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Nothing but continued magic after this week's racing. ✨My @cascadeclassic might be done for the year thanks to some unfortunate back spasms early in today's Mount Bachelor stage, but I anticipate that the returns on this brief racing investment will be plentiful. 📈Thanks everyone for your support and love along the way, and to @jlvelocycling for this incredible opportunity! Can't wait to cheer on our ladies this weekend! 🔨🔨🔨 .... In other news, assuming my back continues to respond well to ice, who wants to mtbike funner/tiddlywinks tomorrow? #lemonadefromlemons

What a squad of crushers! I'm thrilled to race with this crew this week at @cascadeclassic #inbend! Four more stages to go! #squadgoals #Repost @jlvelocycling (@get_repost)
Super proud to give these six riders the opportunity to race their guts out at #CascadeCyclingClassic this week. From left to right, Danielle Morshead, Margot Clyne, Carrie Cartmill, Annick Chalier, Ryan Levering, and Christina Bonnington. On stage 1, the 90 mile McKenzie Pass Road Race, Margot climbed to 4th place. Today the women get aero for the TT. Good luck! #wcw #everythingjlvelo #livefluid #guforit #thefreewheel #teamzealios

You blink and you might miss it. That moment, when everything... just... clicks. Five years ago it finally clicked for me, and I didn't blink. I chose to live and to feel. Everything. I. Could. And it was really just the start of something bigger than I could have ever imagined possible. Thank you to every last one of you who've helped me get to where I am today. It quite literally could not have happened without your love, care, and endless support. I'm so blessed to share this life with you. #fiveyearssober #freetobeme #dreambiggerdreams #biketherapy #findyourpassion #lovetolive #livetolove

Settle in and enjoy the ride...

Woot! Mission accomplished! It was just like #hotloween all over again!! I think there needs to be a costumed bike racing series. Or maybe I'll just only do short track in costumes? Ok, done. Thanks for the great snap @vduongv and for the prize @portlandracing !!!! I'll be back! Also @dangilsdorf and @atlastattoo your fine work got me extra points!! #longtimelistenerfirsttimecaller #bikesbikesbikes #fastfunnice #atlastattoo #trysmiletherapy #cbcg

Well, it's happening! Through a lot of help from a lot of people, I'm heading to Bend this week for my first UCI P/1/2 road race. Pretty much the biggest and hardest race I've ever signed up for: @cascadeclassic is five stages over five days with a healthy dose of climbing up many of my favorite roads. I'm ecstatic that I have this opportunity and am really looking forward to seeing what my season of focused road racing and progression will enable me to accomplish here. So grateful that @jlvelocycling has included me on their roster and am so thankful for the support we'll get from @zealiosskincare @fluidnutrition @guenergylabs @freewheelbikeshop @lezyneusa and @jlvelo!! Main goals: finish all five stages, be a great teammate, have fun, and learn a lot. 😊 Huge thanks to @nicolepressprich, @brunoandorbrenna, @afishies, my coworkers, my #fastfunnice teammates, @oregonbikeracing, @chrisbaggcoaching, @wattieink, @sellwoodcycle, @livcyclingusa, @rolfprima, @smerz1151, c-velo, @evolution_healthcare_fitness, and my fam and friends for helping me get to this point. I truly couldn't do it without your support and care! #keepreachingforthestars #gfhfbn #rockthew #timetorock #cbcg #ridelife #ridegiant #livbeyond #livcycling #rolfprima #builtrighthere #cveloperformancecycling #evolutionhcf #sellwoodcyclerepair #10speedcoffee #inputforoutput #cascadeclassic

Liberté, fraternité, et égalité. 🇫🇷 And, Friyay.

#tbt with all this #tdf2017 excitement and Bastille Day tomorrow... I'm wishing I was back in France with these lovely ladies again!!! Bisous, babes! 😻😻😻

#wcw have I mentioned lately how proud I am of all the ass kicking @schmitte does off the bike in addition to slaying it on the bike? She works tirelessly for our teachers, kids, and schools, showing her heart of gold with every step she takes. I'm so grateful to have you as a friend and inspiration! Also, we get reunited tomorrow!!!!!!!! 😻😻😻😻😻😻 #thiswillbeworthit

Casual night at #pdxshorttrack means we leave the invisible jet at home and play SS bikes with the fun kids. Weeeeee! First time, but won't be my last!! @lucianobailey 's best quote: there's no shame in Wonder Woman's game. 💃🏼 #Repost @portlandracing (@get_repost)
A major shout to all the wonderful racers out there who dressed down for our #pdxshorttrack Summer Casual Race Outfit Contest. More photos coming soon! #flauntitifyougotit #casualmonday #oregonbikeracing

Picture perfect day... except for poor @umblebragh getting barfy. 🤢 What a tough cookie!!! Can't wait to come back here and tackle that shale rock! 🦁 #rawr #mtblove #icecreamplease

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