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Amanda Griman  Do WHATEVER makes you happy, live without guilt, have no regrets, never let yourself go, love yourself. There is a blessing in every lesson.

Love yourself. @thegoodquote

If it wasn't for the friends who opened up their hearts to me when I cried, who showed me how to keep pushing when I wanted to give up, and for those who prayed for me when I didn't even pray for myself, I really owe you. You are the friends I want/need for a lifetime. This is the only way I can pay you back, & even for those who don't pray for me, it's ok I got you covered.

Life has a way of teaching you things. But you have taught me more than I could have imagined. See you in 3 weeks.


My first time..

Treasure moments in life because you might never get them again. I may never experience the same feeling again, but I am glad I got to experience it at all. #blissful #happy #beautiful #inlove

This makes me the happiest I have ever been. These are the little things that make a huge impact. Congrats Thalia!

The struggle is real. @nayyirah.waheed

Everytime I hear or see that last name I cringe. Not because I once had it, but because he didn't deserve it. I don't regret the last 7 years because not only did it make me a stronger person but it made me way more resilient than ever before. It showed me what I really want and didn't want in a s/o. Now I want someone that appreciates me, respects me, supports me, loves me, and someone who is ready to start a family. I walked away because I deserve better. 😀

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