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Heather  Graphic designer. Photographer. Fiancée. Sister. Daughter. Friend. Dog mom. Wanderer. Wonderer. Intrepid explorer. Also find me at @writstudio

Happiest of birthdays to this hot tamale señora! #birthday @jantasticjanet #biffle #eatallthethings #iatetoomuch #fiesta #felizcumpleaños

And this birthday season is a wrap! I am so thankful for all my friends and family (only a small group pictured here) who love me so well and love being silly with me! 31 is gonna be the best. 🙌🏼 #birthday #princess #mytribe #ilovethesehooligans @krunkasaurus05 @kfoli @lonestar_ash @undertheopensky @rwmoses

@rwmoses made breakfast this morning that he's calling "The Smoked Ham-hockalypse Parmeggeddon." 😂 A bed of blue potato hashbrowns, a hash of smoked ham hocks and bacon-sautéed broccoli, 2 fried Parmesan encrusted poached eggs (yes, he poached the eggs and then fried them 😳), and topped with herb hollandaise sauce. I don't think he understands that if he keeps cooking for me like this, I WILL NEVER COOK FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES TOGETHER. Holy cow it was good. I literally licked the plate. #dateamanwhocooks #fiancé #fattyfatfatkid #eatallthethings #ilovehim #happyplate #happytummy

I forgot how neat the #innerspacecaverns are! #SCIENCE is so freaking amazing. The textures and shapes and colors and lines and proportions and ratios are so intricate, balanced, and effortless. So inspiring! #birthday #findinspirationeverywhere #neature #imanerd #atleastimnotpostingabouttreesagain

Today has been so great! Decided to #optoutside and earn my #applewatch National Park Challenge badge and @rwmoses took me to #enchantedrock for my birthday! Took us 3.5 hours to go 3.6 miles and I almost died a few times, but I did it! Stupid cardio. 😂🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻 #birthday #itooksomanybreaks #atleastididntpuke #likethatotherlady #outofshape #roundisashape #gonnabesosore

@rwmoses gave me my birthday present last night: a HAND-CARVED wooden topographical map of Milford Sound in New Zealand. Apparently I still talk about how much I miss NZ all the time. 😂 It took him over 30 hours to cut out each layer of wood and assemble the piece. I shouldn't be surprised by his skill anymore, but dang if he doesn't blow me away every time. We still need to get a better mat cut for it, but I am so in love and already planning where I'll hang it. He is insane. #birthday #fiancé #woodworking #woodart #handcarved #handmade #imsoimpressed

Ended my wonderful day having birthday sushi with my main squeeze, talking about our wedding and our plans for our future. I cannot imagine a better way to spend my day. I am so excited to spend all my days and all my birthdays with him. ❤️ #fiancé #birthday #livingthedream #sappy @rwmoses

Met @rwmoses for lunch and now I'm hangin' with @jantasticjanet in her frigid cold office and then we're going for manis! #birthday #livingthedream #biffle #itssocoldinhere

Woke up this morning, ate breakfast, and then promptly took a nap because I don't want to overdo it today. 😂 #birthday #lazy #livingthedream

Woke up to a silly phone call from my brother teaching me how to age with grace and beauty and us looking forward to being able to take advantage of the early bird special, a number of funny and loving text messages, and a sausage face for breakfast from @rwmoses. Birthdays just keep getting better. Here's to 31! #youreasoldasyoufeel #soimbasically80 #geriatric #feelingloved #wheresthebengay

Got a new (king size!) bed last week and I've been a little protective about keeping it nice and dog-hair-free. Finally let the munchkin (and his puppy) up on the new bed tonight and he has not moved from this spot and has been snoring happily for over an hour. I love it too, buddy. 😍 #lolliepants #mybuddy #myheart

So they're rebuilding the rotting stairs outside my apartment (which is long overdue) and I hadn't heard noise in a while so I got up to check their progress. They left. I cannot get out of my apartment and THEY LEFT. They better be getting lunch to go. Say a prayer my apartment doesn't catch on fire! I kind of want to order a pizza for the sheer entertainment value of the look on their face when they try to deliver it. I don't think this is OSHA approved. Also Oliver is whining to go use the bathroom outside. Sorry buddy. HOLD IT. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #hotmess #notoshaapproved #thinkinghappythoughts #lockedthescreendoor #housearrest #thatsonewaytoturnmeintoahermit #dontlookdown #deluxeapartmentinthesky #theydidntevenleavemealadder

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