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Heather  Graphic designer. Photographer. Fiancée. Sister. Daughter. Friend. Dog mom. Wanderer. Wonderer. Intrepid explorer. Also find me at @writstudio

Spending my morning cuddling this jelly bean has been one of the highlights of my week. There's just nothing quite like a very good dog. 🐶❤️ #lolliepants #mybuddy #myheart

In case you were wondering, yes I did get a light meter in the mail today, and yes I have been metering everything including my food and my fiancé. 🎞☀️ #fiancé #filmphotography #film #light #lightmeter #hetoleratesme #patienceofasaint

It's a raging Friday night over here. 🙌🏼 #friday #fiancé 😂 Turn the sound on for this. Trust me.

The whole time I was gone @rwmoses kept teasing me and telling me he was making me surprises and presents for when I got home. Well he just picked me up and gave them to me.
Backstory: are you familiar with spoon theory? For the last 6-9 months I've been dealing with some anxiety and depression (#realtalk) and a couple weeks ago I told Russell that I was out of spoons. I just couldn't deal anymore and I needed a break. After I rested for a day I was fine, and I forgot about it. Apparently he didn't. Tonight he gave me two framed silver spoons that belonged to my mom, along with a letter that says, "I may not be able to give you everything, but if you ever need more spoons, I'll always be here with a couple extra to help you top off the drawer." I am the luckiest girl alive to have found someone who cares for my heart as if it is his own. ❤️ (Also he made me a leather journal and got me two free months of SiriusXM. Those are important too lol.) #sappy #fiancé #myheart #mylove #ioutkickedmycoverage #icried (Also I gave him Twizzlers for a present. So basically my present was just as good, right? 😂)

It snowed for my last morning in Colorado! I woke up to straight up magic. I had to convince myself not to pull over every 5 seconds for a picture on the way to the airport! Back in Texas now and shoutout to @rwmoses for coming to pick me up and taking me for tacos immediately. #truelove #colorado #hooraysnow #hooraytacos

Not a bad view for our farewell dinner! This workshop has been intense, overwhelming, exhilarating, and so wonderful. I'm so glad I came! Now hopefully maybe some of my film turned out. 😬 @carriekingphotographer @sarahvieraevents #carriekingworkshops

After two flight delays, a missed connection, and two rental cars, I am finally in my hotel in Colorado Springs. It has been a long day. 😴 BUT since I got a rental car in Denver, I had time to swing by and say hi to Kathryn and Eric and meet the newest little James! Emerson Forrest James, you are so very wrinkly. And long. And so, so loved. 😍 Also, I actually really enjoyed the drive from Denver to Colorado Springs. So pretty!! #silverlinings #choosingjoy #imsotired #babiesbabiesbabies

A different view for graduation than I'm used to! Congrats, CEHD graduates! ❤️🎉🙌🏼 #tamu #cehd @tamu @cehdtamu #graduation

Tonight's hors d'oeuvres a la @rwmoses: phyllo shells filled with pesto chicken, frico cheese, and balsamic pearls (that he made!). Ridiculously tasty. #fiancé #dateamanwhocooks #eatallthethings #fattyfatfatkid

Watching Anna play tee-ball! Batter up! ⚾️ #annie #teeball #babiesplayingsports #socute

Yay!! ❤️ I grew up blasting the Phantom soundtrack in the car with my mom and singing all the songs. Hearing that famous note progression always takes me right back, to begging my mom to put it on, to singing loud and off-key at the top of our lungs, to playing air organ and pretending to be the phantom. This musical holds so many memories and so much importance for me. Thank you, @rwmoses. ❤️ #fiancé #phantomoftheopera #sappy

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