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Africa Miranda  NYC 📍🔺🐘🇨🇻 Actress, Host, Travel Maven, Black Girl Magician Founder - @beautybyafricamiranda Author - “Step Up, Step Out, and Shine” • Pre-order Now!⬇️

this slicked back low ponytail has become my favorite look of 2018! i swore by ecostyler gel for the longest, but my new go to is @taliahwaajidbrand green apple & aloe hold me down gelle! it gives great hold and doesn’t leave my hair feeling like straw. I also mix in a little Indian bhringraj oil to get this great shine. tie a scarf overnight and you’re good to go! (My edges need overnight to set, they laugh at 15 mins in a scarf) pc: @amyanaizphoto)

Back again this week guest hosting a spicy convo with the ladies of “Listen to Black Women” @keyairakelly & @shamika_sanders! This week we’re discussing interracial dating and whether Black Women should feel hurt when they see it. Full vid on YT and @hellobeautiful @madamenoire

“I’m gonna rap on your door, tap on your window pane...” Rest well Queen ♥️

September 🎥✨

Hey y’all! BOOK UPDATES:

First a huge THANK YOU for the outpouring of support for my book announcement! I am immensely grateful. 🙏🏾 ——
If you’ve placed a pre-order on Amazon you may have gotten an email regarding the status of your book. This information is incorrect and my publisher @13thandjoan has been feverishly working behind the scenes to correct it. They have also raised the price of the book to almost double 🙄. ——- My book is now available for pre-sale on @booksamillion and @barnesandnoble (for the correct price!) and will be shipped on October 2nd as advertised. I’ll keep you updated on the Amazon listing once it is corrected, but in the meantime please support B&N and BAM. The link is in my bio or please visit


“If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise.” — Robert Fritz

Compromise is a funny thing. It is necessary in order to survive and maintain relationships, but when did it turn into martyrdom? I can think of so many times in my life where I sacrificed things I really wanted in the name of “compromise.” I have an English degree but was scared to write. I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs but didn’t see myself as a business owner. I wouldn’t want to share accomplishments with friends because I didn’t want to seem like I was bragging.
It wasn’t until I finally started being honest about what I really wanted and also being proud of myself for the life I’ve created that things started to change. I’ve worked to find balance and can finally tell the difference between true compromise and unhealthy sacrifice. There are things in my life now that are non-negotiable: peace, happiness, safety (emotional & physical) to name a few.
What are some areas in your life where you’ve always compromised or settled and would like to change?#stepupstepoutandshine✨

@vicidolls #vicicollab #vicidoll

more @vicidolls goodness from my toronto trip 💙 this gorgeous maxi dress was perfect for the workshop i was attending. since I was also presenting I wanted to take things up a notch but also not feel “corporate.” I used to think I had to wear certain traditional clothing choices if I was presenting or speaking to be taken I’ve found looks that are appropriate to be in front of a room/crowd, but feel like “me.” this maxi dress was elegant and feminine with a touch of fun...pretty much sums me up 🤷🏾‍♀️ swipe to see full length look. #vicidolls #vicicollab #africasadventures #prettytraveled (pc @mr.vanniekerk)

Toronto was too quick 😩 kept it cute in this lovely 2 piece set from @vicidolls 🌹 #vicidolls #vicicollab

I had the pleasure of being the guest host on this week’s episode of “Listen to Black Women” on @madamenoire x @hellobeautiful! This week’s question was “Can Black Women Literally Afford to Wait to Have Children?” Hosts @shamika_sanders @keyairakelly and I weigh in on the financial, social and cultural issues surrounding Black women and fertility. (Full video on YouTube & #ListentoBlackWomen

family over everything ♥️ i don’t know about y’all but my cousins are more like my brothers and sisters. so proud of the work my cousin @kharismacoach is doing! check out my IG stories for a peek at his one day intensive workshop that just wrapped here in toronto. if you’re struggling with your on camera presence or need to fine tune your public speaking skills he can help!

Pay us what we’re worth. Period. #blackwomenequalpayday (rp @messinabottle)

It’s here...and I almost can’t believe it. My life and career of the last 15 years has been full of ups, downs, ups again (and downs again!) all leading to this moment. It is amazing what can happen when you tap into the light within ✨ I share my tools for personal reinvention, leaving your mental and physical comfort zone, and fully actualizing your power. If you’re ready to live a life of “more,” I’m happy to welcome you on this journey to our higher selves! ✨ Step Up, Step Out, and Shine, published by @13thandjoan, is available via PRE-SALE on @Amazon now (LINK IN BIO)!!! Books will be available Oct 2nd. Hitting the road this fall so stay tuned for book tour info! #stepupstepoutandshine

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