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afrorange  #1 Palmer Square fan YouTube Acc= afroorangeman for vids "Everything Is Beautiful, Let The Music Carry You" - Ferry 😍 πŸ‘Ό RIP Chris M Rogers❀

Silly faces & Good Times With My Honey 😊❀️

Beautiful weekend with my beautiful gf 😍😘❀️ @jeaneth0820
Yesterday we took this awesome pic at the middle of the festival.
Loved it!

A year ago I had asked the woman I had fallen in love with if I could be lucky enough to call her my girlfriend, luckily she said yes. Was one of the happiest days of my life.
All but 1 of the pictures are from our journey together throughout this year, all the adventures we've been through going to festivals & shows together everywhere from San Francisco, San Diego, to San Bernardino. Each & every adventure weve had has been amazing & unforgettable! We've done so much together & yet I feel like we haven't done enough! That's where our next year together starts so we can do more together & see more!

@jeaneth0820 Vilma baby,
You don't know how HAPPY you make me, how IN LOVE I am with you. From the first day/night I saw you I knew we had chemistry. I knew you were an AMAZINGLY EXTRAORDINARY Woman & human being. I have never in my life met a woman as thoughtful, caring, compassionate, committed, STRONG, FUNNY, blissful, RADIANT, AWE INSPIRING, intelligently brilliant, ecstatic, INCOMPARABLE & Perfectly FLAWLESS as you! You literally make my heart beat, & my jaw drop everyday. I am SO LUCKY, SO BLESSED, & SO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL to have you in my life!!! I really am!!!
I have no clue what I'd do without you, where I'd be right now or how I'd be if it weren't for you. You lead me to a better path and make me want more for myself, make me want to do better, to grow, & to care more about things I didn't before. You opened my eyes to another spectrum of thoughts & a whole new world of feelings, ways, & processes I wouldn't have expected or imagined. You blow me away, you've been such a strong influence on me I can't help but follow you & do what you say to go down the path with you. Soon it'll just be you and I & we will make sure to continue to grow together closer then ever at our dreams to achieve whatever we want in life, to make sure our future is brighter then it is & hopefully for our kids one day too.
I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH for coming into my life, for wanting to be apart of my life & for kissing me that night during @nicolemoudaber at Nocturnal last year. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY beautiful, cheers to our 1 year & to many more! πŸ˜˜β€οΈπŸ˜šπŸ˜™πŸ’‹

#papajohns #papa #johns
Gave us free pizza for catching a snorlax at the library park. Super cool and nice. Thankd pap johns!

Met the amazing man himself, WolfGang Gartner!
Incredible man! He not only proved to me why hes a boss but showed me how humble he is. FIRST TIME seeing him & was NOT disappointed at all! Even played some deadmau5 tracks

@wolfganggartner thanks for providing an awesome experience at sutra last night youre the man. Very humble indeed and really enjoyed the quick chat we had. Really hope to see you again soon. Youre one of a kind!
Until next time ciao! Have fun at your next show & stay safe!

Thanks for the pic baby! @jeaneth0820 😘

#sutra #wolfganggartner #Wolf #Gang #Gartner #humble #sutraoc

Met the KING Of SUBLIMINAL last night at Sutra! Eric Morillo!

He threw down a NASTY set for his FIRST TIME EVER at Sutra in costa mesa! It was My first time seeing him as well & DAMN did he NOT DISAPPOINT!

@erickmorillo Eric just want to THANK YOU SO MUCH for killing it last night & blessing us all with your legendary house music, skills and energy. Never felt the energy i have that you gave from ANYONE and that's saying alot! Your energy is unparallel & intense! Glad i got an AMAZING first time with you. Thanks for your time. Cant wait to see you again! Until next time Ciao!

#KingOfSubliminal #Subliminal #EricMorillo #Eric #Morillo #Sutra #CostaMesa #HouseMusic #House #Techno #DeepHouse

#TBT To my first date with this beautiful, amazing & amazingly intelligent, fun, funny, unique, & extraordinary woman i call MY GIRLFRIEND. I also wanted to post this amazing Picture of us to signify how incredible these past 7 months have been. It was an UNFORGETTABLE day & night with her & SO BEAUTIFUL like she is. We had an amazing time & i cant wait for more months, years and decades to come!

