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Monica Serwah  African food blogger, recipe developer, cooking & gardening enthusiast, Speciality Food and Drink for Entertaining. Dishes posted here made by me uos

A Bromeliad Flowered in the Garden Yesterday!

Did you know that Pineapples belong to the Bromeliad family of plants? "The Bromeliaceae are a family of monocot flowering plants of 51 genera and around 3475 known species native mainly to the tropical Americas, with a few species found in the American subtropics and one in tropical west Africa(where Ghana is), Pitcairnia feliciana.
Scientific name: Bromeliaceae

Higher classification: Poales"

Source: Wikipedia (some emphasis mine). #bromeliads

Do you know this missing little boy? Please help find his parents here in Ghana. Please share. Thank you for your help and concern!

Here are the Raising Tomatoes sitting in the kitchen 3 days after harvesting!

Raisin Tomatoes, just picked from the garden after the heavy rains this week. Don't you just love them? They are the size of medium pearls! I posted a bunch last year but thought I had lost them as I had no seeds left but these just showed up in the same soil, bigger and better! Incredible! Stay tuned to see them garnishing a future dish when ripened.
#raisinromatoes #salads
#unusualtomatoes #edibletomatoes

A worrying trend in sone banks and  supermarkets in Ghana.  At the bank, you withdraw cash from the counter, the cashier dispenses the cash but retains the loose change without an excuse or your authorisation.  Same thing happens in supermarkets. Please note that this is not acceptable practice.  If your loose change is taken 'by force,' be polite but take  it back. It's not the small amount taken which is the issue here, it's the principle that someone can take your money without  your authorisation or a bona fide excuse. "We have no change" is niot a good excuse either. Don't be shy,  get it back!  This behaviour is unacceptable Let it be your decision to tip, not theirs to take! Please share. Let's stop this!
#insistonyourmoneyback #ghbanks #ghsupermarkets #thecustomerisalwaysright

Sprouted Tofu and Beetroot Salad. Unusual combination, yet a delicious plant-based salad. Recipe developed by moi!
#sproutedsoyatofu #beetroot #vegetariansalads

Went to the Ghana Garden and Flower Show this morning. I needed blinkards to stop me from buying plants. Amazing new cultivars of rose bushes (bottom of photo), bougainvilleas, Red Palms, Bottle Palms Hibiscus. etc. Just my kind of day!
#ghanagardenandflowershow #floweringplants #petunias #impatiens balcogeraniums #landscapegardening

Blue Tea At the Millenium Marathon Healthy Cuisine Fair at the Accra Polo Grounds Yesterday! Grand event, beautifully organised. Was great to see the faces of buyers at the Blue Tea Stand as the blue tea changed colour from blue to purple in their cups when lemon juice was added. Great fun!
#milleniummarathongh #pologrounds #healthycuisinefair #colourchangingbluetea #alchemyofbluetea

Home-made Crispy Garlic Bread. Just baked in oven. Made from Ghana's own , much loved, 'Tea Bread, a breafast, not to miss staple. Crispy on the outside, moist on the inside. Easy to make. Incredible aroma from the kitchen fills the whole house! A must make! Check website in bio for simple recipe!

#teabread #mincedgarlic #seasoning #baked

Tuesday Lunch Direct - Fresh Fish from the Sea> to Frying Pan>To Table! As fresh as Daisy! No Middlemen intended! Fresh food as it should be! Cheers!

#freshfish #straightfromtheocean #cleareyes #fromseatofryingpantotable foodasitshouldbe#satisfyingfood

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