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Afrinaldi Zulhen  Travel Photographer AFIAP PSS Surabaya Bukittinggi - Surabaya - Muscat

Jum'ah mubarak of the sunnah in Friday is reciting QS Al Kahfi which verses number 6-29 tell the story about Seven Sleepers. Seven Sleepers runaway from tyrant and slept in the cave for hundreds year, thanks to Allah's miracle. Many years scholars tried to find where is the cave location. Based on archeological excavation, one of the suspected cave laid in Ar Raqim, Jordan which has similiraty with notes in Quran and Bible.

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Morning Mount Nebo

In bible it is mentioned as the place where Moses look at Promises Land. He died soon and continued by Joshua (Yusya bin Nun) who reunited 12-Jews tribes and capture Jericho. Wallahula'lam bisshawwab.. #instatraveling #jordan #familyphotography #happy #holiday

Alhamdulillah..after log time to wait, new distinction has come..AFIAP, a beginner in one of world photography group..Thx for my parents, PSS friends, and all my teacher..Tabarakallah..

Derby Della Capitale al Doha.. *Hold your breath and stomach 😁😁

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