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Happy Fathers day to the realest & best man & father i know. All my life i can only remember my father working working & working. He sarcrificed everything & anything for our family, hes the deffinition of selfless. My dad showed me wat true UNCONDITIONAL love is. When i found out i was pregnant i was struggling & knew i would have to provide for me and my son all on my own so i moved back in my dads house, he welcomed me back with no doubt since theres plenty of room there, but my “mother” quickly told me to get an abortion, looked me dead in the eyes & said “Dont be stupid! Abort that baby its only going to ruin your life i guarantee it” I told her to never in her life repeat those words to me and i will have my baby no matter how hard it is i WILL make it work or die trying. That was the last time we spoke, she never talked to me again & since my father supported my decision 100% she stopped talking to him completely too. My pregnancy was rough, she made our life hell everyday jus with her energy alone, & i started to include “Please protect me, my dad & my son from all evil, please protect us from all evil people, from all evil wishing, from all evil spirits” into my daily prayer & just a few months later i woke up & all her stuff was gone, she packed up and moved out without saying a single word to her husband of almost 30 years or her daughter, she jus left & filed for divorce to a man who was nothin but a REAL FATHER & an amazing husband. Most people would expect a 60 year old “mom” to be there for her daughter in that time but she was never a real mother so i wasnt surprised at all lol she abandoned her other daughter & a son in Colombia so this aint new to her. She never knew how to be a MOTHER & thats why i only had a friendship with her after i turned 21. People are cruel, ungrateful, & evil, but me & my dad havent ever been so happy and at peace since the day she left, our lives have NEVER been better. My dad has never been healthier & ive never been greater. Im a mother now & its the BEST thing to ever happen to me. Some women have a mom to teach them how to be a mom, i had a mom to teach me how NOT to be mom & im grateful for that ! ❤️ LOVE U DAD

Sooo many moods 😂 which mood are you ?
Right now my mood is ..
@indialove in picture 2 😂
Tag whos your mood !

We good luv, enjoy.

When your friend lives in a fancy complex & your ratchet ass tryna fit in ..

Crop Top Crew Neck: @prettylittlething

Pants: Amber Rose x @fashionnova

Slept on me, now you learnin your lesson.
Outfit: @fashionnova

Mommy needed to reup on Sephora #RicosFirstMallTrip

From the fort Fort Knox, this aint fortnite bitch get ya shit rocked.
Bodysuit: @fashionnova

I saw this Ad-Lib mic just sittin there & couldnt help myself 🙂🎤

Same shit different diaper.
Outfit: @fashionnova

Nothing was the same 💙
Jumpsuit: @fashionnova
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