@jeaneth0820 Vilma baby, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, words alone cant describe how incredibly important you are to me & how much you mean to me. I have fallen for you so hard so fast & i really cant and ever Thank You ENOUGH for kissing me that glorious night at Nocturnal last year & showing me what love REALLY MEANS. You're the best thing thats EVER happened to me & i hope you know that. The best partner i could EVER ASK FOR! You maybe a pain sometimes to deal with given your temper but because youre my pretty lioness 😼🐯 i will Tame you & take care of you for the rest of my life! As well as feed you from time to time so you dont growl at me hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»
You are my BEAUTIFUL queen, Thats what your king will do 🦁
Cheers baby for 7 beautiful months. Even though this is a late post HAPPY MONTHAVERSARY! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜šπŸ˜™β€οΈπŸ’‹πŸ’“πŸ’•πŸ’žβ£πŸ’— #BeautifulDay #BeautifulWoman #MyBaby #7Months #HappyAnniversary #HappyMonthaversary #MyLove #ILoveYou

FBF with my love at CRSSD FEST!
Was a great weekend! I miss it! As well as my SD friends! @yanelli.monjaras @mnmlistic_mkz
@jeaneth0820 I Love You Baby! ❀️😊😍😚😘

With the love of my life at Beyond Wonderland this weekend. @jeaneth0820 I love you baby! ❀️😘😚

Finally met the one the only LEGENDARY PLASTIKMAN AKA RICHIE HAWTIN! At the Amoeba Music Hollywood record store.
He played a PHENOMENAL set there to showcase his art, talent, & skill on the decks and on his new album "From My Mind To Yours" which showed us why hes been a Pioneer from the VERY BEGINNING.

@richiehawtin Richie, i just want to THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving me your time, your attention as well as your graceful presence this last friday. You COMPLETELY blew me away with that set at exchange and i have NEVER heard anything nastier from you then that night live and it makes me so happy to support such an INCREDIBLE man such as yourself. I will continue to support you & your talents until the end of time. Youre someone everyone would only hope of becoming one day from all the amazing productions, shows, and collabs you do. Everything you intend to do always has good intentions behind it and thats what i like the most about you is ALWAYS making sure the people get what they deserve and show them/ give them a great time to remember and enjoy. You NEVER DISAPPOINT ME & you are the reason why my beautiful girlfriend loves techno so much, and if it werent for techno & for an incredible man like you to have blessed our ears we probably wouldnt have met. For that i thank you so much for being such a staple in the music world/community. Until i see you at Escape From Wonderland later this year i hope you have a great time at all your upcoming shows & have safe travels!
Ciao for now Richie!

#RichieHawtin #Richie #Legend #Legendary #Amoeba #AmoebaMusic #Techno #MinimalTechno #Plastikman

I wanted to dedicate this throwback to this last saturday at exchange for @dubfire 's & @josephcapriati 's b2b night with my love, my favorite person, my number 1 & beautiful gf @jeaneth0820

I love you honey cant wait for more nights of dancing with you! πŸ’ƒπŸ»muah! πŸ’‹πŸ˜™πŸ˜šπŸ˜˜

Finally got the pleasure of meeting my biggest dubstep idol of all time MY NUMBER 1 CASPA! This man is A BEAST! He ALWAYS comes out swinging and going HARD! He is one of the most HUMBLE down to earth men ive ever gotten the pleasure of meeting & talking to as well as being a TRUE LOYAL fan to! He NEVER ONCE has disappointed me from the 3 times ive seen him! Ever since Escape From Wonderland 2013 he's proven to me why he is my FAVORITE & Number 1 of all time in dubstep. He ALWAYS brings the filth & the heavy bass you want to hear. You just CANT STOP dancing, jumping, grooving and moving when he throws down.

@caspaofficial Caspa THANK YOU SO MUCH for not only blessing me with the most INCREDIBLE rare set ill get to see in dubstep history but for taking the time out of your night to take a picture with me. You dont know HOW MUCH it truly means to me. I look up to you as the ABSOLUTE BEST OG dubstep producing/DJ master ever to have blessed anyones ears & i will ALWAYS STAND BY what i say and what i believe in forever. NOBODY has the presence, talent, skill, versatility, & explosive force you have. You are the reason why people want to get into the genre, why people LOVE the genre & why someone would go somewhere far & wide to see you. You are absolutely worth any distance & any price to see.
I am ALREADY anticipating your next show in California! I just NEED my fix of you again you are just godly on the decks! Lol 😜 YOU ARE A TRUE GENIUS!
I really hope you have a great trip where ever your next show is & hope your tour & next shoes go swell. Have fun & stay safe! Until next time Caspa Ciao!

#Caspa #CaspaTheFriendlyGhost #Exchange #ExchangeLA #Exchange2015 #CaspaBackToBackRusko #Jahova

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