skills in that way, reading the news on days like today acts as a reminder of how much lighter and easier my days are now - when I’m able to dip in and out of current affairs just because I want to know what’s going on, and not because it’s literally my job.
So here’s some free advice (that it took me a really long time to figure out): your self worth is not determined by how ‘important’ you in the workplace are or how demanding or stressful your job is.

Entire afternoons spent lazing in the park with a good book + a picnic basket full of cheese (with a side of the jubilant cheers of England fans in the background): what summer is made for 🌳🌞👒

Walking in a rainbow (+ probably hunting for more pastel de nata) 🌈

With no disrespect to Rousseau, but when he wrote ‘money can’t buy happiness’, he clearly had never spent €1 on a pastel de nata.
Not going to lie: two out of three of my meals today were Portuguese custard tarts (the third was local prawns) and it was so worth the 20,000 steps I hiked all over town to make up for it.
One of my guiding principles when I travel is to avoid the tourist traps and try to eat like a local, but with food this delicious, Portugal is really not making it hard.

Olá Lisbon! This city is even more gorgeous than I’d expected and I’m having the very best time getting happily lost in these beautiful, cobblestoned streets. Currently on a mission to spot the most colourful houses and the best pastel de natas in town.

A new adventure awaits! So excited to be heading to #Lisbon (my first time in Portugal) tomorrow morning. Have you been? I would love to hear your recommendations for what I should see, do and eat while I’m there!

Summer uniform, on repeat. This look + the 5 summer style rules I live by over on the blog (link in bio). What are your guiding wardrobe principles? I’d love to know! 👇🏻

Scenes from the weekend. I got home from Paris just in time to celebrate our anniversary and we filled the weekend with our favourite things: brunch at Granger & Co in Notting Hill (in honour of our Australian roots), a screening of Oceans 8 at the gorgeous Electric Cinema (we saw Oceans 11 on our first date 13.5 years ago), tea at Laduree, punting on the river, a picnic + croquet match in the garden, and one of our favourite annual Cambridge traditions - Singing on the River at Kings College (where we got married a year ago). Floating into the week feeling very lucky indeed!

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