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Heather  Graphic designer. Photographer. Fiancée. Sister. Daughter. Friend. Dog mom. Wanderer. Wonderer. Intrepid explorer. Also find me at @writstudio


THIS DOODOO HEAD likes to scare me and eat things he's not supposed to. HE'S FINE, no thanks to the 20+ grapes he ate yesterday. Usually I tease him about swallowing his food whole without even chewing, but Lordy am I glad for that habit today. When the vet made him throw up they all came out completely whole and his kidney levels are normal. Gah. He better be glad he's cute and I love him. Also it happened when I was out of town. Sorry Allison- you da real mvp. Thank you for taking care of my lollies even though he makes poor life choices. 😬

A list of his past poor life choices:
- half a dead squirrel
- an entire 1 pound bag of peanut m&ms
- half of a dark chocolate bar
- a quarter gallon(ish) of vegetable oil
- 2 trips to 2 different compost piles
Basically I'm trying to keep him alive in spite of himself. 🙄 #Lollie #mybuddy #myheart #dummy

Today we picked up a wedding band, some pie servers, and started an official countdown! #36weeks #fiancé #09152018 #marryingmosesisthepitts @rwmoses

More snow in College Station?! Happy new year indeed. ❄️ #happynewyear #snow #bcs

Every city girl's dream: to be named Top Hand of the Moses Ranch. 😂😎🤠 Someday maybe someone else can be as good at cowboying as me. 💁🏼 #mosesranch #tophand #cowboy #christmas #soproud

One of my favorite things in the world is watching @rwmoses hunt moths for me. He always makes me laugh even when I'm sad. ❤️I'm avoiding looking at how bad the rip in our couch is. 😂 #catchhimderry #hesmakinamotheryofyou #moth #myhero

Y'ALL. IT SNOWED. In College Station! Every few years we might get a sprinkle or two, but tonight it snowed enough for ADULT HUMAN SIZE snowmen and legit snowball fights! We drove to Central Park to look at the lights in the snow and while they were gorgeous, I was struck by just how MANY people were out playing, laughing, throwing snowballs, making snowmen, and NOT on their phones. Men, women, young, old, just LAUGHING. I may be getting old and I've always been sentimental, but damn that did my soul a world of good. Merry Christmas. (And if you "get snow all the time it's nothing special," hush. It's special to us.) ☃️❄️⛄️ #snow #bcstx #collegestation #collegestationtx #merrychristmas #itsthemostwonderfultimeoftheyear #magic #walkinginawinterwonderland

Oh hullo, mama. I see you are not feeling well. I also see you are snacking on crackers. I think it would make you feel better to let me snack on crackers too. I bet so. I think we should try. I want you to feel better. I also want crackers. Crackers? Crackers. Kthx. #lolliepants #mybuddy #myheart

Starting our camping ⛺️ off with some pipe time (gross). @rwmoses #camping #pipe #fairfieldstatepark #myhappyplace #fiancé

I've never actually been stopped on the highway underneath a sign before. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #thanksgivingtraffic #wehaventmovedforawhile #happenseveryyear #gladidonthavetopee #i35 #ugh

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