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Afrojack  Ultra set online now!!

Enjoy life to its fullest, every day, always, with friends and family, take the lows, enjoy the highs, all parts of life makes me what I am, and you what you are.
Keep your fam close and go hard!! ❤️

A great guy, great friend and great inspiration.
Out of respect please don’t make this just another dot on your timeline, remember what he did for you, what his music ment to you, and how his inspiration guided you.
He is one of the nicest guys I ever met and he deserves more than just three letters and an emoji.

Instead of liking this post or trying to comment instead write what he or his music ment to you and post something yourself.
To me he inspired me to always do good, follow your passion, and live life my way, also he inspired my music a lot, melodies, chords, the song Freedom was basically me trying to emulate him being in the studio next to me, when he played it I was so happy, and ofcourse all the times in vegas and a lot of other times, future music fest, new zealand and more and more.
Your music will live on forever and I’ll always live harder, be happier and chase further, thank you and I hope you’re in a better place now.

So I built my new studio in #TiltedTowers



Meanwhile in China

Don’t worry - Be happy

What a night #China !!! Checkout my story for more!!!

Yoooo I’m in China and giving you a peek into tourlife! Checkout my story and let me know if you wanna see stuff like this more often!

Golf is fun once u get the trick, thanks @justinjesso @adamrussakoff for the tips

‪Next stop Tokyo! Time to pack my bags 👜
Whats the weirdest item you see in this pic?

#TB to Jacked Stage @ultra Miami!! #ATEAM thanks for coming out!

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