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KI$$  Call me in 2022, I'm busy. #Kiography | 2019 AGR • CEO Caught feelings for dat bag. I need double • 2❌

In places ion need to be, got me looking ova my shoulda for enemies🙈👹😈 #Prayforem

Nobody knows how much pain my city put me thru #Kiography #AGR

#FreeSnap @baby_plugg863 FEDS PICKED UP THE CASE🤔 GOT MY BRUDDA IN SC. We sum FLORIDABOIZ, nobody here never trained us🤐 #AGR #50

Thank GOD no one was in the driver or passenger seat in that grey car. Stay out da way, street life getting rugged. #hellonearth

"GOD gives the toughest battles to the strongest soldiers" Thank You Pac for what you left behind for us, 22yrs without you here 🗝 They keep putting bullet holes in our kings and they wonder why we would never believe. 6/16/71 - 9/13/96 Legend 4L @2pac #rip

Please Don't Forget #rip #911

🔥🤧 0% tolerance, no switchin #AggressiveGrind

AggressiveGrind • OTW💉

3days before I got locked up on 1/25/17 for a 🔫charge that wasn't even mine cause ah nigga put them people on me. What a way to start off the year, my closes friends thought I was a dumbass for taking the rap for ah nigga that don't love me, I lost everything down to my shoes, including friends that no longer believed in me. I kept that shit 100k while they dropped dimes on me & tossed me under the bus. I was in the street like a stray cat while these niggas had warm beds & a good girl to come home to. I ain't never had shit in life but a pure heart for the ones I love and some released hatred & jealousy. I ain't looking back NoMo🖕🏾🚫 That shit changed my life for better. Now I'm focused on us, JUST US. Aggressive Grind •✊🏾4L

Im really from the slums of Florida, yall just live here.


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