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After Birth Placenta Encap.  Placenta encapsulation services in Western Kentucky. Helping new mothers have a positive post-birth experience.

>> What exactly is in YOUR placenta 💊?? << 🛠 Tailor-made by YOU, for YOU‼️ #placenta #placentapill #encapsulation #selfmade #vitamins #hormones

\\ COMING SOON! // 🗣

Keepsake/DNA Jewelry! 🧬💍 Our memories are the most precious of our possessions. Each custom piece is a memory of your loved one that can both complement the act of remembrance and provide a lasting source of comfort and connection. >> Necklaces
>> Beads
>> Earrings
>> Bracelets >>From cremated remains to mothers breast milk. Babies first hair cut to fabric from your wedding dress.<< Message us about pre-ordering today! 📨📨

💊YOU ATE WHAT?!?💊 Imagine there was a supplement that was made to your unique postpartum needs. Everything your body needs, tailored for YOU! ✅Helping mommy with:✅
•Faster healing •More Energy •Losing the baby weight •Breastfeeding •Mood stability 💬 Contact us for more information TODAY! 💬

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|| GIVEAWAY TIME!! 🙌🏼 || If you or a loved one has ever thought about trying your very own placenta 💊💊, now is your chance!
Not expecting? That’s okay! If you win and would like to gift this service to a family member or friend, or save it for a later date, you can! ❤️, comment this post for your chance to win a placenta encapsulation!

When this gram reaches 💯 “❤️”, we will draw a name!
Happy sharing everyone!! 🎉 🗣🎉🗣🎉 #placentaencapsulation #placenta #womenempoweringwomen #kentucky #smallbusiness #local

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