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1 year ago today ✨

Sun drenched days in my happy place. Every time I go to Paris, I somehow find my way to the Marais district where I happily spend hours sitting in the Place des Vosges reading, people-watching, and just soaking up Paris. What are you favourite corners of this city?

Bonjour from Paris! Hopped over the channel bright and early with @feelunique this morning just in time for lunch. First stop: 🥐+☕️ immediately, s’il vous! Let me know your favourite Paris things below + I’ll try to visit as many as I can!

Treat yourself 🌸 Since I quit my day job to go freelance last year, I don’t think I’ve dreaded Mondays once. I sometimes miss being in the thick of politics and feeling like I was a part of something bigger than myself, but I don’t miss the dread of opening my inbox and wondering which new issue or crisis was awaiting me whether I was ready or not. These days I bounce off to my client’s offices (or even better, my home office) knowing I’m making my own path and that my weeks can look however I want them to. But I still maintain those old traditions that used to get me through the week; buying myself flowers on a Monday, booking a massage to look forward to on a Friday, and my husband making me a cup of tea every single night.
What are your favourite small pleasures that get you through the week?

Park life 🌳 Sunny Saturdays spent lazing in the park with my love, a book, and a picnic are my favourites. How are you all spending your weekend?

Magic potions. Sharing all my favourite beauty products + current obsessions over on the blog today (link in bio). Tell me some of your current favourites! 👇🏻

Scenes from the most magical evening at the ballet; I smiled and cried through the entire performance of #rohswanlake.
When I was young, ballet was my favourite escape. I’d spend upwards of 12 hours in the studio every week and being en pointe was my mediation (it’s impossible to think of much else when your ankles are screaming in pain and you’re tying to perfect a fouetté pirouette). A torn ankle and an S-shaped spine means my dancing days are long behind me, but to me there’s still few greater pleasures than that magical moment when the lights dim, the orchestra strikes up those first strains of Tchaikovsky, and the first ballerina twirls onto the stage. For three whole hours there’s no war, no politics, and no internal monologue; just the grace and beauty of the stage. As the queen @barbrastreisand once sang, “everything was beautiful at the ballet” - and no one does it better than the Royal Ballet.

I know I’ve said it a hundred times before, but one of my very favourite things about this strange business of blogging is the collection of brilliant women I’ve met along the way. Having friends all around the world is the just wonderful, but it’s even better when they come to visit! Showing my friend @merrittbeck (follow her if you don’t already) around Cambridge yesterday was so much fun!

Happy Sunday! Having the best kind of laid-back weekend over here (involving my favourite Sunday trifecta: flowers, friends and food). P.S. there’s a new weekend post over on the blog (link in my bio)

I like my favourite treasures right where I can see them (because what’s the point in owning beautiful things if you hide them away and they never get to come out and play?) ✨

May flowers 🌸 There’s a new outfit + post over on the blog today

Here’s to the three day weekends (featuring friends, picnics, bike rides and croquet matches)