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EDITS X OJD  JaDine⚡️good vibrations⚡️teambigz⚡️


♡♡♡♡ Full performance video is up in vimeo. Link in bio. 😊 #jadine

My thoughts on "Cool Down" (track + mv)

The song did not come as a surprise as we've already heard it in some of James' performances in the past, but hearing it in high fidelity for the first time in it's entirety still gave me the chills. OPM mainstream has always been leaning towards "baduy" for me but I think that's about to change. Our guy Hayme channels The Weeknd but still maintains his very own flavor. This is the kind of music that pinoy listeners deserve.

The music video was a revelation of how much artistry James (& his collaborators) has put into his music. The subtle hints in the video obliges the viewer to think beyond the obvious. I love how it wasn't indulging the fans just by putting both James and Nadine in the entire video and doing their thing, cooling down in a pool, to make  the fans kilig like most of their old videos. I mean, he could've gone the same way as Zayn's Pillowtalk but he's starting it slow and doing it right. And building up to something climactic perhaps in IL2LU? Oh, the bigaon in me. Anyway, it is a mark of a real and significant change in the direction James wants his career to go. The music video was telling a story the way he wants it to be told. And obviously, he doesn't care if it attracts some negative comments from the narrow-minded audience because he wants to tell it his way. Because it is his story to tell... and I can barely wait to see/hear the rest of it. 🌴🌴🌴 #palmdreams #cooldown #jamesreid #jadine

Her swagger don't stop ⚡

#nadinelustre #jadine

Full performance video > link in bio

💥💥💥💥Finally. 💥💥💥💥

"Wonder Woman's Wrath"

Obvs I am still super stoked about the movie and this tune is so epic and is sure to go down in history as one of the most iconic superhero themes. Patty Jenkins & co did a really good job of showing women in a particular role of strength and independence. I can't give enough high praises for Gal Gadot who trained very hard and truly embodied the role of the fierce but very compassionate Amazonian warrior. Also, Chris Pine was just fantastic (and definitely "above average" 😉). And of course there's Robin Wright aka Antiope who is equally as badass as WW. The story, the fight sequences, the acting...everything was well-executed.

One day, we shall get to see Nadine in a similar strong, fierce and empowered role. We all know she fits the action movie genre to a T. 💪

#jadine #nadinelustre #wonderwoman



I love this lyrical dance so much that I had to make a compilation. Full video on my youtube channel. Link in bio.

#jadine #triplethreat #alwaysjadinetour

Full performance of Tadhana X Oo in 1080p is now up in my Vimeo. Link: https://vimeo.com/219255809

Here ya go besh @jadineundenied since abscbn entertainment youtube is so lame. 😉


#2NE1 ft. #JaDine

Noticed a similarity in JaDine's choreo to 2ne1's 'Come Back Home' (specifically the beat drop part) so I did some tweaking to get it out of my system. 😂✌

Can we talk about how effortless James and Nadine looked in this performance...especially Nadine navigating those bars.. I am so HYPED UP that they are now on It's Showtime. They finally have a platform to showcase their talent to the madlang people . 👍👌👏 #jadine

P.S. I never imagined that someone can dance to UDD's "Oo" which is actually one of my faves. I love to sing to it though, but dance? Well, James and Nadine proved me wrong. Surprise, surprise.

When you put two and two together... 🔥 So excited for James' Cool Down mv (and album) to drop! I am intrigued by the music video.. I feel like there's a twist (i have a theory) haha! 😉 Whatever it is (with or without Naddie in it), I'm sure it's gonna be all kinds of dope 👌


Seconds, minutes, hours, lifetimes...
Naniniwala na ako sa LIFETIMES.

#timysepanx #timybts #jadine

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