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AFS Intercultural Programs  Experience the #AFSeffect: Study abroad, Host an International Student or Volunteer with AFS!

Repost from @nabiladinta 🏆Hari kartini is just passed few minutes ago. Some questions just popped out in my mind : what kind of strong woman you wanna be dear? What you've done?

Randomly thought until sweat covered my forehead, I remember. I'd say it's one of the craziest day ever in my exchange year, furthermore, in my life. My body asked for resting after the incredible school trip to Budaphest that just ended in the previous day. I replied to stand up and give more energy. And it worked. Allah had given me marvelous bonus. Couple months of tiring practices, but I still have to be confident. I couldn't be as strong as I am now without my beloved host parents and the prayer of bapak ibu. They're the real definition of kindhearted-hero. Alhamdulillah. So now, another question pops out in my mind : where do you want to go after this, Bil?

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Humans, plants, animals—we all share one host mother, our planet earth. There are so many places left to discover and we all share the responsibility to restore and protect our planet. Become a #globalcitizen and take action against #climatechange! #AFS #AFSeffect #EarthDay

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You don't need paradise to make great memories, just a bunch of crazy friends is already more than enough ☀️💞
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Repost from @ellen.rodr ~Cuando hables, procura que tus palabras sean mejores que el silencio~
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Repost from @_cheuknamlcn_ Totally in love with the Natural Wonders of Switzerland 🇨🇭 ❤️

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Una semana que me hizo sentir llena. Llena de esas miradas reconfortantes, esas sinceras sonrisas, esas canciones que gritemos a todos pulmónes y esos abrazos, lágrimas y risas compartidas entre nosotros. Me sentí en mi lugar, en mi casa, con mi familia, aunque lejos de mi país y mis raíces. Me enseñaron mucho sobre el significado de la amistad, estar presente para uno y otro, la aceptación y la humildad. Y han confirmado que más allá de las culturas y de dónde venimos, no hay diferencias reales, excepto un inmenso grupo de variedades y riquezas humanas que merecen ser descubiertas y escuchadas. Y eso no tiene precio. ¡Cada una de sus sonrisas estan grabadas en mí, ya saben que están siempre bienvenidos en Canadá y que siempre me voy a recordar de este grupo que cantaron Bulldog como locos con ganas de volver ahí con todos! Gracias por ser parte de mi vida, les amo! 💓 #AFSeffect

Repost from @nafisanooranda Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends. #afseffect

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friend is a single soul dwelling in two bodies #reunion #afseffect

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I never knew how unaware I was with the things happening abroad, in my home country, and even around me until I took the risk to study abroad. Today, it is a risk I never regret taking.
Aujourd'hui commence mon sixième mois en France! Mince, tous les bons trucs sont passés trop vite! Merci, la France! Je t'aime! ❤

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