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Hippie ️️️️️


Happy birthday Kaya!! 🎉


Time flies tbh.... I don't know why I keep losing track of posting everyday.... I hope once I get back into the swing of things I'll post more often. Until then, I apologize 😅.


So since I joined Student Council, I now have to go to the freshman dance.... 6:45-9:30 tomorrow I'm going to be at a FRESHMAN dance..... 😩


Hey.... just stoping by to let y'all know that my first day of senior year went really well and I'm excited for the year to come!


Hello friends, I start school today. First day of senior year. Ugh. Help me.


I haven't taken pics of Bella in a while so here are some I took yesterday! I forgot how beautiful she is! Also, this is my last night before I have to go to school.... I'm cherishing every second.

Marley & Riley.

At first I was worried that Riley looked too similar to Marley, but they really don't. What do you guys think?


I love lanie so much... I just really wish her wig was better. Sigh.

Rowan in @elysiandollapparel.

I was recently sent two tops by Maddie (@elysiandollapparel) and i want to review them and the customer service I had. First, Maddie is wonderful to work with. She was very kind, and quick, which I appreciate! Shipping was fast too! (I posted a video of me opening the package so click the link in my bio to see how it was packaged). This shirt has to be my favorite out of the two she sent me! It's an off the shoulder top with a very pretty color and pattern on it! The stitching appears to be clean and sturdy! The Velcro is nice, not too bulky, and is sturdy as well! Overall, this shop has been a pleasure to buy from (I've gotten some pieces from them in the past) and work with. I 10/10 recommend it to everyone!! Thanks again Maddie!


It's my last weekend before school starts 😭😭


Penelope dreams of one day owning her own Pet Hospital, but for right now, she settles with lining all the animals up in her room. -
So I tried indoor photography, and I noticed that my house was definitely not made for photography. It was difficult to get a shot of all the furniture and pets, but I luckily was able to contort my body in a way that would allow for this shot! What do you guys think? Should I do more indoor photography?


So update on my life/teeth lol. About a year ago, my tooth started hurting really bad. I had to go to an emergency dentist, and he put a filling in a cavity I had. Two weeks later I had the same pain again. I then went to my regular dentist, and the recommended a root canal. A week after that, I got a root canal (IT TOOK 3 1/2 HOURS). Then I went to the dentist and got a temporary filling. Flash forward 6 months later, I'm finally getting a permanent cap! It's expected to take 1 1/2 hours so wish me luck.

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