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Joey👑  Just your average teen with some camera lenses and dolls💕 Spam: @agdolldudept2 Business email: Go watch my new YouTube video!⬇️

I was only able to take 1 photo today, this is it! The sun started to go down right after:((((

I am actually soooo tired, I’m getting JLY #11 for only 60 dollars! On Saturday I’m going to film a video on fixing her up! She has a couple things wrong but is in almost perfect condition!

I promised a face reviel at 1.9k ❤️❤️❤️
How old do you think I am???? (Not if you know me)
(Update: I’m 14)

If this doesn’t remind you of 2015 agig then whattttt😂❤️.
Also very IMPORTANT!!! Would you guys like an American girl gift card for my giveaway???

Okay, so I am thinking about making a Q&A for my YouTube channel about being a male doll collector and what it is like, if you have any questions, statements, or stories that you would like me to include comment them down below, and I will include as many as possible❤️❤️

• Grace❤️
Thank you for all the support on my last couple posts! I will continue to push for more acceptance of males in the doll community❤️

This was the response to my Facebook post..
I honestly think they responded like this just to save themselves from all the comments on my last post...
I’m not giving up on this, we need a change

(Swipe right to see @americangirlbrand ‘s response to my last post.) I am honestly really upset, at the fact that they blew me off and they’re reasoning behind their decisions
They didn’t even answer or talk about much I said....

•Gabriela McBride💙
~ Please read!❤️
I normally don’t talk about things like this, and I know this pretty much ruins any chance of American girl ever following, liking, or commenting on my posts but, this has been bothering me for a long time. I have always loved the brand @americangirlbrand , and probebly will forever. As a child I never really saw any representation of boys with dolls, I kind of just thought I was the only one. I understand that American girl dolls are marketed towards girls, and yes I am extremely happy and excited that they created boy dolls but there is no photos with little boys and their dolls in their catalogs, or website. I understand that it is a very controversial subject, especially for a brand like them, but they honestly don’t even acknowledge many male agigers or fans in general, and yes I do know there aren’t that many of us but they honestly never even repost our photos. Another thing that really upsets me and I was really sad about as a child is they literally plaster “girls” and “daughters” in every add and sentence, it doesn’t bother me that the name of the company is “ American Girl “ but it bothers me that they only use female pronouns. Yes I understand that to some people it may sound very stupid and extra that I am complaining about pronouns, but you don’t understand how male collectors, and especially young boys feel about this, as a child this honestly upset me and even scared me to even walk into an American girl store when I was eight. In no way am I trying to hurt the company or try and start ANY arguments, I honestly just want American girl to see this. I don’t care if they don’t like or comment on this, I just want them to see this and really think about this❤️.
If you could please tag @americangirlbrand ❤️

•Mia St.Clair🌸
Do you guys have Mia?
I actually took this while FaceTiming @aphrodite.dolls

Rest In Peace Bella❤️. You will be missed. She was so kind and amazing to others. She was a great person who didn’t deserve any of this... I feel horrible for her and her family❤️😭

•Lea and Nanea 💚
It’s Friday!!!!😭😍
Also I made a bts account called @agdolldudept2

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