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A.  Whatever you are, be a good one🌺🌺 Normal is boring. 🇲🇾-🇮🇩. Click here ⬇️⬇️⬇️

I lost you but i find me, so i win.

Lagi nyari jodoh siapa tau aja ada.

• 📸 : @fayfreecss

Terang bgt kaya muka kamu hehe.

Get you a girl who can rock both.

Makeup: @rizasilvia_
photo by: @balladphotowork @robin.koraag
Attire by: @oeymaher
ps: sayang kepotong foto nya huhu:(

Not your regular type of bitch.
.📸: @maghfiraz thku❤️

He said you look crazy, thank you baby
I owe it all to you.
.Tapi boong😂 📸: @fnj_riri ❤️

She wears black, but she has the most colorful mind.

Let’s kill this love!!💔
.📸: @muhammad.kautsar08

I like texts from my exes when they want a second chance.✨ (jangan salfok foto tk ya)

Say life’s a bitch? But mine’s a movie.

Not anymore, darl.

Double Trouble🌸

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