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A Gathering Of Stitches  Maine Stitching Retreats. In and around, out and about with Samantha Hoyt Lindgren. Stitch More, Buy Less

I’m getting pretty good at cutting up round objects for dyebaths.... Black Walnuts from our tree. Using rainwater accumulated from the canning jars sitting out last couple days. Letting them steep in the Summer sun.

As I slowly re-orient from retreat mode, I am playing with an Indigo quilt that’s been in my head for years. These fabrics were dyed both in the old #agatheringofstitches vat and the henna vat that @kimemquilts sent me home with after last year’s #slowstitchingretreat ... The blue is helping me back to some semblance of normal. 😏. Stitching and pressing. Meditative Making.

Home on the patio with #larkthelove, trying to follow her lead. It takes me a day to come down from the energy of each retreat (and then a couple of days for my introverted self to replenish my psychic batteries). Missing my stitching tribe! Both the Slow Fashion and Slow Stitching peeps....! It’s so quiet..... Doesn’t anyone need me for anything....? See a nap in my future, as soon as I can get my brain to stop buzzing. 😏

Color from Maine.... Blueberries and Goldenrod. August in the dyepot. Natural color from the season. #slowstitchingretreat with @folkfibers

Rinsing Indigo, teamwork...

Day Two. Chawne and Wanda talk letter P. #slowstitchingretreat

Day Two. Denyse is demonstrating her needle-turn technique.... #slowstitchingretreat

Day One-Slow Stitching. Slow stitching is the only way to go on this hot and sticky August day up here in Maine. Some of us aren’t used to this type of heat, but no one’s letting it impede their creativity. The porch provides respite, the fans are whirring, the stitching is even more meditative.... Mother Nature is insuring that we truly slow down. It is hot, but good.

So as to keep the sewing muscles exercised, there is still needle-turn applique work going on. I am not moving particularly quickly on my #hillsnhollersquilt but that’s ok with me... It’s been hot and humid, and quiet stitching helps to keep me cool(ish). Looking forward to being on the #medomakretreatcenter porch in just a few short days with @cauchycomplete @dsquilts @folkfibers and all my 😏Slow Stitchers....

Color from my garden. Calendula and Marigolds. The former will be steeped in oil to be added to my body butter all Winter. The latter will be made into dye. Sorry to those who come here for garments, the natural color is definitely turning my head right now.... Some of this will end up in garments, most likely, but slowly....😏

Trying an experiment, based on a Black Walnut extraction @erikabmo brought to #slowfashionretreat These are the pits from that week, wondering if the alcohol will release more pigment from them? Could be a complete bust, but then the vodka wasn’t very expensive...😏. Sidenote: this humidity is opressive, wish we could send most of this water out West......

India loves my #fringefieldbag

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